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  1. [EN] Hello! I decided to make more realistic retextures for vanilla machines. I decided to create a mods theme on the forum, maybe someone is more comfortable. Work is still ongoing!) [RU] Всем привет! Я решил сделать более реалистичные ретекстуры для ванильных машин. Решил создать тему мода на форуме, возможно кому то так удобнее. Работа все еще продолжается!) Мод тут | Mod Here
  2. So this is my first post, so sorry if it has been covered. I was wanting to know if there is any news or talk of making ways to heat a home durning the winter, such as a stove, or fireplace( this would be good for cooking as well)? Campfires are not good indoors, and i just burnt my home down, I am quite pissed about it. Also will there be any added cloths added as well, such as winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots? Seeing how I am bring this up will there be as visual aspect to the winter months as well?
  3. Issue: I enjoy playing 6 months later and Apocalypse, occasionally even CD DA, and well, getting a lighter/matches or even a saw from the first house before getting overwhelmed in 2 minutes from a zombie hearing your footsteps isn't too feasible, and running out into the woods being chased by 30,000,000,000 zomboids without any fire starting will leave you a bit cold/hungry/unhappy/in the dark in no time. I love the difficulty, and how impossible it is to really get back into cities once you've left, let alone main roads and pockets which surround houses out of the way. With the fact you can g
  4. I think you know about this problem, why the sand soil and brown soil are burn and spread the fire ? Totaly why the campfire loocked surrounded by rocks can light up the grass? Green grass. Also concrete on roofs and e.t.c . Every time i start campfire i ruine my savefile. thanks.. pls, fix. Players, reply if this problem are important too. Okay, now i checked- campfire is no ignite soil around, but i text this after then i ignite zombies corpse. This thing still ignite soil.
  5. We all want Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time. here is some suggestion. Campfire system expansion. It is the basic things to do in Survival situation, here is we can find current PZ Campfire system https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Campfire not so much for start a fire for surviving the zombie apocalypse, at first we only need a Match, when all Matches gone? next we can use a stick and notched wooden plank, only that's it but come on, its realistic Zombie Apocalypse, we need more more wa
  6. After playing around with explosives and the weather test, I noticed that the fire animations are hidden behind the snow, completely hiding fire if there's enough snow tiles nearby. Also noticed it's blocked by train tracks and trees. Here's a screenshot of what I mean. It's the exact same issue for smoke from the smoke bomb Here are more screenshots showing it off.
  7. I've seen a few metal barrels around in sheds and warehouses, and I was thinking that these new vehicles we have will need oil at some point, so why not in these barrels? Once they are emptied that could be used as fire barrels, barbecues or for vertical drum smokers to preserve meat.
  8. Another multiplayer request, maybe super simple? I'm wanting to bind my party to a shared fate/endgame. I think I have the effect I want (from Snake's Spiffo Skills Mod), but I can't figure out the right event to make it happen. The event would be something like "On player update, if player isdead," then I want this to happen for all online players: local dmg = ZombRand(5) + 15; player:getBodyDamage():getBodyPart(BodyPartType.ForeArm_L):AddDamage(dmg); player:getBodyDamage():getBodyPart(BodyPartType.ForeArm_L):setScratched(true); player:getBodyDamage
  9. There should be improved smoke and fire effects. Like 3d flames, columns of smoke, proper scorch marks, improved fire spreading behavior, etc. Sorry. I'd write more but I'm burnt out at the moment
  10. Is it possible to skip adding clothing that you are currently wearing to the "Add Fuel >" submenu? For example, if I have a vest on, and pickup another one from a dead zombie, there's 2 in my bag. If I choose "Add Fuel", then add a vest, it usually will add the one that I'm wearing first. If not, it's really easy to accidentally add both and then be mostly naked anyway. It would be nice to confirm the one you're wearing, or force you to un-wear it before adding it to the fire. Thanks!
  11. Good afternoon Indie Stone & Associates, My name is FireOnApshalt, and I think you may have an inkling about the topic of this post from my username alone. While playing this awesome game online with a friend, we were assaulted by a giant horde. In our cleverness, we decided to lure them to a large open parking lot (with what I assume to be asphalt terrain; correct me if I'm wrong) and throw a molotov cocktail to eliminate with FIRE. Now, once we had tossed the bottle, our mistake was quickly realized. Not only did the fire spread across the asphalt as if it were dry hay in the middle
  12. With Build 32, it's virtually impossible to burn corpses without destroying the entire known world. So I'd like a fix to this. Maybe something that just takes the sheet of paper, lighter and gas and uses them appropriately, but just transform the corpse into the ash pile, skipping the fire part altogether. Or perhaps just a right-click and "delete corpse" option. Really need this for my role-playing game I'm doing. Thanks to anyone who shows interest!
  13. Welcome one and all to another one of my larger posts, and I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at it. I can express enough how much I enjoy posting these. As always get ready and enjoy. Fire starters and Fire retardants: · Matches- These are a simple strike and use fire starter. It can be used about 10 times and doesn’t work if wet. · Lighter- This is good for about 250 lights. It is waterproof and not rare. · Magnifying glass- This can start a fire over long periods of time but only works in sunlight. It takes even longer in cloudy weather and
  14. Basically what i wanted is pretty simple if large or specifed areas are burning. Rain would automatic start to kill the fire preventing whole server burning down. Not sure if it would be possible ....But im still curious what anyone thought?
  15. Just for fun, I thought I'd play a game with INSANE number of Zeds, to see how much I could last. And guess what, I'm already on my second month (finding an axe on the very first shed I searched is probably the reason of why), but sadly, the outside (and sometimes the inside; I need to loot more Bleach...) of my safehouse at Dixie Dinner is starting to look like the aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg in ''Gone with the Wind'', and I dare say even more cluttered with dead. (Which I gathered in this overcluttered pile after searching each of them for ammo, medicine and weapons) So, after
  16. Here are three new items with their respective mechanics that would flawlessly fit this game: 1. Ladders Ever seen one of these? These foldable metal ladders (which are rather commonplace in garages, construction sites and tool shops) would make quite a great addition to the game. First, they could be used to access the second-floor window of a house you were trying to get into. The downside would be that the zeds could knock it down as you are climbing and send you to your death (or a lot of fractures if you happen to survive). Also, they could be useful for building roofs to our base
  17. Just a suggestion,maybe instead of planks and ripped sheets or sheets to make a campfire kit. How about a certain amount of stones and sticks/tree branches?
  18. I would like to suggest changes for the sake of realism, or perhaps options in the menu when starting a new game to bring more realism to the game. I love the game and one of the things I like most about it is that it has a feeling of realism to it that other games always lack. It is brutal and unforgiving just like a situation like this in real life would be. To that end, there are a few things already in the game, or expected to be added to the game in the future, that I think would break immersion. 1 - Tool/Weapon durability. I understand that this was implemented to add difficulty
  19. I think we should add to disable the fire switch / option in the server configuration file. Used to prevent the spread of fire and arson Because in Pz, the fire is completely uncontrollable. It will destroy everything
  20. Hello. It will be nice to know who initiates fire in server console. Something like: We have some pyromancers on the servers that burns cities(West Point mostly). UPD: Or maybe we need ability to control burning of buildings.
  21. Do you love dragons? Wanna kill some? Lets begin... Dragon Slayer : Reign of Fire is an action packed, exciting, and addictive 3D first person game. Download the game from Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thoughtshastra.dragonslayer The skies have become red, the water black, and the lands barren. Your kingdom has fallen to the fire breathing dragons! The fear and fire of dragons now rule. Now is the last chance to reclaim your lost glory by defeating these monsters. Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1mjvWPFqoE Do provide your invaluable
  22. It's been a while since I played PZ, I think it was build 25 when I started. Now I tried the build 30. Until now, I am bedazzled why the Kitchen Stoves need electricity to run, unless they are electric stoves or microwave ovens. I got the logic of the oven range that uses electricity, but it is mainly used for baking and roasting. We have cooking pot and frying pan, which we always use for cooking on the gas range, not the oven. Gas stoves use gas which is connected to somewhere and literally does not need even a tiny bit of your house's electricity to function or ignite a flame. It's igni
  23. Okay, so my suggestion is actually two suggestions in one that kind of compliment each other. 1st, burning barrels which could lower chance significantly of your base getting set on fire while inside your base (to be clear, inside your base doesn't mean inside the house) but if you have walls then like behind those walls. 2nd, certain flooring could stop fire spread entirely when combined with burning barrel. So I'm thinking one cement or gravel slab placed down under the burning barrel should prevent fires from being caused in your base other than in the intended burning barrel obviously.
  24. Earlier today I realized that I had a bunch of PZ ideas, and after throwing out the ones that are redundant with everyone else's suggestions I realized there was still a big one left: more sophisticated campfire mechanics, especially for cooking. As natural as it is to run appliances via on-off switch, I would love to have a separate "Fuel" window for charcoal grills, wood stoves, and campfires for one simple reason: different materials burn differently. Drawing from my old BSA experience, I'd suggest having a simple binary split between tinder and fuel. Tinder would include books, magaz
  25. We have the fuel canister (I think even a whisky bottle will do) spill some on the weapon and ignite it with lighter! Let the fights begin! The main purpose of that is of course some fun The advantages are: More damage. A baseball bat with nails and on fire!! Come and get it zombie!! A high chance to ignite a zombie when hit. One zombie on fire can ignite others that walking close to him. You can use a flaming baseball bat as a torch! You can fight and illuminate your way around at night at the same time )) You can go for a night raids! The disadvantage is: Your weapon’s durability goe
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