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Found 3 results

  1. So going by this Video - Starting with the Good. I love the Pistol \ Zombie Reaction - it looks fantastic the reaction to being hit in the shoulder and then being hit in the head feels fluid I am hoping the "Red Highlighting" on aiming shown earlier gets added this build as it has not been shown for a while. The Ok Getting very "detailed" animations while nice results in more egregious irregularities. Like a person eating a can. Which is why people do a generic animation for all items. Or the Pistol Feedback animation on Zombies having the same response as the Assault Rifle Feedback even though multiple shots are fired as opposed to one. The Bad At 0:38 seconds a zombie approaches from behind completely ninja approach and gets an instant bite. I can tell this is going to be an extremely annoying feature which bends reality. Zombies are heavy footed they don't try to "mask their presence" yet somehow a zombie can hear you walk around but you can't hear them coming? but only see them coming? Due the limitations of the positional sound, I recommend an indicator similar to Metal Gear Survive. Which great way of measuring the direction of sound and position of enemies without actually giving away their location. In Summary With that said while the game is shaping up to be great - It might be time to take another pass at the UI. The UI feels clunky - especially modded recipes that adds countless tabs and numerous recipes that repeat the same result with variations. It might be time todo crafting more in line with something like Starbound where the main character has limited recipes and other recipes are shown based on object interacted with. Finally a window of a "Recipe" book that lists all recipes based on the object. Left side lifts objects which can be made, right side shows all possibilities of that recipe. Also a way of better sorting inventory and equipping items. In reality we don't have to open inventory and equip an item when we need to grab a gun or weapon. We simply drop the item in our hand and pull out our gun or machette on our waste immediately.
  2. Outdoorsmen - Seriously underbudgeted. 2 Points to become immune to colds (especially with how difficult they are to treat). All thumbs - 100% free points similar to light drinker. Not sure if we still wanted things like this. Slow Reader - Another 100% free point perk. Cowardly - For those abusing Adrenaline Junkie, this becomes free points when combo with Agoraphobic + Claustrophobic. I understand that it has its place, but perhaps it should somehow be exclusive when the previous two are in use since your already constantly panicked. Dexterous - Overpriced for a QoL perk that isn't needed. 4 points can buy a lot of other traits that are much better. Should be 2. Fast Reader - Another overpriced QoL perk that isn't needed. 4 points is too much. Should be 2. Desensitized - Currently broken, you can still get panicked. Veteran VS Police Officer - Basically the same point costs since Veteran can take cowardly, making them both -4 costs. Not sure if cowardly is meant as free points for the Veteran, but your essentially getting panic immunity + level 2 aiming reloading VS level 2 aiming, level 3 reloading, and 1 in nimble. I don't see much reason to ever choose the police officer over this if your concerned about using guns. Tooltips - These need some work, as some things simply need better explanation. For example, baseball player simply says +1 blunt. However, RJ said in the patch notes that it allows for faster bat swings. Another example is handyman. NOBODY would pay 6 points for simply "faster barricading". However (and I'm going on an assumption here), Handyman also added a significant amount of HP to player crafted structures/furniture previously. This is NOT listed anywhere in the tooltip, and I'm assuming it still does. Edit: Wow, Handyman is really incomplete on the tooltip. It gives blunt and axe maintenance at level 1, as well as carpentry at level 1. No idea if it still has the previous structure bonus, but yeah.......needs more info. I'll add some more after some more testing with the new system.
  3. pixelthieves

    Pokemon TD

    Hey everyone, Pokemon TD is a student project that me and my friend have been working for the last two moths. This concept is based on Warcraft III custom map. Game features much more tower types and effect as compared to other TDs. We tried to achieve comfortable user experience on both desktop and mobile platforms. Game was developed by LibGDX and available for Android, Desktop and iOS (hopefully in the future). If you are interested, please follow this link to Google Play store: