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Found 2 results

  1. A small way for us players to feel more immersion ,feeling empathy for the character ,by giving the character small random lines based on pre apocalyptic occupation or gender ,and the stress / boredom / hunger-thirst ,illness level we are in. When in a certain zone for example ,west point ,mall , spawn house ,the character comments ,mumbles about the enviroment ,when feeling cold the character may curse etc. sometimes our character can say psychotic or fun jokes out of nowehere (depends on the stress level for our character to go full.mental) u got the idea. This way we can feel less bored while playing singleplayer or even multiplayer and feel more empathy for the character. 2- A fast way to communicate in multiplayer ,for example while being chased by a lot zombies we just hit a key ,the game reveals a small menu ,and we press number keys or our own customized keys to pick a line to shout/say things like “ they are coming !” “run” “help” “MEDIC!” (kinda like in team fortress 2) “i am hungry” “come” “go” “behind you!” “drop your weapons” etc. much better to use in dangerous situations etc without having to mess around with the time consuming chat box.
  2. So yeah, I've been trying to do it for 3 days and I don't want this time to get wasted. Here is a guide that will let you set up a private server for your friends within 1-2 hours. INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOST: INSTRUCTIONS FOR CLIENTS: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: I hope, that I'll help at least one group of friends to play this game. To admins: I will not answer to this thread. I registered just to write this one post and disappear forever. So feel free to edit it. I waive the rights to what I've written above. Peace
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