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Found 7 results

  1. Project Farmoid version 0.75c is out! Trellis kits now function as a separate farming plot. Once you have a trellis kit and either a shovel or a trowel, you will be able to place them just like you would a farming plot. Once placed, trellis kits can be planted with their own list of seeds. If you remove the plot, you will get the trellis kit back, regardless of whether there are vines growing on it or not. After you have harvested your vines, the plot will revert back to an unplanted trellis plot ready to be reseeded! You must be farming level 2 and have read the magazine Better Shelters and Farms in order to make your own trellis kits. However, if you find a trellis kit in some loot, you can use that right away, regardless of your farming level. This also means you can steal trellises that someone else has already planted. Keep an eye on your gardens! This new system fixes the bug that consumed more than 1 trellis kit when planting vines. Adjusted vegetable yields to balance them out more. Loot distribution has also been adjusted to balance out reusable trellis kits and the increase in farmable crops. Let me know if it seems appropriate for your loot settings. Thank you for using my mod! Keep calm and farm on! -K A video showing the change highlights can be found at: Project Farmoid v0.75c Update Highlights
  2. Hi all, I'm currently working on a mod that will expand/nerf the farming aspect of Hydrocraft. Farming, raising animals and all things related was always my favorite part of Hydrocraft, so I wanted to add some realism and more dimensions to it. I'm planning on a lot of features, but I'm posting this topic here to see if there's any interest/and or if anyone has any ideas of additional features I should work on. Here's a list of the stuff I'm working on now. I'm currently working on cows, since if I only work on one species at a time hopefully after I get all of the aspects working I can copy/paste it into the other species much easier. Cow Changes: Finished Items: - Bull takes 3 days to recover from breeding. - Cow takes 14 days to recover from breeding. - All animals make sounds when they change states. - Calves take 28 days to age into cows. - Cows have randomized calves when breeding, or no calf at all. To-Do Items: - More cow breeds. - New sprite art. - Bulls and steers weigh more than cows and produce more meat. - Milk breeds produce more milk longer, and less meat than meat breeds. - Young cows. (maybe) - Milk cows only once per day. I don’t know how to do this Yet Items: - Cows and bulls become hungry in any state. (The problem with this is complicated. I haven't wrapped by brain around it yet) - Make steers. - Small chance of cows getting sick every day. - Cows on grass tiles will need to be fed less often than cows not on grass or indoors. - Interacting with bulls gives a small chance of getting hurt. (maybe) - A way to make breeding more beneficial than foraging. (ideas?) - Cows become pregnant. (I have the code for this but the recipe keeps breaking when I use it. I need to keep tweaking it to get it working) Not Currently Do-Able Items: - Communicable disease.
  3. Hey everyone. I was just on my way to Dreadwood from Muldraugh and as I was running through the cornfield by the north farm. As I darted about the corn, axing up some zeds it occurred to me that the last time I was in a corn field, I couldn't see anything but corn. The stalks naturally stagger in position, despite being in rows. There is rarely a lane one can clearly see down in a corn field once inside it. I don't know if player planted corn blocks your vision but I think if it isn't too difficult, it would be neat to see it implemented to make corn and other tall crops block your vision, generate noise when touched and be hard to just run through similar to how dense trees make it all black and slow you to a crawl. Just a thought, not sure if this has already been suggested. Please weigh in.
  4. Reincarnation PjuuX - TheSlapman -:- Update -:- 9/4 - Apartments, We need more ppl in this town! 29/3 - it´s been a bad day, But hey im no dead cow.. 27/3 - Omg, I wish there was working mirrors! This is just a little sneak peak of what happens on the stream. You are more than welcome to join us in the chat. There are no stupid questions when it comes to creativity and how to achieve your goal. Download the .TBX files here! Warning: Loads of missing tiles due to Costum painted ones Building TBX upload.zip Let´s hope my harddrive dosn´t die this time!
  5. I grow fruits and veg and I've also tried my hand at growing tobacco Growing tobacco could help players keep an addiction going indefinitely but the main advantage would be a low maintenance pesticide, planting tobacco around would kill fly pests. Also it allows for a sustainable way to produce pesticide. To smoke it a player would only need 2 leaves, 1 to roll and the other to crush and use as filler. Also a lighter I'm assuming. As far as the seeds go I think it would be a rare drop. I bought them as a novelty item with soil in a can (IRL) so maybe in hotels or something along those lines? I had thought about suggesting tobacco plants grow wild but then that would be a whole other thing, when I started growing fruit and veg (again IRL) I started noticing wild varieties of onions, garlic etc everywhere. Maybe PZ should have the occasional wild plant to allow for lucky food/seed finds (and a nice farm XP boost) Thanks for listening
  6. What is River Town?River Town is a single-player rural-themed Role Play inspired by the classics, such as Harvest Moon, The Sims or Rune Escape. In River Town player comes into possession of a farm, and can populate his little rancho with a variety of animals, pets or crops. The town is settled by villagers with highly contrasting personalities, making the game an engaging combination of farming and social experience. What is unique about River Town is that player can create their own script about what they want to happen, with whom and when. Every action a character does affects not only him but all people around as well, which might lead to some crazy stuff! FeaturesFor a full feature set please visit our Kickstarter page. Crops - Choose from a wide variety of plants (fruits, vegetables, flowers) and trees to populate your farm. Some of them are required to be seeded only at a certain season, while others need a hothous.Animals - Buy, feed, breed and take care of your farm animals.Pets - Several pets to take care of. Some pets have special functions - dog, for instance, might help you with keeping wild animals away.Villagers - Every single person living in River Town is entirely unique and introduces different storyline. Some villagers might find you inspiring to change their behaviour and goals, some might try to avoid you, while some others even attempt to stalk you if they are extremely amazed by your person. They behave differently towards you as a stranger or a best friend, so take that into account.Date & Marry - Finding a second half is a strong part of the River Town storyline. It's possible to date, propose, marry, live together and finally raise a child. Festivals - Each season brings a set of different festivals organised by the town population. Participation in these might be a great chance to integrate with villagers or win precious prizes.Cooking - Discover new meals by watching TV series in your TV or experiment on your own. Serve your dishes for a dinner, share it with others or participate in cooking contests. Thank you for your time! I hope you like the game, we're very opened to your feedback and thoughts, so go ahead and write us a couple of words
  7. that's my question. do you have a sample setup of farm? can i see them from a screenshot?
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