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Found 2 results

  1. Maybe instead of gaining experience for sprinting when your character reaches max speed/slows down from sprinting, make it so you get a very minute amount for each step (say around 10-25 steps=1 exp for sprinting). Any title with a colon after is an idea for a listed trait/job/skill. It was a bait. There were 12 ideas in the title, but 17 now that I recount. *sighs* hey, why do I only have 3 bullets for my 9mm pistol? +17 Ideas: Flowing Motion: Moving will gradually accelerate your speed (say +1% exponentially, up to a max of 110%-125%)Jogger: Removes your ability to sprint but, instead gain a movement speed bonus to your walk, that is the same volume (how loud the sound is) as walking normally would (great for sneaking around)[ maybe just make it so it gives you fitness +1 or something]Monkey Run: "Sprint" while sneaking (very tiring)Bum Knee: Sneaking is much slower and nimble has less of a benefit (between 10%-25% would be fine)Tunnel Runner: Moving in a straight line increases your speed significantly, but reduces your peripheral vision and turning speed (until you slow down)Explosive Acceleration: Reach max speed much quicker (15%-35%) when sprintingTrainable strength/fitness?Rename fitness to Cardio?Character sweating while exhaustedSweat Hog: You get much more sweaty than average, as a result, zombies can smell you when you reach any level of exertionEfficient Sweat: (dat name lel) while exerted, your sweat will cool you off much fasterStiff Leg(s): While sneaking, you are unable to move (this would have to give at least +12 trait points)Quiet Runner: Walking and sprinting have the same volumeRunning Start: Charge into zombies with a melee attack to almost guarantee to knock them down and have an increased chance to kill them (or maybe just more damageSoft Landing: Reduces the chance of injury when "falling" out of a windowLanding Roll: Falls from 1 floor will not result in injury, but slight damage to you directlyMantle Woman/Man: Automatically mantle any waist high object (or maybe just increase the speed of it
  2. I was reading through a topic in General Discussion and it got me thinking about how some players seem to dislike the pure rogue-like nature of the game, and how they want to have something to work towards. Is there the possibility for some sort of bonuses within the same world if you start a new character there after you die to give progression-minded players something to strive for? As it goes currently, if you die in the world and start a new character in the same world, that character is a blank slate as though they've been completely unaffected by the world. It's like every new character is "28 Days Later"-ed into existence; no skills for survival, even higher handicaps if the world's food has decayed and power and water has stopped, and higher zombie count due to the time elasped in game world. What I'm suggesting is an option to either start in the same world with that clean slate, or offer a sort of Legacy bonus to the new character, at the player's choice. If you choose a clean slate, you get the above-mentioned situation as currently implemented. If you choose a Legacy bonus, perhaps you can start with a negative amount of points for traits so you can take more positive ones with less negative ones. Or perhaps you get 50% of your skill point XP and 50% of your skill levels XP, except the skill level experience is randomized across the skills (e.g., level 5 cooking becomes level 2.5 blade maintenance). I haven't quite figured out what the system could be, or how to balance it so that it's not overpowered. But this could help in giving the people who are complaining about a lack of feeling progression something to get that feeling. Other rogue-likes have implemented similar such systems; Wayward Souls, for example, lets you buy upgrades for the characters that persist across all future playthroughs. I'm not sure if that would necessarily work for PZ, but I think keeping it within the same world/save might.
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