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Found 13 results

  1. OnTickEvenPaused event isn't working while the game is paused.
  2. Maris

    Exit Game Event?

    Is there any event when the game (dedicated server) is about to go down just before saving the game?
  3. Hello, I'm need some help In this site resources, I found events (seems decompile..), and one was: Events.OnPlayerMove.Add(functionName); But, it does not work, when you are in car( It's bug, or what? ), and I did not find anything like: OnVehicleMove The question is: How to get coords, [without OnPostUIDraw or other not connectable events,] when you are in car? But, however, I can use crutch: OnPlayerMove and if plr:isDriver check coords by OnPostUIDraw..
  4. PERMANENT INVITE SERVER DISCORD: https://discord.gg/z9Et3J3 Element Gaming, the Biggest Italian Multigaming community, presents: THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT: The Era of Evil The Walking Dead Project is a game server for Project Zomboid focused on the famous tv show. Peculiarity and exclusivity of this server will be the locations, reproduced with the Editor Map of Project Zomboid, in a exclusive pack that you can find on the Steam Workshop: In this new season named: The Era of Evil, there will be serveral news that you will find on our server , as the exclusive Trading Post Arena and new locations that will take your breath away, all new things to find out. The new project is supported and coordinated by the biggest and consolidated Italian multigaming community on the national territory: Element Gaming. Survivors, with the upcoming opening of the server "The Walking Dead Project" we are looking for Staff members. Joining the staff will result in joining the #elementgaming staff too! For more info and questions, don't esitate to contact us in private. Server info: Host By: OVH This is a dedicated server installed on a next-generation machine license plate OVH, among the best Host Server in the world, from the lofty performance and professional ANTI-DOS, guaranteed minimum latency. Server status: ONLINE Server location: GERMANY Player slots: 50 HOW TO CONTACT US: Official Website: http://www.element-gaming.eu/ Team Speak: ts3.element-gaming.eu SERVER IP: PORT: 16261 SERVER NAME: THE WALKING DEAD PROJECT - ELEMTNT GAMING MODS: -The Walking Dead Project-Pack by Woldren -Over the River by Woldren -East Bridge by Woldren -GPS -Bedford Falls -Canned Fix -PumpPower Updated -Hydrocraft -Book Collection V3 -Craft Helper Mod -Immersive Overlay -South muldragh -Phoenix -New denver -Drayton -Quick stuff -NEW MODS ADDED 04/12/2017 - Object Zero More Meds - Project Farmoid - Wilhelm's Wilderness Improvements OFFICIAL FAN PAGE WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/ElementGaming.eu/ OFFICIAL FAN PAGE : https://www.facebook.com/thewalkingdeadprojectzomboid/ To find out more, contact us via our social containers ADMIN: Flavio Musolino (https://www.facebook.com/aeneasromae) COO-ADMIN: Woldren (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033598643/) Steam Account: Aeneas Romae (http://steamcommunity.com/id/aeneasromae/) Visit our page on Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=860982195 **********RULES********** CUSTOM MAPS LOCATION PROLOGUE Welcome to The Walking Dead Project. You are inside the Harrison Memorial Hospital, as Rick. Dress up his clothes, immerse yourself in the story, relive the emotions of the famous TV series and rewrite the fate of your character. Visit all faithfully reproduced location of The Walking Dead, exclusively for this game server. Are you ready to live and die with us? - Meet and interact with the characters from the well-known TV series LOCATIONS CDC: The chosen location is one of the most important buildings of the city of Atlanta, the Center for Disease Control, where scientists and doctors have been trying to find a cure for the infection. Hershel Greene’s farm: it includes a big two-floor house, some huts for the cattle and a hayloft. The town of Woodbury will be reproduced as accurately as possible. It is protected by walls and it hosts a community led by a man who wants to be called Governor. It is sufficiently protected, it is full of useful resources, including electricity. The prison: probably it is going to be the one already present in the workshop, but there are going to be some new details and tricks in its surroundings. Terminus, The Terminus community is located in an old train station and is protected by some fences. It seems well organized and some food never fails. Too bad that its inhabitants have converted to cannibalism! The safe area of Alexandria looks like the most well-organised. It is clean, protected, with big spacious houses for nice people. It seems too good to be true. As a matter of fact, it is not that perfect… Hilltop is a community located on a Hill. His survivors are farmers that live with the provent of their farms. Hilltop has few soldiers but no fire weapons. For this reason the soldiers at defence of the gate use lances. The Kingdom: A Group of surivors has taken a zone that they call "The Kingdom". They call their leader "King" and everyone loves and respect him. They are farmers too, but they have their own army, that consists of men who train every day to protect civilians Sanctuary: The base of the Evil Oceanside: A group of women survivors has taken refuge in the forest, building their own camp to stay isolated and escape from the enemies. SECRET LOCATION: There will also be buildings and/or optional and ‘’secret’’ locations, which will be revealed during the seasons. Harrison Memorial Hospital Trading Post Arena FORT KNOX By: Element Gaming http://www.element-gaming.eu/
  5. Serenity

    New Mod Direction

    Hi everyone, i'm fairly new to the PZ modding scene, but am really enjoying the game so far. I love programming so thought this might make a good new hobby. I've got 2 ideas that I thought might be interesting to flesh out, but I wanted to get some feedback on what's more feasible, and suggestions of existing, similar mods I could look at to get familiar with the API. I'm also interested if anything I say is already completely done as-is; though, I care a lot less if it's made obsolete later on changing zombie (re)spawn to not happen inside the map but instead at the borders, immediately migrating across the map with a somewhat random direction. though this default, immediate behavior would probably be configurable to not conflict with other, better options for relocation expanded events -- additional events beyond the helicopter and gunfight that can add complication. since this can be so complex, I would probably start with simple events and branch out from there I think both are similar in that they'd involve manipulating large numbers of Z's, only sometimes in groups, usually off screen over, and potentially over very long periods of time. Is this going to be asking too much of the game at this point? I was also wondering if the existing two events are part of the java code or the lua, and if lua, which file(s)? Thanks for any and all help, Serenity
  6. Greetings fellow Project Zomboid enthusiasts! As I’m sure some of you will be glad to hear, we have founded a dedicated PZ roleplaying community. Project Zomboid is game which greatly caters to immersion and roleplaying. Yes, at first, to some less knowledgeable on the game - its graphical fidelity may put off. Yet, once you begin playing, it truly is an experience to be had by any apocalyptic survival fan. We believe, what we have created is the way Project Zomboid is meant to be played. The playstyle that will bring the most potential authentic entertainment. We, as a group of friends, have often roleplayed on private servers in the past, yet we decided to go to the effort to not only create a better, more diverse and public experience but also a friendly out-of-character community. We have spent the last month or so, hard at work on the community, each serving our own important roles. We will be officially launching on the 4th of June. Plus, to further the hype and narrative stories which will be told in due time; we will be launching with an Outbreak Event. You read more about it here: http://zomboidrp.com/thread-82.html So, what are you waiting for?! Sign up, submit your whitelist application and join us in the epic fall of Kentucky!http://zomboidrp.com Our TeamSpeak 3: We will also be streaming the launch at: https://www.twitch.tv/djhato [Credits to the following users for helping with the initial launch]: Bun, Redsky, Austin, Ryan, Dan, Polaroid and Natje. All of you have received the “Patient Zero” award on the forums for your assistance, which we appreciate beyond immeasurable lengths! If you wish to see what and where these people helped out, check this page out:http://zomboidrp.com/awards.php?view=2
  7. The Struggle Role-play [TSRP] IP: Port: 16262 Need to be white-listed to join. I'll be changing song's randomly through the year. Server Lore Prologue - SERVER HAS BEEN REVAMPED PROLOGUE WILL HAPPEN SOON, (NEED MAIN CHARACTERS AND A PLOT HOLDER I DON'T WANT TO WRITE HOW THE VIRUS STARTED, JUST A NORMAL DAY THEN YOU HEAR SCREAMING THROUGHOUT THE STREETS AND SUCH!) NEED A GOOD WRITER ALSO! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Factions Slot Available: Slot Available: Slot Available: Slot Available: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules Server is Private you must APPLY to join!No randomly shooting.. don't charge 5-10 zombies at once if you are alone.. Fear RP and Run if neededPVP will be activated when I have a good reason to activate it.Do not steal from others meaning; Don't drink their water, Don't take their items, Don't even walk inside their base..You must add Warsow [TSRP] once you applied or add that account on steam if you haven't already.Server isn't that strict, just play like your actually in-game.. sure you can OOC: In "Y" for OOC stuff but without "Radio:" it's not IC.Be Mature on the server admin has the last word well because it's my server ^^.No Power-gaming.No Meta-gaming.There are no Vaccines for zombies, once you are bit it's over.. no admin heals unless you fall down something unintentionally or you encountered a bug.When all players log out, Server will shut-down.. Server turns on at 12:00 on SS and 3:00 PM on MTWTF [sMTWTFS are the week names via; "Monday"] Have fun on the server please.I look at logs daily.. so I know what you are doing.All applications must be on Indie Stone, previous ones are an acceptance. You can add me by typing in the username below in steam, it should come up with that funny little Nicholas Cage picture. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheStruggleRoleplay That's for the group page on steam, you will be invited once you are accepted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to Apply on the Server ATTENTION: You can apply on this server most likely you will be accepted but put EFFORT into the applications the server has no current staff and will be getting a player wipe soon. So PM me on steam that you are active within the 1st day of December. Post your application on the forum i'll most likely see it rather than on the website [b]Steam ID[/b]: http://steamidfinder.com/[b]In-Game Name[/b]: [b]Character Biography[/b] (2 paragraphs minimum) [b]Why do you want to join our server[/b]:[b]What will you do on the server[/b]:[b]Notes[/b]: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Surely if you're feeling a little sad in real life (for any reason, whether it be the apocalyptic troubles, or wife problems), yoou go check on your crops outside and when you see their fully grown and ready tobe harvested, you cheer up and suddenly you're in a much better mood!! After obtaining the slightly sad moodlet very frequently, I thought of an idea on how to possibly addmore depth and realism to PZ. Suggesting that some actions, events and occurrences change your mood, whether it be making you more happy, increasing your boredom levels, reducing your boredom levels, making you more frightened, etc... Thunder/Lightning strikes increase your fear, they make you panic because of the loud noise (+Panic)Finishing a man-made structure makes your character very happy and gives himself a sense of accomplishment (+Happiness, +Boredom reduction) (this could be done by the game checking to see if 4 walls/corners of man-made material are connected, along with an adequate doorway and at least 1 piece of furniture inside the build - It could add more happiness for; each square inside the building (would stop people abusing it with 1x1 areas), Each piece of man-made furniture, each man-made window, etc...)Harvesting a crop (+Happiness) (For every plant/crop you successfully harvest you could gain a small bit of happiness)Securing a safehouse/Barricading all the windows and clearing all the zombies from a building (+Happiness, -Panic)(If no zombies are detected inside a building, no windows are left unbarricaded, all doors are closed and all openings/entrances are sealed off then the player should receive a large happiness boost and their panic should quickly reduce) Getting a full, uninterrupted nights sleep (+Happiness, -Panic)Being near a campfire (+Happiness, -Panic, +Tiredness) (People always feel safe and secure around campfires, it also helps you nod off quicker)there's many more events which could be added/made to affect the players moodlets, but I'm not going to suggest anymore here (yet!) This whole post is just to hopefully show the developers that this should be implemented!
  9. Firstly, in all those top end open world games like ESV: SKYRIM or Rockstar's RED DEAD REDEMPTION, you look for something to do. So once you've established a closed environment you need to find something to do, right? Well I know for a fact that people are going BALLISTIC over NCP's being brought back to the game, so it would be fun to find them and their safe houses and it's up to you to trust them and hope they don't shoot ya, or slaughter them and nick their loot. People wanted a strategy side to PZ, there already is one but if it could be grown into living in a fortress under the rule of some arsehole of hero it would be much more like the walking dead or something. You could be taken prisoner and must escape a gang's hideout and find your way home. If vehicles are added (and it is confirmed that they will) convoy ambushes will give players a reason to venture from their base. In the end, people just want the world to feel more alive, but keep the apocalypse atmosphere on the ride too!
  10. Made a little alphabetically sorted cheat sheet for stuff mentioned in title, thought id share for whomever it is usefull. Events: (note a reference can also be found here (not done by me), albeit a little outdated it has some more infos: http://pz-mods.net/guide/event-reference/ ) LuaMethods: Exposed Classes:
  11. Hey everyone! (Sorry if this has already been created) I'm not sure how you would be notified of the event happening (on-screen notification, sound, visual indicator, etc) but there would be a whole bunch of random events that either brought you misfortune or prosperity. Maybe when NPCs are re-implemented there will also be random events for them.
  12. When you lovely developers have the time, why not add a sandbox setting thing that takes that sweet metagame thing you wrote and scales it back a little, try and make it more realistic in that zombies won't magically seek you out after a time. Plenty of people have gotten miffed about how the zeebs still manage to find y'all after a bit; why not offer another experience to add some additional variety and still stay close to the lore you're going for? I definitely don't mean to ask you to do this right now or add it to survival or anything. <3
  13. Okay so with the new events like EveryTenMinutes we aready have a powerful Event which doesn't eat much performance. I still have questions about the performance though. Would there be any difference between function one()...end function two()...end function three()...end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(one);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(two);Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(three);and: function one()...end function two()...end function three()...end function master() one() two() three()end Events.EveryTenMinutes.Add(master);Will there be any noticeable impact if I exit out of the functions early? I actually do that at the moment in all of my mods... I try to exit out as soon as possible by testing different boolean states at the beginning of the function for example. For example like this: function doStuff() if noStuffToDo then return; end... -- else do much more stuff hereendEvents.OnTick.Add(doStuff);Of course it has to check the boolean value each time it is called but would this have any recogniseable impact on performance or is it negligeable?
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