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Found 5 results

  1. Did a forum search, found a few mentions of some gear in a few discussions here and there, and thought I'd expand upon it a little bit. With the animation update including lots of new models, I thought I'd mention usable gear that could display what players, zombies, and hopefully NPCs in the future, are carrying. That being said, let's get started! Utility Belts A brief mention of this both here and here, with the equipment involved and the benefits of the gear being visible to players. Utility belts are used by police officers to carry equipment including handcuffs, pistols, extra magazines/pistol rounds, flashlights, handheld radios, batons, knife or multi-functional tools, keys, basic first aid items, and disposable gloves. Soldiers also use packs and belts to an extent, though that's not really my area. Workers in and around construction areas *cough* McCoy Logging Co. *cough*, not to mention plumbers, mechanics, and other professions, frequently use utility belts to carry tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and the like. A few photos with some captions: I bring the utility belt up because as I mentioned in a separate thread, it would be worth checking to see if there's still a gun in the holster before making what might be an unnecessary risk to get it, or if a police-radio is still clipped onto the belt/uniform as seen in the photo, or dragging on the ground, which leads me to my second topic: Radios As mentioned in the aforementioned links, police officers use their radios to inform dispatch of the current situation, while soldiers use radios to keep in touch with their superiors/fellow soldiers. Useful gameplay-wise to just attach it and inform both players and possibly NPCs of information, with above-mentioned radio broadcasts. Graphically - I think they'd be awesome, and add a huge amount of atmosphere. More photos: And finally: Holsters Fairly straightforward, places for firearms - either slung over the back, in the waistband of the pants, or a holster by the side - would be both cool to see and important for gameplay purposes. As said in a separate thread, it'd be helpful to know if the man you're talking to has a gun in the waistband of his pants or a holster by his side, be it another player or an NPC. And that's about it!
  2. I reckon some folks here have seen this on the Steam forums some time ago, but I wanted to compile a slightly updated list of some law enforcement gear that might be nifty to have in the game and appropriate to mention now, with the ever-approaching animations/clothing/weapons update. I am also hoping to broaden the scope of to-be-included police gear beyond riot gear; this post is mainly about standard carry, normal police gear you'd find even in a small county sheriff's department that'd be appropriate for the setting of Project Zomboid. Let's begin! 1: Police Batons (Specifically PR 24s) - Tried and tested, these are traditional police batons; A weapon among law enforcement officers that would've been standard carry back in the early 1990s. Typically made out of sturdy plastic. Noted especially for its lethality. 2: Police Bulletproof Vest - A common must-have with police officers that could be used to deflect bites in single player (and stop bullets fired by NPCs when the day arrives) , while also useful in multiplayer, with the drawbacks including weight and overheating. 3: Police Duty Belt -I find it a bit weird that I can find a pistol or a radio on a zombie when there's no place they could be hiding such items on their person; pockets are too small, and I don't see them clipped on. I do think it'd be useful both gameplay-wise and graphically to include somewhat of a visual cue as to what a zombie/player is carrying and where they're carrying it. Enter: The Belt. This is equipment that's a staple to police uniforms and designed to hold most of the gear used by police officers on a daily basis. They generally hold: handcuffs, pistols, extra magazines/pistol rounds, flashlights, handheld radios, batons, knife or multi-functional tools, keys, basic first aid items, and disposable gloves, which are used to treat wounded victims or investigate crime scenes, and could be used when moving corpses in-game. 4: Police Flashlight(s) - While there typically isn't a mandatory flashlight that police officers have to use, most carry one with them at all times. -Some choose to use the big stinger-type flashlights, which are large and heavy (good for self-defense). -Others prefer smaller flashlights, which can put out a radiant 1000+ lumens, enough to illuminate a street for up to a few hundred yards. The smaller flashlights can also can be mounted to pistols, useful during night pursuits. 5: Police Handcuffs - Very self explanatory item. Most handcuffs are made of steel, making them very durable and are near impossible to have the locks picked by perpetrators. Most police officers carry 2-3 pairs on their gear belts so they can apprehend multiple suspects when they are without backup, often when they are patrolling unpopulated or rural areas *cough* Muldraugh and West Point *cough*. This is one that could be useful in multiplayer for hostage situations, or in single player when NPCs are added. 6: Police Radios/Microphones - Officers use their radios to inform dispatch of the current situation. The radio is usually held in a pouch attached to a loop in the equipment belt and can be easily removed, while some radios have an external microphone attached to the radio that can be clipped to the uniform. Can serve as additional radios in-game while providing insight to local/county police chatter and military broadcasts. Useful gameplay-wise to just attach it and inform both players and possibly NPCs of information, with above-mentioned radio broadcasts. Graphically - I think it'd just be awesome, and add a huge amount of atmosphere. 7: Police Cruisers - Confirmed! It is worth a mention that police cruisers tend to carry weaponry (usually a shotgun) in the trunk with some ammunition. Police cruisers are also equipped with radios near the driver's seat that could be used for further communication, along with very loud sirens. All of these items were common around the 1990s, even in areas such as rural Muldraugh/West Point, and certainly in large cities such as Louisville. I'd love to hear any thoughts, recommendations, or anything else on the subject.
  3. I'm currently on my first playthrough, and I'm carrying a bunch of stuff around in bags. As in, 4 bags of supplies (maybe it's overkill, or me being a klepto, or something, but still). The current inventory system isn't too friendly with quickly switching items or just dropping them. I know there are a few threads to this type of thing, but this is different enough I feel to warrant it's own. My main issue has been trying to move serveral bags at once to different areas. I like to equip one in each hand, if I've been there before. The problem is, if I come across a zombie, I can't quickly drop my bags and equip a weapon. True, I could just equip the weapon with both hands, but that leaves me with nearly 50 pounds in my inventory. Unless I take the extra 5 seconds to drop the bags, which, true, isn't long, but when your prepping to fight some zombies, that can be forever. Small thing I'm asking for really. (or so it seems to me. If that could be a coding nightmare, or something like that, please let me know!) Being able to drop items that are equipped instead of having to unequip it, then drop it as two seperate actions. Logically, shouldn't you just be able to drop whatever's in your hands, anyways? That's my speal, thanks for reading! Edit: So, I'm still a noob, and I right click to interact with any items. I realized if you scroll over the bag, you can drop it right away. So, change in request, maybe simply include some of the normal options in with the right click ones?
  4. before i get under way i would just like to interduce myself. i am Tsukune Aono and ive been playing this game for quite some time now and love it. but i do have some suggestions to what could enhance this game to be even more productive and awesome. animations ive seen through my gameplay not much but some quirky animations. such as opening windows, how he holds weapons and attacks with them and felt that they could still be there but if their were openings in custimization. such as being able to change how you walk, sneak, hold weapons, open things etc. and could all be listed under styreo type features. such as a light fast guy could have a stance like Aiden Pearce ( watch_dogs) while big jock like characters would walk with grit and a sense to smash somethings head in. i would also like appearance animations to be fixed to such as holding rubbish bags or having camping packs on your back. im just sick of looking at my dull character silliesly walk around like fallout 3 carrying a shit ton of stuff and not actually giving a F about it like he shrunk all of his items and shoved them down his pants. i would love to be able to open up a heads up display like the bodies health one and actually attach a gun to his belt, put some water bottles on the side of his back pack and have sone grenades on his chest while he has a back pack on and having an animation to run with struggle and stumble. (i know i may have added items and things you actually cant do or would change the whole concept of the game but i would make another topic about those so dont worry. Items i would love to have the following items in the game. this may help in gameplay generator location:(rare) basements, hardware stores, survivor bases, camps, some houses Info: generators are used for keeping the electricity and water sources working in a floor (small, medium), or an area space conected to it R: i would love to have a cool little area running electricity even when the lights go out to still feel home and comfertable. it would also make for some survival feel to some requirements: (FYI: requiments are also items i would love to put in the game and will be found under neath) a quarter of oil canaster a day. oil canaster: location: (easily found) basements, attics, hardware stors, houses, back yards, kitchen closets, cars, petrol stations info: oil canasters could be used for a number of things from burning houses down to starting up a generator, or killing yourself. R: to help with the generator system dvds: Location: (easily found) living rooms, bedrooms, dvd stores, shops, mall, info: are either recorded t.v.shows or movies that allow to entertain your character much faster than reading books. R: im a comfy survival sourt of guy and would love to chill back and watch some sitcoms as the world ends. it would be fun as requirments: T.V., electricity working CPs/ laptops Location: bedrooms, lound rooms, dinning rooms, shops, parks info: these allow the user to look up on whats happening in the world from statistics stating the dead and electricity and water runout, check their emails if any playabal or non-playable characters have got news for them and to just get any announcments in the world from scientests etc. R: like i said with dvds this would also be a happy comfy device but would also be important for serious situations requirments: electricity grids time line im just going to get this done fast. time line would be when you get to spawn in the game and the effects it takes on your character. for instance say you make it Z day then it will be when the virus first spread, leading people to panic and drive around and go into shops and steal supplies and cause choas or you could make it twenty years later where the worlds a waste land and the enviroment is saught of like the last of us. thank you for the replies and keep playing PZ
  5. Okay, I have had an idea how binoculars could work in game: When you press and hold the sneak/ready attack button and drag the mouse to the edge of the screen you get a slightly wider view of your surroundings. With binoculars equipped as a primary/secondary, this view is significantly increased, although you will only be able to see what your character can see, so if there is a house blocking your peripheral vision you obviously would not be able to see anything behind it. A way around this would to be able to get to higher vantage point, a second or third floor for example, enabling you to see over said house. An alternative to having binoculars equipped as primary/secondary, you have the option to "wear" them around your neck. To balance this out, wearing binoculars or having them equipped leaves them prone to damage. They could deteriorate completely over time or slowly get damaged, making the view distance shorter or blurrier. Rendering the Binoculars almost useless. Binoculars will come in a small variety, ranging from 100m-500m (or shorter/longer distances) and will be slightly rare and are not regarded as military equipment. What do you think guys?
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