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Found 5 results

  1. aZombie Dead City download : GooglePlay Kill all the zombies or they will kill you. It is a question of life and death. And there is just one step between life and death. Don't be on the other side. Be brave, save the humanity and stop the apocalypse. You can do that, you must do that, you are the last hope for this fallen city. All depends on you, all the people believe in you, don't fail them. You don't have other brothers in arms that can help you. You are all alone in the city of death. Prepare for the real zombie tsunami. It won't be easy, but you have to be brave. Remember, you are the only hope for this city. Do not let that walking dead people rule the city. There is no other way, you must become a true zombie killer if you want to stay alive. There is no time, you are in the dead zone and you must start your mission now. If you don't want to be dead then pull the trigger and start shooting your enemies. Death is all around you, dead people are all around you and you are the main target to zombies. There are a lot of them and you are, on the other side, all alone. But you must fight to the end and you need to stop zombie outbreak. Choose the weapon and get ready for zombie waves. Start playing this zombie shooting game for Android and, you can be sure that you will have great fun, like never before in your life. Choose the right weapon for you, start shooting and stop the dead enemies impact. Great collection of weapons we have prepared for you. Here you will find a pistol, shotgun or sniper, assault rifle or submachine gun or knife to choose from. But, these weapons are not free. You must earn money or gold to buy them. A lot of missions, a lot of weapons and a lot of zombies are waiting for you. All of this you will have with one of the best zombie games for Android ever. Now you know what you can expect from this zombie shooter game. And we think that there are enough reasons to start playing it. So, download now aZombie Dead City and start your mission. Pretend that you are the real commando and that you are staying at the frontline all alone. Now, with this first person shooter game, it's easy. Features of aZombie Dead City: - a lot of missions to accomplish - a lot of zombies to be killed - a lot of weapons to choose from - a lot of items to be unlocked - realistic sound effects - high resolution graphics - stunning game music You can visit us on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Google+ and write some suggestions and your impressions about aZombie Dead City. Contact us on e-mail: eweapons@yandex.com ©2016 eWeapons™ aZombie Dead City application has been created for entertainment purposes only.
  2. Hello ladies and gents, My name is Chris Chancey, I am the CoFounder of ManaVoid Entertainment based in Montreal, Canada. As you may know, we recently launched a Kickstarter project called Epic Manager, where you can create your own Adventuring Agency! We are happy to announce we are past the 20 000$ mark today! The gameplay features the roster management & character progression of games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, narrative choices & consequences in the beloved tradition of gamebooks series such as Choose your own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy, the epic scope of a Dungeon & Dragons campaign or a Lord of the Rings novel, and the humoristic tone of the Princess Bride all in one awesome package! After reaching out to other indie studios, we have also had the chance to feature iconic characters from great indie games such as Shovel Knight, Chroma Squad and Rogue Legacy! We would love to keep the conversation going on the best rpg, fantasy and gaming forums and theindiestone.com is obviously on that list! Here's a few images of the game and we hope you guys come check out our project on Kickstarter! Thank you all for reading! Cheers, -Chancey, for the ManaVoid Dev Team
  3. Hello Indie Stone community, Greetings from ManaVoid Entertainment, an independant video game studio based in Montreal, Canada. In the early hours of Monday, October 27th, the studio’s first title, Epic Manager, has finally gone LIVE on Kickstarter. Epic Manager is a unique 2D Strategy Fantasy RPG and Tycoon Game for PC, Mac and Linux that let’s you create your own Adventuring Agency – Rated “E” for EPIC! Visit Epic Manager's Kickstarter page ( Long URL : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects…nturing-agency ) —- Manavoid Entertainment Dev Team - Conjuring Games from the Void www.manavoid.com
  4. Yeah i played all okay this time. Made a nice base, stockpiled on food, armed myself. This one time i was looting a house randomly and there were just ten zombies chilling. I ran off. And got myself major damage, nevertheless survived. Later i went to a hospital where i had been earlier, then the alarm went off. Hundreds of zombies gathered all around me. I ran off to my house, a bit farther. Few zombies a had to crack, before my house was clear of them. Then, i checked out my health situation. Zombification. Agony. Huge stress. So, i went looking for antibiotics. Everywhere, there where huge zombie barricades. I went to a middle class residential area. Broke myself into a house, an army of zombies waiting for me. Killed me, they bastards did. So, what's your most annoying moments with house alarms?
  5. An ongoing Survival Guide, by TinnedEpic. Welcome! First thank you so very much for clicking on this thread and checking out my survival guide. Before I begin ranting on there are a few things I need to say: <--------------------------------------------> Firstly, much of what I have written is subject to objection or differing opinions among players. All I can say to that is this are the tips and tactics I use to survive, this is how I personally play and for me it works. My way is not the only way. I am by no means closed minded either, I take all suggestions/advice onboard. If you wish to discuss/dispute/suggest content within this guide I highly encourage it. Sharing of strategies and ideas is exactly what a guide is all about. Chances are someone out there will have a better way of doing something and it's no good to anyone if they hold it back. (Unless they want to keep it a secret, in which case I have only one thing to say to that person... Grawr!)Secondly, everything in this guide is subject to change. As I play I learn new things or I learn better techniques from watching/reading other people I may change or add things to the guide to make it better. Even as the game updates and adds more content/challenges/changes I will need to adjust the material accordingly. It's very much an evolutionary thing.Thirdly, SPOILERS! HEAVY SPOILER ALERT! This guide will contain detailed information on project zomboid and how to survive. While it possibly may be helpful, it may also take the fun out of the game for you not begin able to experience it first-hand yourself. I implore you, only look up sections you are having trouble with. These guides are meant to help new players overcome challenges, however can routine aspects of the game. I encourage that new players who have been using this guide after a while should break away from it and try new things constantly and even take risks you normally wouldn’t take. THIS IS YOUR FIRST WARNING, If you do not want aspects of the game ruined for you I encourage you do not read them. Fourthly, while English is my first and only language, I suck at it... If you find spelling or punctuation errors please point them out (I have proof read it, however I'm not willing to trust myself to pick up on every mistake).<--------------------------------------------> If you're new, welcome to the game! Keep in mind this guide may contain spoilers so if you want a genuine experience I highly recommend you play the game first and then come back to this thread if you’re having trouble. Otherwise I'll try and explain things as in-depth and clearly as I can, I hope you find this helpful. If you're un-new, welcome anyways... Hope you enjoy the guide . If you want to discuss/question/debate content feel free to. I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable. View PDF here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/utzc1hb5py6ti9k/Epic%20Survival%20Guide%20Version%201_1.pdf Download for iPad and eReader Browsers here (.epub file): https://www.dropbox.com/s/l94ymwx6042algz/Epic%20Survival%20Guide%20Version%201_1.epub EreWeGo's "Unofficial PZ Manual" If your looking for another, slightly less spoiler filled guide I recommend EreWeGo's Guide to Project Zomboid. The similarities of our guides are notable however purely coincidence. Just go's to show great minds think alike. Anyways if you want a more technical run down than an opinion piece (like my own) of Project Zomboid I suggest checking this out over my own: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/51-unofficial-pz-manual/ <--------------------------------------------> Just letting you know now, the reason I made this guide was because I felt like giving something like this a go. I am not by means an 'expert' but I do consider myself experienced. I do sincerely hope that this helps people grow and learn from what I suggest and thus allow them to prolong their inevitable death. If you want me to link your guide in my post I will be most happy to do so. Sharing is caring . This guide took 4 weeks to complete and consists roughly on 10,900ish words. Kudos if you read it all.
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