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Found 25 results

  1. Power after the electricity shuts off should be producible via means other than simply using a fuel generator. For instance, small wind turbines IRL are used to power battery chargers and mobile homes. Subsequently, they could fit the role of a power source that is both renewable and quiet, unlike the fuel generator, provided that the player could find any, or construct them once they reach a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill. The obvious trade off would be that they're less efficient. Furthermore, I think also giving the player the ability to find and/or build home batteries, again under the condition that they have a high enough mechanical and/or electric skill.
  2. Found this https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/6/152392786914782918/ after having this issue myself several times. It seems to happen when you don't have a constant supply of electricity, i.e. you turn off the generator for short periods to refuel. At a later time when you remove food to make meals or move things around it will unfreeze and instantly rot. I posted a little more detail in the above thread.
  3. On the large ware house in the noth-west of mudraugh i found a power bug. After installing an outddor lamp on the second floor, it wont switch on, it has a lightbulb. Something similar with the garages south (or just in general ?) i placed a wall on top and placed an outdoor lamp on that wall. I somehow expected it to get power since there are other lights on that garage on ground level, but it got no power.
  4. [DISCLAIMER] I didn't play with Hydrocraft (far way too many things in it for my taste), so some ideas may be alrdy existing in this mod.[/DISCLAIMER] Some suggestions to help this skill to get more lüv. Frankly, i'm not sure that any of these suggestions isn't more of bug report or highlighting some broken/unfinished business. If that's the case, fixes could sincerely be welcomed and appreciated 1) Experience on ALL recipes tied to Electricity (at least in the craft menu) So far, only dismantle (mainly radio, talkie, TV and some others) and making radio/talkie give exp. Noise maker don't ; Remote (trigger and controler) don't ; Timer don't ; creating a handmade battery support for lamp don't. It's pretty disappointing and sad... 2) Slighty up the loot ratio of TV remote & Home Alarm TV Remote are really too rare*. Unfortunatelly, this is a key component for a part of recipes (all the remote controlers). Patch 39.67.5 => Increased the spawn rate of remote control. (Ty Devs) ; still need to play on that patch to see the difference. Home alarm (the item, not the noise event) can't be found anywere. I'm still not sure if it's implemented/actually in game or not (never found one...), but it could be really good to make them more noticeable in houses where they're supposed to be (said : houses with alarm). Unfortunately, this is a key component for motion sensors (which you still can find time to time...). 3a) Directly get battery from dismantled Radio/Talkie. So far, we had to put them in the world, click them and manually remove the battery OR equip them in main hand and manually remove the battery... It's tedious. And basically, that also say the battery just disappeared when you dismantle the damn object. Solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. (Ty devs) 3b) Give us a "remove battery" for radio/talkie in inventory Basicaly, same stuff and line of command as we actually have for flashlight. Right click on radio/talkie, to get the command line "remove battery 1 / All". Solved since 38.26 IWBUMS. (Ty devs) 4) Electrician profession Mention in the occupation description (at character creation), it also give you most of the electrical recipes. 5) Additionnal item Add item "Wiring tools" in the game 6) Alternative connection to house powergrid Allow us to connect a moved lampost/lamp to a house powergrid Recipe => Need Wiring tools & Screwdriver [Equiped in main and secondary hands] + electric_wire (2 units) / Aluminium (2 units) / Electronic Scrap (1 unit) / Adhesive tape OR Glue (1 unit) Electricity Lvl Required 5 (to be in range with the Elec lvl required for batconnector). New connected lamps will be lighted if/when the house is powered (before electricity shutdown and in a house powered by a generator). It's an alternate method (for BatteryConnector thing) to bring light to your safehouse. But you can't light it off (but see point 8 below). 7) New Take/Place/Rotate option Allows us to Take Switch (using screwdriver) in houses and get "Switch" item (Base.Switch) from it. Electricy lvl 1-2 (?) maybe required. 8) Additionnal recipe Allows us to connect "Switch" to a (eventually moved) lamp-post. Recipe => Need Wiring tools + Screwdriver [Equiped in main and secondary hands] + Electric_wire (1 unit) + Aluminium (1 unit) + Electric_Scrap (1 unit) / Adhesive tape OR Glue (1 unit) Electricity Lvl Required 4 This will basically allows the Context_Command Light on/off for the said lamppost. 10) Add little Electricity XP when you repair a generator (suggested by JayM) 11) Fix the Screwdriver priority Small QoL modification ; Build 39.XX => Game still take a new Screwdriver (if one is available) in your backpack when you disassemble/assemble something tied to Elec. 12a) Ability to reload Battery (not car's one) 12b) Ability to craft a hand-made battery reloader (i'm not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 13) Option to Attach a noise-maker (using Duct Tape) to other launched bombs (Pire, Incendiary, etc.) ; i undrstd this feel very L4D, but why not ? 14) Recipe to craft a hand-made Car's Battery reloader (still not Electrician myself, so it's maybe not really possible to do that). Elec. lvl required ofc. 15) Up the loot ratio of Watches For a game set in 1993, the loot ratio of watches is really toooo low. 16) Ability to attach A remote Trigger (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar to be able to light it on/off from range (the said lamp must be connected to some source of power [ie : power grid (usual or generator's one) or some connected Battery) with the usual adequate remote controler (V1 to V3). 17a) Ability/Recipe to make a Timer V2 (using watches or cloak) and "program" it to be active from Time A to Time B (in Hour/Min). Elec lvl required ofc. 17b) Ability to attach said Timer V2 (using duct-tape, as usual) to a lamp/lamp post/Lamp on pillar. Said Lamp will be lighted from Time A to Time B (as long as it have access to power). 17c) Same could occur with Fridge. => Good way to manage your power (limited) supply.
  5. tought to some useful objects who can give some sophisticated systems and a post remind me that : transmitter : Vibration detector (knocking detection) : on a door, wall (all straight line or radius number wall) when detect knocking, emit. destruction detector : on a door, wall (all straight line or radius number wall) when detect absence of object when set, emit pressure plate : on the ground or floor when Zombie, player, car, loot is on the tile, emit more wide range if plate can craft selective plates Light detector : on ground, wall. can set the lumens detection. modifier : radio frequence transmitter ( same use as remote controller, but can be add to objects) Can be set on a radio frequence. need a batteries who consume low power in standby and a lot when detecting. higher electricity lvl for increase frequency range and distance For objects : vibration /destruction detector, pressure plate, timer, sensor. radio frequence receiver (as sensor for remote controller). Can be set on a radio frequence. options : reverse signal, interrupteur/detector need a batteries who consume low power in standby and a lot when receiving. higher electricity lvl for increase frequency range and distance For objects : bombs, desk lamp, wall lamp, noise maker, TV, radio. Can't change frequences of transmitter / receiver in safehouses with this you can : Have a light or sound alert (or not) when somebody attack a wall, a door. Trigger a bomb (or not, that's amazing !) when somebody attack a wall, a door. warned of passage of Zombie, players, animals or car on a tile. switch on/off light by sensor or day /night. attempt to distract Z's when attacking a wall or a door, or pass on a tile (by a noise maker away) can hear if someone attack a wall, a door on any radio (even in car) in the range of your system generate events when a car light on, a player with torch, or somebody who switch on a light hack system of other player in watching wich frequences they use.
  6. The toaster. Alone and forgotten on that clearance table at the MUL electronics store. It works just like a normal oven.... until the moment you move it to somewhere else which somehow breaks it. So, I was thinking, now that we're getting all these improvements for microwaves and ovens, why not give the toaster a bit of a limelight as well? For starters, a few more of them would be nice; finding some of them on random kitchens across the map. Secondly, using them to toast bread would also be epic, not just being some malfunctioning oven.
  7. It would be cool if we could be able to choose how many days water and electricity will stay in solo player. We can choose it when we create our own server and if we could also choose it in SP it would be great (we could choose between a random amount of time like it is now, or a specific amount of time like on the server). And vice versa with the MP server, where we could choose to put a randomized amount of time
  8. I haven't looked into the power system at all (not a good way to start a suggestion, I know) so I don't know how moddable it is, but my suggestion is to have power step up/down stations that control sections of the map. So that on servers with no power shut off, the stations can be sabotaged and would make cool control points.
  9. Hello ! maybe a couple of engineers can bring the electricity back? we just need a map with a coal power plant and then a mod for use coal into a machine or something to bring electricity back. This will be cool for mp too. The new mod map called "Kaputt" (WIP) will add a coal power plant soon. PD: i think hydrocraft have some razors maybe is time for the beards to grow? (MOD?)
  10. Little idea : display room light I read many post on electricity with interresting idea, many are on objects, some talk about connection. i start this page to give my opinion and try to centralize "network" idea ex : I think an other solution, for realism with simplicity : Each square and wall could be declared energizable if a wire is posed on it. Pose or pick a wire with screwdriver + tool of surface (hammer for wood, trowel for dirt, blowtorch for metal). Auto generation for houses : wires from each wall with switch, square with electric object and garage to a mandatory point (ie close to front door). 2 energizable square (with wires) are connected by one of the four edge. An electric object is connected if placed on a energizable square or wall A variable for each square and wall : Watt = -1 : no-energizable (no wire) 0 : energizable (wired) 1-9 : static variable, like central powered (infinite) or court circuit 10+ : Watt on wire (wired and power) If Watt change, check if one of the four edge is energizable , then share to close square Watt. Powering : Powering object add to Watt (on square) like generator ( ie +3000) and change state to switched on. If Watt = 0 switch off Mandatory point Watt = 1-9 Consumer : TV, radio, etc... If < Watt of square, switch on and decrease Watt If > Watt of square, stay off and Watt = 0 if Watt = 0 switch off For generator = 3000, oven = 2800, tv= 500 Switch on tv : Watt = 2500 If add oven Watt = 0 Everything switch off hided wire system, viewable at electricity skill 4 with show/hide layer option. court circuit can destroy object. this system allow good possibilities in futur. more : Active an other layer at lvl 8, big wire, high tension network between houses/shop (mandatory point) and "power plant" who become infinite (Watt1-9) Switchboard on mandatory point of house : If Watt1-9 on big wire then (on house) Watt = consumption else Watt = 0 If Watt decrease, then add to Watt (switch on tv) If Watt increase, then decrease to Watt (switch off object) Menu on switchboard like radio/tv : switch off and consumption displayed. "Real switch", display room light, allow to control remotely object (ie motor, contactor) differents color for wire to cross without connection switch + detector to automatise What is your opinion or idea ?
  11. I usually having a hard time to get enough gas before electricity shut down, so why not getting it this way by farming some maize and able to make ethanol fuel? (required a lab station maybe, also able to make meds in the future with a new chemist carreer)
  12. On Bedford Falls, I'm building a base in the large clearing east of the lake in the middle. With the latest build you can move lights, sinks and TV's etc, but because it isn't an existing house, the game doesn't supply power/ water to them.(yes the water and electricity are still on in game). So is there an easy way to mod the files either with the map editor or manually to make the game see those cells as having water/electricity? - I also want to do this to stop erosion from spawning grass and shrubs inside my base. I don't really expect a mod, just a quick fix until the devs implement this properly, but does anyone know how to edit these parameters in my existing game?
  13. Anyone else think the actual generator gimic is REDICULOUS and useless? Collecting gas from gas station pump seem good. But why we cannot power those pump after electricity shutdown? And why there's no pump gas value to prevent infinite collecting ect? Now the only way to play and use a generator is to rush scarvenging gas can at the begening and trying to find and collect generator just to fill them and refill our gas can! This is ridiculous!!! Generator are suposed to give us some options and provide new gameplay. now they being useless endgame because there is no way to collect more gas from unpowered gas station. I feel like dev are developing potentialy cool features but ending up ruined them and providing poor gameplay... what the point of working on generator if they are barely usefull in game. Please work on concrete stuff and give us more option and gameplay instead of releashing "bummer and broken" stuff! What do you guys think of the situation? We should give them presure to fix this assap, because now the thing is just a frustrating waste of time and "half" useless build 32.
  14. Dear developers. When will you add animals? Please add the ability to merge gas from gas station when you have already connected the generator (with fuel).
  15. I welcome, I wanted to bring up this question long ago Plan - whether you to add to game alternative ways of production of energy? For example by means of a wind, water and the sun. I would like that players would have opportunity to get energy with the help of wind-driven generators, water-mills or solar batteries. Or even whenever possible, to build them. I look forward to hearing from you P.S. Forgive if it isn't similar to a question, and is one requirement more.
  16. Hello everyone! With electrician and generator being added, I have come up with this crazy idea: adding an abandoned hydroelectric power plant that can be reactivated! Muldraugh is too flat to build a dam, so the power plant I'm talking about is Run-of-the-river type of hydroelectricity(The type you see in The Last of Us). It can be located on the riverside far from the city. In order to repair it you need a bounch of player/NPC electricians and a lot of electronic parts. After successfully repair the hole structure, the electricians can then operate the facility and started to generate a steady supply of electricity. It require a large crew to operate and occationally require maintaining with electronic parts. I think it will make the game more interesting not only because you need no fuel to generate electricity but it also encourage banding with people/NPC or raiding this place. It can also serve as an achievement for the long term survivors.
  17. I've been trying to disassemble all kinds of electric appliances for electronic scrap but nothing seems to work; I don't get any menus or choices to do it.... I have a Screwdriver in my inventory, yet I don't see any options to take stuff apart. Do I need the Saw as well or some other new tool? Do I need to be playing as Electrician or Engineer to do it? Are there any books/magazines I must read before being able to do it with another class (like with Generators)? Is there only a specific type of electronic appliance that can be taken apart? I've already tried TVs, Freezers, Vending Machines, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Soda Dispensers, Cash Registers. But nothing works....
  18. What about a water mill in front, and a wind mill on the roof? Hey, I just have some ideas about interactions with water I was thinking about while building most preferably on coastal lines: Food preservation – I was thinking of lakes and rivers as a natural refrigerator; I'd love the possibility of building cooling units in coastal water since that's something I already made with friends for cooling drinks. I have something in mind that needs resources like the rain barrels; you need wood and nails to create a static furniture in the water, then you'd need bags for depositing stuff – self-grown agricultural products or catched fish – that needs to be fresh but shouldn't get wet resp. contaminated by the river water. Additionally there could be the possibility of adding salt to the bag for cooling fish and meat. Building this rather easy natural refrigerator I'd suggest lvl2 carpentry skill. Drinking water – It would be also nice to have drinking water out of rivers and lakes. But due to biochemical aspects this needs to be heated/cooked to get rid of biochemically dangerous contents. Additionally houses could use – as many indeed do – water filters and other chemicals, to get rid of other contents. Drinking untreated water could lead to diarrhoea, causing much water loss and little infection symptoms, so that one'd need to drink more. Writing this I wonder: Shouldn't there be the need to regularly go to the toilet? So one also could build a pit latrine. Here I'd also think of lvl2 carpentry. Green energy – This would be more heavy to be built, so I'd suggest carpentry lvl4. Here I'd think of a water mill, esp. a danaide. That would need much more ingredients: Besides wood for the wheel there'd be the need of cables (possibly from any electronic device in houses or cars [they'll come, right?]); then there'd be the need of a current transformer (also from electronic devices like refrigerators or so). Then it's up to the builder how he wants to use the processed energy: batteries could be loaded or there could be made something like an electric socket. This would be also possible for windmills actually (the higher the ground the more energy will be produced; regarding the water mill: river mills should produce more energy than lake mills due to the higher flow of water); but besides the lvl4 carpentry I also would think of special books u have to read in order to build such advanced devices; not just a skill book but one which ultimately allows one to build them. What would you think of these? Just was wondering... And please feel free to post critic, additional ideas, and so on! Best, rumpel
  19. This suggestion is about restoring electricity to the map. The idea is that there will be Transformer Station or an electricity producing building on the map that will be locked until the power goes out. The door will be electronically locked so that you can only access the area after power has gone out. On the other hand, you could just break down the door with a sledge hammer. The location of the Transformer Station could be in the northern part of the map, like the farm is. The crux of the location is that it should be isolated and somewhere that you have to explore/trek to. Inside the Transformer Station, there should be a large number of zombies so that it would be a real task to turn the power back on, not a chore that can be done easily. Maybe some hazards in the area could also help.
  20. I came up with an idea of a tier based energy system. For starts you would be able to build a car battery bank, made of 3-5 battery's. This would have a life span of a day or so powering something before it ran out. With the addition of a trolley (they type UPS guys use to move boxes) you would have a portable battery bank that you could push around. With the addition of jumper cables this could be used as a arch welder, which would quickly drain the battery's, but could be used to make steel items (or apply steel to already built wood items to reinforce then) such as fences, door etc. It could also be used in the construction of other more advanced electricity making items. The bike generator could be make from, say, a bike, a few planks and nails, a fan belt and an alternator. It would very slowly put charge back into a battery bank. Not fast enough to power anything, but fast enough that if the a battery bank was being used as a welder you would slowly be able to accomplish your project over a few days. Your next project could be a small wind turbine, constructed from a radiator fan, an alternator, scrap metal and would require a welder to make. It would also put out a small amount of electric, similar to the amount that the bike put out, but a constant supply of it, instead of just when you where using the bike. The wind turbine would create enough electricity to power a few light constantly, anything larger would slowly drain the battery. Now that you have a more reliable renewable energy that doesn't require direct effort to produce, you would be abl to make some larger products. The next project on your tier tree could be a wood gasifier (read my post on it if you are unsure of what they are) which would require more welds then the turbine. It would also require 2 44gl drums (which could only be moved one at a time, and would be visibly carried by the character, slowing them down and reducing visibility), steel pipes (note the plural), a small motor (lawn mower) and an alternator. This would require many days of charging the battery bank to complete the welds (which wouldn't have to be done all at once - a project could be half welded, the bank die, and then days later when the bank was recharged, work could continue), and would also require a fairly decent amount of wood (x2 wood per hour? One to burn, one to gasify a can't remember the current burn rate for wood, but double that). The up side to this would be that your new generator would be able to power a few things constantly, such as a fridge and a few light AND charge your battery bank. The down side would be the noise (which could maybe be muffled with some additional items, or purchase a new exhaust could be a weld able item) There is obviously a lot more that would need to go into this, as well as a few more 'project' that you could built to make to undertaking desirable, but you get the idea - the tl dr; you could slowly create more and more constant electricity, a key item in doing so would be the previous creation of electricity. Other projects: electric fence, metal walls and doors, repair cars, large gates (car entrance), watch tower (?), more durable tools/tool repair, cages. Anyone else got any ideas?
  21. This might be a little preemptive, but since it seems exceptionally likely that we will be able to have generators and/or vehicles in the future, I want to suggest being able to use a wood gasifier as an alternative to petrol. For those that don't know what that is, it is basically extracting gas from wood via heating, which can then be used in combustion engines (or heating etc etc) The process for doing this is very simple and well within the reach of the common man. Wood gas was used before natural gas to heat homes and the like. It was also exceptional common during the petrol shortages of WWII for people to construct them at home to be used to power their cars instead of petrol. They are still made and used all over the world today in many different situations. The basics behind constructing a wood gasifier are: A large container that can be opened and shut (think a 44Gl drum) with a one way valve leading from it. This is placed over a fire, filled with wood (or sawdust, coal or even rubber). The outlet of the one way valve is then ran through some piping to allow it to cool, then a filter (optional) and finally into the carburetor of the engine. What happens is as the wood is heated, it releases hydrogen and carbon monoxide, which then pass thought the pipe, the filter and into the engine to be burnt in the combustion chamber as a petrol replacement. Now as I said, these are an very easy thing to construct by the average man, and in fact, were constructed, en mass, by the average man during times of need. They could be used to fuel a small engine which then runs an generator to provide electricity, or even (as they historically were) hooked directly onto a car to provide a fuel alternative. Some links: Wood Gas = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas Wood Gasifier = http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas_generator A small simple gasifier to show how they work = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgu9BdHeUYg Wood gasifier used to power lawn mower engine = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F258s13UxfY Example of what can be done with a gasifier = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYGKn12Weu4 How to build a gasifier = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDIiEjL5eGM
  22. So, the electricity has run out, no more light and the fridge and stove have been made useless. BUT, what if you could artificially generate electricity so your food would last longer, electric lights can be used in your safe house again. The electricity could only be generated by one of three methods: 1. generators, these generators run on gas (that is rare) and this method is the least efficient of the three methods as a generator is noisy when runny and it would only drain on the small amount of fuel that the player would have at that point. The generator is also able to be moved but it is heavy (20) so it is hard to move at all. 2. Solar panels, these generate electricity almost all the time; except when it rains and at night. Solar panels are also light and can be constructed if the right materials are at hand; wire, glass (this wold have to be implemented) and sheet metal (this will also have to be implemented.) The solar panels would have to be wired up to the house or appliances that are need or wired to a battery (taken from a car, when implemented) that would be able to be used whenever needed. Solar panels would require a high level of carpentry for them to be made; equally, you could take some off a neighbouring building and rewire and reattach them to your safe house. 3. Wind turbines would have to be made by hand and a high level of carpentry would be needed to make it; a lot of materials would also be needed, such as, sheet metal, wire, nails and a turbine (taken from a generator when taken apart.) To move a wind turbine that the player has made or found is virtually impossible. In the case of all three, they would have to be wired up to the safe house or to batteries.
  23. I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before and I know some others have been looking for a way to disable Water and Electricity shutoff's. The better way of implementing this would be via a mod to the main sandbox options. ( I thought ) as you know you already have the options for Instant, then time rand range from 0-x But it would be nice to have an option in there stating Never. I've got this working(I think) but for some reason afterwards when selecting to use one of the random's it crashes, sure it has some thing to do with those two lines. SandboxVars.WaterShutModifier = getSandboxOptions():randomWaterShut(self.water.selected);SandboxVars.ElecShutModifier = getSandboxOptions():randomElectricityShut(self.elec.selected); The options obviously look like this. self.water = self:addCombo(self.splitpoint, 60, 280, 20, "WATER SHUTOFF: ", {"Instant", "none", "0-30 days", "0-2 months", "0-6 months", "0-1 year", "0-5 years"}, 3, self, nil);self.elec = self:addCombo(self.splitpoint, 60, 280, 20, "ELECTRICITY SHUTOFF: ", {"Instant", "None", "0-30 days", "0-2 months", "0-6 months", "0-1 year", "0-5 years"}, 3, self, nil);Wasn't to sure if one should just create a new function for that with if or it was something easy as a one liner to just add to the existing. Help would be appreciated, thanks.
  24. How about creating more uses for batteries? Right now I believe they're only used to refresh flashlights. And since I don't dare go out at night I never bother picking them up. But maybe you can find other devices to use with them? The idea for these items is that they help the player without being overpowered, or even necessary. Stationary lamps (that work from batteries and not the grid, put them around your perimeter to see incoming zombies at night, or in your safehouse to have some light at night, possibly add darkness activated versions that save batteries) (Once this exists you can create a "fear of the dark" trait and then better find a lamp before the electricity shuts down)Radios (One way) (Allow the meta game to give feedback about whats going on to the player, planes flying over will be indicated by radio chatter before they show, gives reports of zombie locations, shares npc locations, shares weather forecasts? Put some backstory into the game, let the radio explain that the rest of the world is as fucked as you are. Can also use them as decoys to attract zombies)Radios (Two way) (Player can communicate locally basically speak to other npcs even if they're not near you but posess radios, perhaps you can initiate trade, or forge alliances through the radio and then meet up with those people, basically the standard dev plans to communicate with npc's but now you can do some of it remotely.)GPS equipment, (Either minimap or simple "set coordinates and follow the arrow" affairs, everyone's got one these days, and the satellites will probably keep working for a few weeks months or years after the apocalypse, they could come pre loaded with one or two good sites so the finder can go on a gps treasure hunt and find an abandoned shack, a secret stash or just the previous owner's house!)Night vision goggles (When the military base opens up I'm sure these can be found, they work so vision is not affected at night, could change the night game, as long as you've got batteries you'll see zombies before they see you. But these probably also eat batteries like mad)Hearing aids, (allows you to play a hearing impaired character and still hear on penalty of batteries)Hand held video game (Reduces boredom)mp3 player, (use to relieve boredom, or as an anti anxiety device, soldiers are known to do this, you're essentially deaf whilst using them though) Maybe: cheap alarms, (attach to a door or window and they start to beep when broken or opened, not sure how much use they'll be)Maybe: When advanced weapons come into the game, some sights would require batteries. You could think about Solar power chargers (Commercially available chargers exist, they don't do a good job, 2 or 3 days probably to charge up a battery, but they do work!) In real life they come in two varieties, one is stationary, set up like a crate, the other is attached to your backpack, so just having it in inventory would charge your batteries.Of course while the power is still up you could use regular battery chargers, half a day gives you a charged battery, or make it one day for two.If ever generators are introduced you could use those to charge your batteries as well as keep your fridge cold.Can you come up with other examples?
  25. Basically what the title states. I'm not sure if the power is really out, but when I right click an oven, it doesn't give the "turn on" option. Is there a way to make a fire to cook on or something? Thanks in advance.
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