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Found 2 results

  1. So my player is thirsty so i planning to drink like a normal human because I have an empty mug and a kettle full of water (already cooked) So I grab the empty mug, and i am trying to pour a water from Kettle to the empty Mug, guess what happened? I drink from the Kettle automatically while holding an empty mug, it is a very unpleasant thing to do in Zombie apocalypse, especially when you have an empty mug and just want to be a polite person, 🤣 "So, I guess, automatic drink is not really necessary boss..."
  2. What about a water mill in front, and a wind mill on the roof? Hey, I just have some ideas about interactions with water I was thinking about while building most preferably on coastal lines: Food preservation – I was thinking of lakes and rivers as a natural refrigerator; I'd love the possibility of building cooling units in coastal water since that's something I already made with friends for cooling drinks. I have something in mind that needs resources like the rain barrels; you need wood and nails to create a static furniture in the water, then you'd need bags for depositing stuff – self-grown agricultural products or catched fish – that needs to be fresh but shouldn't get wet resp. contaminated by the river water. Additionally there could be the possibility of adding salt to the bag for cooling fish and meat. Building this rather easy natural refrigerator I'd suggest lvl2 carpentry skill. Drinking water – It would be also nice to have drinking water out of rivers and lakes. But due to biochemical aspects this needs to be heated/cooked to get rid of biochemically dangerous contents. Additionally houses could use – as many indeed do – water filters and other chemicals, to get rid of other contents. Drinking untreated water could lead to diarrhoea, causing much water loss and little infection symptoms, so that one'd need to drink more. Writing this I wonder: Shouldn't there be the need to regularly go to the toilet? So one also could build a pit latrine. Here I'd also think of lvl2 carpentry. Green energy – This would be more heavy to be built, so I'd suggest carpentry lvl4. Here I'd think of a water mill, esp. a danaide. That would need much more ingredients: Besides wood for the wheel there'd be the need of cables (possibly from any electronic device in houses or cars [they'll come, right?]); then there'd be the need of a current transformer (also from electronic devices like refrigerators or so). Then it's up to the builder how he wants to use the processed energy: batteries could be loaded or there could be made something like an electric socket. This would be also possible for windmills actually (the higher the ground the more energy will be produced; regarding the water mill: river mills should produce more energy than lake mills due to the higher flow of water); but besides the lvl4 carpentry I also would think of special books u have to read in order to build such advanced devices; not just a skill book but one which ultimately allows one to build them. What would you think of these? Just was wondering... And please feel free to post critic, additional ideas, and so on! Best, rumpel
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