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Found 9 results

  1. So my player is thirsty so i planning to drink like a normal human because I have an empty mug and a kettle full of water (already cooked) So I grab the empty mug, and i am trying to pour a water from Kettle to the empty Mug, guess what happened? I drink from the Kettle automatically while holding an empty mug, it is a very unpleasant thing to do in Zombie apocalypse, especially when you have an empty mug and just want to be a polite person, 🤣 "So, I guess, automatic drink is not really necessary boss..."
  2. Hello everyone. I have created a mod that is aimed at higher level electrical skill. You will be able to create a device that is based on "atmospheric water generator" Read here for basic concept: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_water_generator This device allows you to get water from moisture in the air. To craft the device you will need electrical skill of 7, as well as the following items: screwdriver,electronics scrap X 4,battery, and either an empty bottle or empty pop bottle. Once the device is created you can use the device to get water from the air. You will also need another empty bottle or empty pop bottle. What is nice is that once you make one Moisture Tank Water and drink the bottle, the empty bottle can be used over and over again to make more water. This will be a great item for higher tier characters who have 7+ electrical skill. You also have more uses from these empty bottles and pop bottles Mod Permissions: Screenshots: Click to download: MoistureTank.zip
  3. In a world full of zombies, broken windows and whatnot. One is bound to run out of medical supplies such as disinfectant (and/or whiskey). It does undoubtedly call for the need to make your own. My li'l idea is to give us the ability to build a distillery to brew our own alcohol. To drink or use for medical purposes. In addition to this I'll also suggest a new class: The Brewer along with a brewing skill. As the brewer's skills increases I'm thinking along the lines that he/she/it can: Be more specific about what is going to be produced (whiskey, vodka, beer, disinfectant etc. etc.).Produce better quality liquor (increased stats of the product).Slightly decrease the time it takes to produce something.Along they way this opens up new possibilities for farming and usage of some items (i.e apples). It's just an rough idea at the time, it can probably be polished on. But yeah, this could be something handy to have in the future. (My excuses if this has been suggested already, my own search came back with 0 results.)
  4. I know it is early in the game but there should be more ways to get water as well as access it. Also water is vital but there is so much more that could be added. What if there could be contaminated water. My ideas are in the list below. 1) Contaminated water-What if you get water from toilets then you have a chance for sickness or illness. It is realistic and logical but also making water a little more difficult to get. I know people who run into a bathroom and drink water from toilets over sinks just because it is closer. This would require players to think if the risk is worth it. This can be fixed by boiled water allowing for a few new types of water. The new types would be discolored, contaminated, clear, fresh, and murky. Fresh and clear would come from house sources and some times wells. Clear is the same but may result in illness. Murky, contaminated, and discolored can be found in rivers or toilets as well as in a well on rare occasions. 2) more access to water- Ponds, Pools, and Streams. What if you went to a house and saw a a pond full of water. It could be dangerous or it could be fine. There could be fish in it for food dead or alive. Pools could be filled with chemicals or filled with algae. The streams or river can now be taken from but is most likely contaminated. It adds a bit more as well as some new sources for food and water. 3) Showers and bath tubs- What if you could fill a bath tub full of water to save it after water goes out but it could become contaminated. Showers could be turned on for water but not filled. If showers and Tubs both work then it allows for new ways to relax. A tub can make you relaxed and sleepy but a shower could wake you up and make you a bit more alert. It adds new ways to relax but also uses a lot of water. It also will allow you to store some water. 4) Natures water source-I have learned that some types of plants like moss can store water and then be used to obtain fresh drinking water. This could allow players to have a safer trek into the woods. Mold also is attracted to water so having a bunch of water containers lying around would make it so it attracts dangerous mold into homes. It can be found in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as in water containers besides bottles. It would help and hinder a lot. 5) Rain-rain comes and goes but its a waste to just watch it. I used to as a kid go out and catch rain in my mouth and why cant we do that now. It would take a while to get enough to help and requires to stand generally still to. You would have to stand still for long amounts of time in the rain. It would help in an emergency. Also it would soak your clothes. 6) Wetness- When you go out in the rain you get wet but your clothes have no impact on that. I believe that you should be able to dry off faster when you take off your clothes and if you kept them on you would stay wet longer. This means you would need a change of clothes so you don't just ditch them all when raiding. Also when wet rags are used they should dry out over time but can be used to cool yourself down as well. 7)Water protection and drawbacks-You should be able to carry an umbrella as a secondary to protect yourself from rain or as a primary as a weapons. Ponchos could also be worn to fee both hands but will allow you to get wet. This process would take hours in order to get even slightly wet though. Rain boots would allow you to run normally in rain which brings me to my next point. When you get wet or rain comes you can now you may slow down in rain, lose your weapons from swinging, have diminished sight, or slide a bit. It makes rain a problem but adds a few good effects. These were just a few ideas i had on the topic and i would like to hear from you. Have a wonderful day.
  5. Hi all. Over the weekend I wanted to work on a water purification system (using water stills), but couldn't find any hint on how to get / set water giving you sickness or not. What I want to achieve: Pot water from toilet --> water in container marked "dirty" --> giving you sickness Pot water from rainbarrel --> water in container has chance of being "dirty". Pass water through still --> water marked "safe". I was grepping through the lua code as good as I can but couldn't find anything. Is that possible at all? If so, does anyone know how?
  6. My dad just bought a Dehumidifier from Walmart, and it got me thinking... "Maybe THIS could fit in a Zombie Apocalypse!" After about five hours of being turned on, it already picked up around a quart of water, if not more, just from the air! He also told me that it's pure, but that one might be debatable in an apocalypse. The other awesome feat about it is that it barely makes any noise... almost like a simple fan being blown. Anyways, I just thought I'd shout that out. Sorry if it's not enough details to go by, but I kinda figured "Takes water out of the moisture of the air" could sound like something people would go for in a zombie apocalypse.
  7. slash

    Juices mod (v0.0.1)

    Hello forums, this is my first simple mod: "Juices" It lets you squeeze your own juices out of most fruits and some vegatables. With the help of sheets or a pillow as strainer, you can fill empty pop bottles with fruit juices. Current v 0.0.1 contains: Tomato JuiceCarrot JuiceApple JuiceOrange JuiceGrape JuiceMelon JuiceStrawberry JuiceLemon Juice Download and more infos here: https://github.com/voodoocode/juicesmod Your feedback is welcome, here as well as on github. Thanks!
  8. Apologies to the couple of people I promised this too a while back, I was unsure how to get it to work together right and be realistic enough to post, so I shelved it. Until now... I made (tried) textures (sprites, whatever...) Here ya Go!! Instructions in the form of a gaggle of recipe images!! Bugs: Towel to dirty water recipe needs to be changed (Just made it this way to finish it for now) You lose the towel when you save the water (can't fix, in vanilla item scripting code) Can dupe bottles of water if you keep clicking the crafting option to filter water (I have no clue how to fix ) Coming: Adding more items and steps to make the filtration feel more realistic. Fixing the dirty water part of the recipes. fix dupe bug? DOWNLOAD: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link) HOW TO TEST THE FILTERING OUT (If you don't want to loot the items): Install the Optional "GimmeFilterStuff.lua" and press F8+0 (zero) to get all the items you need to construct and filter some water. DOWNLOAD GIMME LUA: Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  9. Adds a few tags for food and drinks to add sound effects while eating. This sound effect with start as soon the item is started to be eaten or drunk. If it is looped it will continue until the food item is depleted, this will allow for looping sounds such as chewing, crunching, gulping etc.. One time sounds like the pop top will only play once. The primary sound plays at the start of eating or drinking and the secondary sound plays right after that and loops until the food or drink is depleted, this loop can be made to run once by setting the loop tag to "FALSE". To make it so it only does the gulping sound, both primary and secondary sounds would be "WaterGulp" with looping "TRUE". The Loop only applies to the second sound. It would always play the first sound, then the second, then loop second if true. Sounds like the "SodaCanPopTop" will have a radius. This makes eating with zombies close by dangerous, as I would imagine it would be in real life because let's face it, eating is really noisy. I'll use an item from the beer mod for the example: This will make the can open sound, then gulp sound until gone item Beer{Weight = 0.6,Type = Food,HungerChange = 0,ThirstChange = -70,DisplayName = Beer,Alcoholic = TRUE,Icon = Beer.png,OnEatenPrimarySound = SodaCanPopTop,OnEatenPrimarySoundVolume = 15,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundVolume = 5,OnEatenPrimarySoundRadius = 20,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundRadius = 6,OnEatenSecondarySound = WaterGulp,OnEatenSecondarySoundVolume = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundVolume = 1,OnEatenSecondarySoundRadius = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundRadius = 1,OnEatenSoundLoop = TRUE,UnhappyChange = -10,}This will make the can open sound, then gulp sound onceitem Beer{Weight = 0.6,Type = Food,HungerChange = 0,ThirstChange = -70,DisplayName = Beer,Alcoholic = TRUE,Icon = Beer.png,OnEatenPrimarySound = SodaCanPopTop,OnEatenPrimarySoundVolume = 15,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundVolume = 5,OnEatenPrimarySoundRadius = 20,OnEatenPrimarySneakSoundRadius = 6,OnEatenSecondarySound = WaterGulp,OnEatenSecondarySoundVolume = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundVolume = 1,OnEatenSecondarySoundRadius = 5,OnEatenSecondarySneakSoundRadius = 1,OnEatenSoundLoop = FALSE,UnhappyChange = -10,}Edit: Added sound radius. Edit2: Added volume. (duh) can't believe I forgot this. Edit3: Added OnEatenPrimarySneakSound tag suggestion (and poll) ***SodaCanPopTop sound is royalty free from SoundFXNow, converted and edited to ogg by me.*** ***ChipBagSoundEffects sounds are royalty free from SoundGator, converted and edited to ogg by me.*** SodaCanPopTop Ogg.zip ChipBagSoundEffects.zip
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