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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome. This is another one of my many LONG posts as you may know. So as normal I would like to thank you for taking a look at this and warning you, it will be a long post. Now I would like to get to the post so here we go. Let’s jump right into the list of new illnesses and injuries: · Headaches- This minor effect causes pain and strain when hearing noise or moving a lot. This is a symptom of dehydration, a fever, or head injuries. · Bruises- This is caused from blunt damage, and collision with things. It just causes minor pain when moving, hit, or damaged. · Sunburns- This is caused from being out over a long period of time without being covered or having sunscreen on. It will leave a lasting burn over exposed surfaces, and cause pain when touched or exposed to hot water as well as the sun. · Sweaty- This effect as described in my clothing ideas will cause clothes to become wet as well as dirty making zombies able to smell you from a short distance. It over time will also speed up the process of a rash forming. · Rash- This is caused when uncomfortable and wet over periods of time or caused be reactions to things. It will just simply make your character unhappy, move and work slower, as well as pain if not taken care of. · Wilts- These are like bruises but come from other sources. · Splinters- This is something that causes minor pain from working with wood bare handed. Removed by tweezers. · Sore- This is a Moodle caused by running or working for long periods. It makes you weaker and slower as well as pain whenever moving. · Toothaches- this is caused by eating junky food repeatedly for long periods. · Discomfort- this is another cause of rashes from being wet, multiple layers of clothing, and other things. · Cramps- These are caused by having too much junk, alcohol, or symptoms of illnesses. · Streep throat- This illness is caused randomly and causes pain whenever eating or drinking. It heals over time and with antibiotics. · Pink eye- This is caused randomly and fixed by eye drops. It causes a lower visibility arc and spreads faster if exposed to others with it. · Athlete’s foot- This is caused by being barefoot often or having dirty shoes mentioned in my clothing ideas. It causes discomfort and slight pain. · Fever- This is caught from being in cold temperatures, exposed to illness, or randomly. It causes you to feel hot and cold randomly, not be hungry or thirsty but still need it, and be tired constantly. · Cold- Caused by the same things as fevers but has different symptoms. With colds you feel tired, not hungry or thirsty, you sneeze often, have blurred vision, and sometimes a sore throat. · Sprains/tears- this is caused by pushing yourself past sore or exhausted and still going. It causes pain when moving, if walked on can lead to permanent damage in legs, getting more severe. It takes only about a week to recover and you require rest. · Flu- this is caused randomly like the cold and flu but makes you feel nauseous, tired, not hungry or thirsty, and sneeze often. · Ammonia- this comes from being wet and cold. It is like a really bad cold and fever but you need medical attention urgently. · Hypothermia- this is from being in the cold. It causes slowness in speed and working; you lose feeling of arms and legs, as well as start to lose your vision. · Heat stroke- much like hypothermia this is from the heat. It makes you thirsty and tired as well as sweaty. As time passes your vision blurs and fades until you black out. · Concussion- caused by blunt trauma this causes nausea and headaches. · Scrapes- these are caused by damage and do very little but cause pain and doo bleed slowly. Caused from minor damage sources. · Minor cuts- Like scrapes but these are a little bit worse and bleed a bit faster while causing more pain. Now for a list of new medical items and some with updated uses: · Weak pain killer- This is a pain killer found in houses that can stop minor pain · Strong pain killer- This is a painkiller that will kill almost any pain but can only be found in medical centers. · Aloe Vera- This is used to heal sunburns faster. · Sunscreen- this makes sunburns takes longer to occur. · Rash ointment- used to heal rashes or soothe them for the time. · Ice pack- Used to cool down · Heat pack- Used to warm up. · Toothpaste- helps prevent toothaches. · Allergy pill- used to stop allergies or sneezing. · Cold medicine- helps heal colds and makes you tired. · Medical braces- This helps you heal from sprains and strains faster. · Super glue- helps heals small cuts and scrapes. · Cough syrup-This helps heal colds, flu’s, and fevers. · Tongue depressant- This is possibly used for crafting? · Q-tips- like cotton balls, for disinfecting but more precise and does better for deep wounds. · Stethoscope- helps diagnose medical problems. · Eye drops- soothes pink eye. · Fungal killer- kills athlete’s foot. · Deodorant- his helps stop you sweating for a certain time. · Scalpel- this is used to cut and remove objects in the body with precision. It also could be a weapon. · Rubber gloves- These gloves can be worn during medical procedures so you don’t spread any illnesses or cause an infection that could prove fatal. · Crutch- This could be used as a weapon but also as a way to move with injured legs. · Syringe- possibly for stronger medical things or used for other things. Now for the new occupations and ETC: · Diagnosis system- This system proposes that doctors can make a flawed diagnosis on both the living and dead. The higher the skill the more accurate the diagnosis. It will be able to tell whether he is stabbed when low leveled to what tool was used, at higher levels. This skill also has a variation where it is the diagnosis of the mental state of people. (Proposed by Jericoshost. Link down below.) · Psychiatrist- This job costs -6 but in return gives +2 to the skill of Observant and the trait analytic. · Doctors- Now can tell the different wounds at a higher chance then an average player. (1.2X boost) · Observant skill- This skill is the skill of observing you surroundings and understanding players/people better. The higher it is the better you can read NPC’s and observe little details around you. · Analytic trait- This trait boosts the speed the observant skill levels up and increases its effectiveness. Now as always this post has to end so I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at this and enjoy. Links: 1) Injuries revamp idea by Jericoshost. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15628-diagnosis-and-injury-re-vamp/ 2) Clothing ideas. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14771-clothing/ 3) Animal and pets idea. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15926-animals-pets-and-hunting/
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