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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all. First of all, sorry if this thread is being discussed somewhere else. It surely isn't the most original idea, I know; but I think, as the title says, that it would be really awesome if the game had this classic rpg styled inventory, when you could drag items and see their shapes in a lot of sizes (tiny sized items like rings or sugar, I don't know, or bigger items like a shotgun). It would be very fantastic. Please Devs make this thing real. The actual inventory is pretty dull.
  2. tommysticks

    Named Weapons

    Download Link http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/NamedWeapons/ I would like to thank RoboMat for helping me out with learning LUA. He once said something along the lines of "It doesn't matter if the code is pretty, as long as it works." Thanks. Also I used your rounding function. This mod adds incentive to hold onto weapons and repair them. After a certain number of kills a weapon will get a prefix that adds stats. After a second certain number of kills the weapon will get a suffix. These numbers are based off of the weapon's durability and are all different (thanks to ZombRand). For example: A spoon will require approximately 5 kills to get a prefix whereas an axe will be somewhere around 50. These two numbers are printed in the console and your player will announce it when he realizes the weapon he's using has been good to him. WEAPON MODS Durability is increased and condition restored when you hit the kill limits. This was inspired by Diablo 1.
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