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Found 4 results

  1. I apologize if the topic name is not correct, but seems game needs a texture loader for workshop mods, because several modmakers are doing cool stuff with vehicles right now, and it will be great if you guys will give them an ability to do it much better Thanks for your attention
  2. Hello, I am speaking for both the community and the Dev's, could you please add an Official Test Map for your latest updates ? For example a large parking lot with all vehicles having a place to spawn and such, different types of roads, terrain, etc. Zombies to roam a side of it, and a bunch more. Would love to see that kind of a test map. You could get a lot of information out of it and we could test all kinds of bugs and, fps decrease and other issues that pz needs fixed and as such I think it would be a good idea to be able to test the new features on a such said map. We could have trees t
  3. Are distances a bother to travel ? Do you hate it when zombies scratch the paint-job of your car ? Do you hate climate change ? Is the sound of a car in the city attracting unwanted attention from both the undead and survivors alike ? Well, get a bike today: CO2 free, no electricity and gas required, and it sometimes comes with a basket in handy for when you get your groceries from old man Mart's burnt down Supermarket. Bicycles, they can come in 6-8 different colors just like cars. They move and turn easier than cars but have a chance for injury if it rains and goes slower on gras
  4. I'll show a few screenies of very alpha development i'm working on. It is an isometric survival post-apoc type using Unity: Feel free to post your thoughts -Winter
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