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Found 3 results

  1. I was hoping to make a nice page on our forum showing a list of who is currently playing on the server by extracting the information from logs of who connected and disconnected and when. But disappointed to see that the log only shows connects and no disconnects. It would be great if we could optionally add more info to logs such as these disconnects, and or player vs zombie interactions such as players receiving scratches / bites. then me noticing the whitelist table in the db file in the db folder gave me some renewed hope that it would contain some information i could use to make a list of whos online. But it only had lastConnect time shown there. If you could add a lastDisconnect there it would be a snap to make a nice list of whos online. Or better yet just a isPlayerOnline bool in there. thank you for your consideration Nolan - AGN
  2. TL;DR: How do I get around the admin prompt every time I run projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh? I was running a previous build on my Ubuntu VPN for some friends which worked fine. Now i'm trying out the latest build (26), and every time I start projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh it says that it says: user database "/root/Zomboid/db/servertest.db"User 'admin' not found, creating it Enter new administrator password: The file exists, but when I open it in an sqlite editor I never see any entries, even after connecting to it and using /save, and even after I run /adduser on a few usernames. The reason this is a problem is because I'm using supervisor to run my server, which I prefer over something like screen because it's easier for me to administrate; I just pointing it at shell script and it runs it, even after unforeseen server restarts, and it's way easier than trying to set up any weird custom service/daemon to manage it. However because the server seems to require user input -every time- it starts, supervisor gets stuck there, and the server doesn't go live. I've even tried logging in with another user, then using the admin account to give that user admin permissions. even after running /save, servertest.db is completely unaffected. I've also tried editing servertest.db manually, adding the admin, but that didn't remove the prompt. I may not know what is required in all the fields, like what the 'world' column should contain. What really confuses me is that the 'How to Administrate a Server' topic clearly states: "Admin account is BUGGED right now, if the database exist the admin/admin account will be created, so : NO PROMPT DIALOG FOR ADMIN ACCOUNT !" - So it's saying, if the file exists (it does for me), then it shouldn't do the prompt. So why am I getting the prompt? I'm hoping that adding an entry to servertest.db would fix it, but would need to know what a valid entry looks like. Anyone know how I might know of a workaround?
  3. Hi! I am new to Project Zomboid but I am loving it already. Using a VPS to try a few things on a server. Aint surviving more then a week aldo. But I am old in gaming servers, and I see we are working with a nice thing here. Can anyone tell me more about the architeture around server ping, number of players, and how to gather this info? Playing online is getting pretty hard, a basic list of what servers are on, could help us. Thanks
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