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Found 9 results

  1. Currently, character doesn't even feel pain when he get hit by zombire or blunt weapon like frying pan (But I think that he should), so I decided to suggest a new type of injure that blunt weapon can do — bruises. Bruises appear in short time after getting hit and cause minor pain (and Pain if trying to do something with it). It doesn't need extra medication to heal it, but you can speed up healing by ?applying bandage? Bruises, usually, disappear in 1-2 days, so it won't be a injure that you need to worry about.
  2. I've fallen while building onto the upper level of my safehouses a few times now (33.9-33.10), and would love for there to at least be a stall in the player's movement before he/she falls, and/or a chance of recovering balance and not falling. Perhaps this could be modified by traits and skills, ie graceful, light-footed, etc? Also RE falling, what's with the broken right thighbone being the invariable result? Falling 1 floor onto grass in the summertime is really more of a sprain or broken ankle type of injury, rather than instant femur snappage. Maybe back injuries or broken wrists could be an option? If I'm careless enough to let the character fall 2 floors onto concrete in the freezing winter though, break whatever you like. I've also been standing in front of an unlocked door adjacent to a broken window, pressed E to open the door, and had the character climb through the broken window instead and get deeply wounded and glass lodged in his hand. In this situation there were no zombies nearby and I hadn't been running and button-mashing, though I could probably have been more careful. If the E button defaulted to opening a door or attempting to open a door, rather than taking a glass bath, that could be a nice feature? If devs see this, thanks for an excellent game : ]
  3. I'm very confused about how zombie attacks work, and am very curious about the exact code involved here. The wikis don't answer this at all, and I'm not sure how to find the code involved here... 1. Is every zombie hit a chance of a punch/scratch/bite? If so, what are the percentages of each? And how do the body parts work for that, are they random? 2. According to this wiki page: http://projectzomboid.wikia.com/wiki/Zombie guard skill can limit the chance of a scratch, so can max 10 levels into guard prevent scratches? It's annoying that wiki only lists up to level 5, so I'd love to find out the values all the way up to level 10, because it doesn't seem to always be incrementing by 2. Or, with the thick skinned trait, can it prevent scratches? 3. Also on that wiki page: > There is always a 25 percent chance of being bitten. Wtf does that mean? Just some basic testing of this, there definitely isn't a 25% chance of being bitten on every zombie hit. So either that fact is entirely false, or it's missing a lot of info to it here. ------------- I just started this game with some friends, and so far I really like it. It's kinda slow (seriously cabbages take 14 IRL hours to grow?), but it's a great survival game. But if I spent a ton of time getting to end-game, and die due to a single misclick that makes me take a single zombie hit, which ends up killing me due to pure RNG, I think that's ridiculous. I really would like to know if that's the case before I continue playing this game.
  4. Hello, I am here to make several suggestions about bags. 1. Backpacks should also be able to be broken/ripped. They would wear-down however, only when you are almost at their weight limit/at the weight limit. If a bag broke, all the contents could drop onto the ground, or items could slowly fall out depending if it was torn or ripped. These could also make it so you could no longer carry it on your back. 2. You know when you go on a scavenging run, and you load up with tons of pointy little objects like hunting/kitchen knifes, well, if you had them in a bag on your back they could have a very small chance of when you are running of them poking/cutting you. The worst they could do would make you bleed and get scratched. This would be very uncommon. 3.If you had a lot of sharp things in your backpack as well, sprinting with them could make the bag deterorate quicker. 4.Sheaths and other containers for knifes and other blade weapons could be implemented to make the chance for the bladed weapons to damage your bag lower if at all. 5. Also, I'd like to see clothing items such as Shorts, Athletic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Hoodies, and Rain Jackets. Cargo shorts could have a bag option on the side but only be able to hold like 2 lbs, and cargo pants 3lbs. Same with the hoodie. 6. Also, I'd like some more canned foods such as Peaches and Chili. Thank you for reading these, please, post your opinions in the comments on these suggestions! PS: Sorry if any of this is planned or has been commonly suggested, I didn't see anything on it however.
  5. So from the nutrition section we've spawned some new ideas about sickness, which made me think of bodily damage as well. There are already signs of broken limbs in our health screens, however they don't debilitate us as much as they should. Also they heal MUCH quicker than they should. How long should a broken arm or leg have to be set though? In single player a broken limb would be a death sentence. Sickness is another issue. Rain doesn't cause sickness! Cold doesn't cause sickness! They can sometimes facilitate sickness, weaken your body, but they don't cause it. People get sick mostly from catching sickness from other people. Also from touching infected items. I think the game should reflect that.
  6. I recently had the idea while playing the game. I was followed by a horde and my bat was broken and I didn't want to come near the zombies with the Knifes I had. So what if I could throw offensively my broken bat to a zombie in order ro both get rid of the item and also deal damage to the enemy from a safe range. The range that you throw each item will have to do with its weigh , your max Carrying capacity and your load. If you have a low load and a 12 carrying capacity (max) and the items weight 1 you will throw it further than throwing an item that weights 3 or than if you had a 12/12 load. The damage each weapon will deal will be calculated by the range of the zombie from you , the max range the item will reach and also the Weight of the item. If you do not equip an item you will throw stones from the ground. So what do you think ? Should we have the option to throw any item to the zombies.It would also give a meaning to rotten food (distract zombies by throwing a rotten tomato to a wall at the other side of the road etc)
  7. So we were having this discussion (that is semi-related to this suggestion) about how right now the fighting mechanics seem a little unbalanced (too easy). My suggestion to help balance this would be to have weapon maximum damage and a weapon minimum damage. No, I do not think that you should deal a random damage between these ranges. Instead, I think as your weapon condition decreases the damage it does decreases. You wouldn't have constant damage from an axe as it is used more and more. Instead, the axe blade would begin to become dull and deal a little less damage. The only weapons I could really see this effecting much is bladed weapons. This could also have a slight (very minimal) effect on guns also, as they would build up residue and degrade over use causing the bullets to come out slightly slower. Considering blunt objects, I don't really see how they would degrade to cause less damage (but if someone can rationalize it, I'm all for it). Link to discussion mentioned in the first sentence: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7990-these-not-so-scary-zombies/page-2#entry105393
  8. Now, can somebody tell me why the fuck I kill zeds like lambs with knives? (1 hit kill) But with a damn Axe or other blunt I can't beat the shit out of them? (can be 1, so damn rare, or 10 hit) I mean... it's quite nonsense. I've just think about that wile I was working in the joinery.. I thought: "I can easly smash my collegue head with one shot with an axe, why can't I do it in PZ?". You can tell it was an hard day. Ok. I have complained enought, no real need to tell me why. I'm ok with that but you know.. just to. Your turn.
  9. I want to be able to put a knife in primary slot and another knife in secondary slot and do a pretty spectacular dual stabby kill in zombies heads, like the jaw stab, but with both knifes in the left and right side of the skull. Also, dual wielding two bats would be awesome, of course with a swing speed penalty or something... Dual wield would only be usable once you Grandmaster that particular skill.
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