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Found 2 results

  1. I would love to see some kind of option between curtains being closed or completely open, maybe a severely limited field of vision where the player is only visible to zombies adjacent to the door or window? The reason I ask is that during helicopter events, even if the player immediately steps back after opening the curtains to see which way the horde is moving (ie "have I been spotted?") it seems the heli can still see the player and brings a horde the the safehouse. I like what the heli events do for the atmosphere of the game and don't want to see them nerfed, but it's frustrating when your player makes it inside in time, but gets spotted looking out the window; especially when it's 12pm in-game and you're not even breaking curfew.
  2. Hi, I did a quick search and I don't think this had been suggested before. How the game is now about taking down curtains from one window and putting them up on another is when you put them up they always look like a bed sheet and not as the curtains we might have taken down. My suggestion is to make just that - the kind of curtain you have taken from a window will look exactly the same on another and not like a sheet. (It annoys my girlfriend )
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