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Found 7 results

  1. As in project zomboid, once you are bitten by a zombie you are infected and then die slowly. BUT, what if there was a cure for the zombie disease? what IF, you took the vaccine, you became IMMUNE to becoming zombified? Another suggestion, what if there were antibiotics?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm VenomDG and i've noticed while playing multiplayer that you CAN NOT sleep. This is an issue due to some sicknesses only being curable with sleep and rest. The main and most common being nausea. Me and my friends have tried many things and tried searching up MANY times on how to fix this issue but the only cure we found was sleep. We have died every time we were effected by this which sucks because as soon as you see you know your queasy, And that leads to one inescapable thing... Adding the ability to sleep in multiplayer sort of like how minecraft does with everyone needing to sleep at once for it to work, or just making it where you lay in a bed and you have a 5 minute timer or something and need to wait while your character rests would be AMAZING. I'm tired of dying every time from a sickness you practically cant avoid. Hopefully something will be added in to cure nausea besides sleep or sleep added to multiplayer. Thanks for your time.
  3. #=======================================# The Cure Mod By Bassair, with help from Keri For Project Zomboid Build 21 #=======================================# (If I'm missing for more than six months, feel free to recreate, edit and post at will, but please credit me!) #Mod information: This installs a cure into the game. I'm not going to give many details, but it adds a variety of drugs (both legal, invented and illegal), and a hypodermic needle. When you combine three of the drugs, some of the in-game drugs and five sachets of cocaine, you get a zombie cure vial. It's up to you to work out which drugs you combine to make the cure and how to take it. And remember... drugs have side-effects, especially a zombification cure. The idea of the mod, for me, was to make a cure that wasn't too over-powered or easy - you only get a few shots, you have to figure out how to use it and you have to assemble all the pieces - while still providing a way to keep playing when you have that perfect safehouse. The optional cheatcode was just... well, a cheat code. #Installation: Install like any other mod. #Notes: When you right-click the cure, it sometimes doesn't give you the option to 'Inject'. When this happens, drop down the menu (like you would a stack) and right click the individual cure. It should then let you inject. There should be enough in each world for 1-2 doses of the cure. Once you run out, that's it. There is a cheat file available here, which is a .lua file you put into the media\lua folder inside my mod. You can hit Z and get an instant zombie cure. #Planned updates: Updating it for Build 23 when it comes out if necessary.Upping the distribution when multiplayer becomes available, maybe.Adding readable files to the game so the cure has a story behind it and you can learn how to make the cure from those.Making the cocaine usable. Maybe.#Download Link The mod can be found here. Comments on how well the mod does or doesn't work and suggestions are welcome.
  4. Should be able to Throw up bleach into a toilet/sink. Or at least keeping very well fed to stabilise health and taking pills until the poisoning passes. Just so I can let my character attempt to kill himself and then go through the ordeal of surviving it, to teach the prick a lesson. Or incase someone changes their mind after trying to die... or for noobs to grasp for the second change after a spastic mistake.
  5. Requires my Foods and Spices Mod.Adds kosher salt to the spawn list. Use it to salt meats.You can salt the vanilla meats (Chicken, Salmon, Steak).You can also salt the meat in my Foods and Spices mod (Herring).Salted meats are a little less nutritious but last for two years.Eating salted meats makes you a little thirsty.Download: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  6. Changing from making an edible body parts mod, I changed it around.. Requires my Foods and Spices Mod.Several new "spices".Zombies will now spawn with body parts as loot.Zombie body parts can be used to craft a "cure". (Modeled off RegularXs Mods, Thank you RegularX)Zombie Earwax: Ground with Mortar & Pestle: Zombie Eyeball: Ground with Mortar & Pestle: Zombie Fingernails: Ground with Mortar & Pestle: Zombie Maidens Hair: Ground with Mortar & Pestle: Zombie Damsels Hair: Ground with Mortar & Pestle: Zombie Salve: Use on open wounds like bandages (still needs bandages, I think). Instructions By Recipes: Download: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  7. Hi, everyone. I'm trying to make a cure to infection... I made a txt file in /scripts with Cure, recipe etc., the main question is - how to check that player is using Cure and then remove infection?
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