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Found 2 results

  1. An addition of basement floors to the game !maybe some of them are full of zombies or stocked with food ,metalwork items etc ,maybe the people who used to live there were preparing for the apocalypse when the zombies first started to appear. SUBWAYS the abandoned underground rail system of Kentucky ,from the towns of Knox Country ,west point etc ,leading all the way up to the upcoming giant lousville map. underground metro system where the player can travel around the entire map with fear ,panic ,what if there are zombies roaming around ? what if you get lost there ? maybe you have managed climb up back to the city from the sewage where there are gas leaks and crawlers camouflaged in the pile of human waste ,crawling for your flesh. maybe we can even see floods in the game because of this syatem since you will be walking in a place full of liquid human waste ,so maybe the devs can add animations for walking while soaked in water ,swimming etc.
  2. I've been playing the build 23 for a few minutes now and something just gave me the chills big time. I had established a small base in the tavern in south Muldraugh, when I decided I'd go for a longer loot run to mid-Muldraugh. I hadn't left the vicinity of the tavern except to near the police station for a small fight and shouting competition and to the trailers nearby. So I started wandering to the suburbs when I saw an open door. I thought to myself that I must have left it open when I've been looting. But then there was this voice inside my head saying: "I never leave doors open after looting..." I disregarded the door at first, but when I went closer I noticed that the window next to the door was open too. Now I thought that somethings amiss. I NEVER leave windows open after I climb through. It's really a reflex that I turn around and close the window. Then I started looking through the house. The fridge was empty. Ok. I could have been here 'coz it's the first thing I do always. Then I checked the cupboards and found 20 rounds for a pistol and some nails. Now there's no way I could have missed all of them since they were all in different containers. I decided to ignore the whole thing, because it was giving me the creeps to be honest, and pressed on to an area I hadn't been to before. Then I saw this: Spoiler Look at the window. Why?!?! What have I done to deserve such a freakin' scare? I circled around the house a bit until I deared to climb inside through a different window. There was an open door inside the house too. *Scared shitless* The questions are: Am I going insane?, Do I just have a shitty memory? or is this a similar meta-thingy as the gunshots, but a new one? Most importantly: Has somebody been here? I give it to you Dear Watsons: 'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth'?
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