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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Firstly I hope my english is not too hard to understand and also hope that most of the stuff I wrote here is not already written somewhere else on this forum. Maybe what am I going to write about some points is wrong and already in game sooo it's a suggestion posts but also a "questions post" My suggestions are to make some skills more interesting, more important to level up like for example : first aid, farming and more balanced/realistic First aid According to me and a lot of players first aid is useless to level up. From what I've read on the wiki as the skill level increases, the player will be able to treat wounds faster, make better bandages, understand more ailments (don't know what that means) and spot infections, but as a noob in first aid I still treat wounds pretty fast, I know if my wound is infected and I heal very fast, even if I take the malus slow healer my scratches dissapear after 2 days. So I think that if you're a noob in first aid then applying bandages should take way more time, make it more painful, maybe also make the player more panicked and use more desinfectant than needed or even more use pills than needed (painkillers, antibiotics, vitamins...) Well you understand what I mean, someone who doesn't know shit about first aid would do a bad job unlike someone with better experience. It would make first aid way more important to level up (as important as it should be in an apocalypse) I can even do stitches if I'm lvl 0! I doubt random people can do stitches, same with removing bullets, making a splint etc. So it could be something like that, the more points you've the faster you treat wounds, you heal faster, use less pills, desinfectant... at lvl 0 you can only do bandages and disinfect, at lvl 1 you can do stitches, at lvl 2 you can make splints, at 3 remove bullets... So now if it becomes an important skill to level up we need ways to level it easier and I suggest to be able to train on dead bodies, as simple as that. Some of you will say it's unfair or way too hard because if you're lvl 0 and need stitches or a splint you're basically dead but that's normal, that's how important this skill would be in an apocalypse and to be honest, in game it's kinda hard to get fractures and stitches if you're careful, zombies don't hurt you this much, the only way to have fractures is to fall, something that never happens if you're a minimum careful and stitches are only caused if you pass through a broken window and if you get a serious accident with a car, so once again be careful and you'll be alright Farming According to the wiki leveling up farming only gives you more informations on plants (maybe I'm wrong and it does more but that's what the wiki says) the thing is that when I'm at lvl 0 I already have all the informations I need. I know when the plant has a disease and I can know what to use to treat it since when I right click on “treat” the games automatically indicates me what to use to treat it (probably a bug). I know when to water it and how much, it's written : thirsty, fine, well watered I know the growing phases, seedling, young, seed bearing. So what's the point to level up this skill? I already have all informations needed! They're just not as clear as numbers. Here's how it should be : lvl 0 : you don't know anything! No way to tell if your plant is very young or seed bearing, no way to tell if it needs more water or less, no way to tell if there is a disease or not, no way to tell the plant's health Lvl 1 : you know if you can harvest but you don't know if it has seeds, you kinda now if it has enough water to survive so it would be either thirsty or fine but can't tell if it's well watered, you know if there is a disease but you can't tell which one and for the health same way as the water level lvl 2 : you know if it has seeds, you've full information about water level, you can identify the disease it has, and you know how healthy it is. As your level increase you'd get better crops for example little tomatoes when you're a noob and big tomatoes when you're a good farmer so it could be Hunger: -5 then Hunger: -10 (for example) and you would get less crops and less seeds but for the moment it's already linked with the plant's health so my idea is that you would get healthier plants when you're a good farmer Planting seeds should give XP and also watering and treating diseases because a farmer's job is not just harvesting, so I don't see why only this task should give you XP. Before saying it would be too easy to level up just think a bit about it. Of course you could plant a lot of stuff to gain XP easily but what's gonna happen if you do that? You're gonna need to use more water, you're gonna spend more time to take care of your plants and when you'll harvest you'll need to get a way to store that food in a working fridge/freezer else it's all gonna be a waste. To make it clear you'll gain more XP but it's going to take more of your time and more ressources then it's not going to be OP and after all if you want to be a good farmer you need practice, right? Then it makes sense. Talking about OP ways to level up skills carpentry has some OP ways to level up... *cough* sawing logs *cough* Carpentry It's a very useful skill but a bit too easy to level up, sawing logs will give you XP forever and it's a bit dumb in my opinion. Sure sawing logs as a noob and making them like planks give you XP but can we say the same thing about an expert? My idea is that some craft shouldn't give you XP at some point because it's ridiculous to become an expert in carentry just by sawing logs. For example it could give XP for lvl 1-2 then nothing or maybe it would decrease the amount of XP profressively. ICrafting more complicated stuff would give you more XP like chairs, tables, bookcases would give more XP than floors, shelves, wood signs... To resume in one sentence : you don't become a carpenter just by sawing logs Trapping I don't really know what a better level in trapping does, except that you need some levels to craft better traps I think that's all, once again maybe I'm wrong. At lvl 1 (not talking about lvl 0 because I always start lvl 1 to be able to make stick traps, the best traps according to me) I can catch as much animals as lvl 4, talking only about birds cause I never tried other animals and I didn't find more informations about what leveling this skill gives. So what's the point to level up this skill? Maybe you catch more animals? At lvl 1 I feel like I have something like 70-80% of success and at lvl 2 90-100% way too much for a beginner but anyway as I said I catch only birds because they're the easiest to catch making other traps almost useless so maybe I'm wrong about how easy it is to catch animals As your level increase the traps you craft should be more efficient : weak trap, strong trap, very strong trap, same as carpentry, a lvl 4 wall is stronger than a lvl 2 wall Crafting traps should give XP, once again it would work like carpentry, you build stuff you get XP maybe you'll tell me “yeah but trapping is not just about crafting traps” and you're right it's also about finding the best place where to put it and use a good bait but one of the most important part is still the way you build your trap so it would make sense to gain XP by crafting them and it would give more XP for more complicated traps. Talking about baits I guess a noob wouldn't know how much food to give to bait an animal so the more experienced you're the less food you'll use for baits. Metal working Nice skill but after all it's just carpentry version 2.0, I don't know anyone using it because carpentry is already enough, makes more useful stuff and it's way easier to lvl up so why use metal working? To make stronger defences? Wooden walls are already enough according to me. Okay now it's a bit more useful for cars but as far as I know we can only use it to repair trunks... We should be able to craft vehicles parts, like doors, hoods (hoods are destroyed in seconds so yeah that's would be useful, I don't even get how you can destroy your trunk) etc but also reinforce vehicles with steel sheets or even make vehicles more efficient to kill zombies, Dawn of The Dead style! Well this has been requested probably a thousand times already but it's to make you understand how metalworking could be much more than another carpentry skill, like also crafting nails, axes, knives... well the stuff we should've been able to do with the smith skill that has been removed... What a shame... Another thing, destroyed vehicles should be able to be “removed” by dissasembling them with a blow torch and then make a good way to get metal, it has been said in another post but it still has its place here. Electrcity Well not much to say about this skill, if people don't use it it's because it's too hard to level up and I don't really have suggestions about it to level it easier except those : By fixing generators and hot-wiring cars, maybe get some XP also by removing car batteries Foraging Foraging is the most boring skill and I think you all agree with me on that, but how could we make it less boring? Well like it worked before foraging, I'm talking about bushes with berries. That's right, before foraging we had bushes working as containers and we could harvest them and I think it was nicer, same thing could be done with twigs and branches, you go to a tree then grab branches and twigs around it and for stones we already have stones on the floor so why not being able to pick them up? Same thing for mushrooms, a container, grape leaves on trees when you've the right lvl to find them, same with eggs and insects on bushes or trees etc So yeah you get what I mean, containers to find (with random locations) instead of just right clicking on floor and waiting, noobs in this skill would still find less things than experimented ones, a bit like how the lucky trait works. I realize how much harder it would be to make this instead of right clicking but it would be way more fun for the player, well... as fun as foraging in real life could be... That's all I've to say and it's already a lot, cooking is fine except for XP gain, making a salad should give you more XP than cutting some bread for example... and mechanics is really nice, nicely balanced about what skill levels do and the way to win XP except one thing, if I'm not mistaken removing a battery gives you as much XP as removing suspensions, kinda absurd, right? But it's not completely done so no need to talk a lot about it for now Thanks for reading this post
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