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Found 4 results

  1. Maris

    Mod collision

    What if two mods have an item with the same ID but different properties? What definition will be stronger? Is there any rule about how Zomboid decides which mod is stronger?
  2. Hello everyone, I just wondered if there is a mod out there making Hydrocraft and ORGM compatible ? I just can't seem to find anything on Google... Some Hydrocraft recipes require a vanilla gun/shotgun/hunting rifle, but if you play with ORGM, you can't find those... Regards, Evan.
  3. As a player with a low-end pc, I appreciate how hard everyone is working to continue to make this game functional on older/cheaper machines. But as a member of the community, and a passionate believer in the mission, please don't sacrifice a great game over my ten year old hardware. What you have is something special, and it deserves all the love and attention it can get, regardless of whether or not my old rig can run it. My suggestion, and my humble, heartfelt request is that if a choice must be made, please put your vision ahead of my frame-rate. I want it to be the best zombie not-survival game on the market.
  4. Hey everyone! So, I'm going to give some coding sniplets of things I think might be usefull for everyone here. With the main focus on keeping compatibility issues between mods as minimal as possible, and retaining the same functionality. Sounds good right? So here is the first one, for adding things to the build menu! --Creation of the sub menu in the original script:--Creation of the sub menu in the original script:--local buildOption = context:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Build"), worldobjects, nil);--local subMenu = ISContextMenu:getNew(context);--What you use to add to the existing build submenu in your own script:local subMenu = nil;local buildOption = nil;for i,v in ipairs(context.options) do if v.name == getText("ContextMenu_Build") then buildOption = v; subMenu = context:getSubMenu(buildOption.subOption); endendif subMenu then --Now you can add your stuff to the build menu. --subMenu:addOption("Build <your object name>", variable1, ISYourClass.onYourFunction, variable2, etc);end What it does is check the already created context menu (the dropdown thing you get when you right click) looks for the submenu called "ContextMenu_Build", and once found it uses that. This way multiple mods can add to it, and there will be no need to overwrite the original lua file. Hope it helps <3
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