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Found 4 results

  1. I can't tell you how many times friends and I have been trying to lead a relatively new player to a landmark so we can meet up in game. The compass item would function much like a digital watch. Once in your inventory, a small compass would appear in one of the corners of your screen indicating the direction you're facing. It's a bit hard to believe this isn't an item yet. As for where they would spawn, I would suggest them showing up fairly commonly in residential areas, like your spawning locations and more rarely on zombies. Obviously you want the player to find one within the first half a
  2. My Mitts 1. If you are BUTT naked. You shouldn't even be allowed to access your inventory. Meaning if you have absolutely NOTHING on, and you're indoors, in the darkness (and I'll get into "indoors" and "darkness" later). But assuming you still have two arms at least. The very LAST things you could POSSIBLY have left in your hud, is obviously Primary and Secondary. Although I guess if you lost an arm it would just be primary by default. My Eyes 1. I feel everything for your hud (that I can think of), just like your inventory menu, should be able to be moved around as much you wa
  3. Id like to add on the continuous fight with navigation. First of all isnt this character from where the map we start is, then a map isnt that stupid as he/she knows her way around even if we dont. Even if he doesnt we still need a way to navigate where we have been. Maybe we can find maps around that we can look at that give a very simple look over the layout of the town. And lastly perhaps there should be a compass item that you can find which will help you navigate by a small compass showing up in the UI Perhaps if even paired with a map it can show the direction to your designated first
  4. When you lose oneself use Map found in game or compass or gps maybe to find path to youre destination like dayz. This can be good think. This is my idea Cheers!!
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