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Found 35 results

  1. Thought I would take a look at a simple clothing retexture mod. I can work out most everything but the last couple steps to keep it from being a hack job. Only a few new steps here from a standard item mod. Create the item definition: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\clothing\<MyMod>.txt Create a texture image for the 3D character model: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\textures\Clothes\<subfolder>\<itemName>.png Create an inventory icon 32x32: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\textures\Item_<itemName>.png Create the model\texture\tint\GUID references: <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\clothing\clothingItems\<itemName>.xml Attach the item to some distribution (place it in the world), the new ProceduralDistributions have a bit less boilerplate than the old SuburbsDistributions. <User Folder>\Zomboid\mods\<MyMod>\media\lua\server\items\<MyMod>_distributions.lua Finally, you need to have a GUID to clothing model reference placed in fileGuidTable.xml. I have found no way to inject this from a mod, I could only get it working by adding the reference directly to the game file: <game install>\media\fileGuidTable.xml Anyone know a way around this? Also, if I want the clothing item to be worn by zeds, I need to edit the game file: <game install>\media\clothing\clothing.xml I'd love to have a way to inject\replace XML in those files from the mod. That or some back door lua script way.
  2. I think Project Zomboid has a fairly large fan base and they should use fans love for the game to help support the development. I.e I’d love to be able to purchase something from a “PZ Store” and I don’t exactly know what but I think it would give a nice add to the game and also I’d love to support Project Zomboid Dev Team instead of being a one time buy and play game. Maybe they can add clothing items you can buy and find in game, or custom weapons skins you can buy when you loot a bat. I don’t know but I’m sure they could find something for us Zomboid lovers to buy something.
  3. It's probably already been suggested, but is it possible to have equipped clothes showing up in an expanded menu? Either that or as it's own 'bag slot'? I personally find that it's quite hard to navigate my inventory when I'm wearing every single bit of clothing I can find. I understand not everyone is as clumsy with inventory management as me, but I feel it would help massively. xXx
  4. Loving the new update on the test server, i've only encountered one issue. I like to start in Feb. since its my birth month and reasonably its always cold but none of the clothes give off warmth and they all appear blank on the insulation bar: Jackets, Shirts, Sweaters, Jeans etc. none of them worked for the cold.
  5. Heya Everyone, so let's get right to it. Seeing the new video with the "potential" clothing I noticed that the way they had big gowns/dresses animated (As is most common to see, people usually just bind the dresses to the legs and therefore get these big pants which are supposedly dresses, even though they act completely like pants, bound to the bone structure and therefore easier to fit into animations (So you don't need to animate new animations for the dresses)) Now while I understand why they would do this, I would like to suggest another option. Have restrictive dresses. Now before you go crazy, there are some restrictive and some not-restrictive dresses, the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th are probably the most restrictive and I would suggest making it so you can only walk in them (or crouch, but no running) which makes it so we won't see clipping, but holding the bottom of the dress to the ground (as shown on the bottom "animation", that way it seems much more like dresses instead of big pants which only really look good if you're standing still. I would suggest animating the dresses (or part of them, to just drag along the ground, thinking along something like the Villager (woman) from Warcraft 3 if anyone can remember, it seems much more like a dress and doesn't break the aesthetics of the game. So wearing a beautiful dress would let you look stunning, but would restrict you to walking/crouching, and maybe climbing through a window, but never down/up ropes or any of the other crazier animations. And if things become grim you can always just rip it and suddenly you can do all the normal things you could do before. Just please, let's not go the route of big trumpet pants, then I rather you just keep to dresses like the dark blue which is just a polygon in between the legs. (also please add heels )
  6. I suggest adding a method that will allow us to load skinned mesh in game! I replaced the original models of clothes, and it looks good. But unfortunately adding them without replacing the original is impossible, since there is no skinned model load method. :(( Class LuaManager.GlobalObject has a method that allows loading a static model, but it does not allow upload skinned model, because it sends boolean true to ModelLoader.instance.Load
  7. As the title suggests, nice slacks, suit jackets and ties on collared shirts (long-sleeved and short-sleeved) for undead office stiffs and players hoping to look a little more classy in the apocalypse, sports jerseys for undead fans and players alike (an opportunity for another Spiffo logo on a shirt), and mechanics' uniforms for the undead mechanics of Knox County (especially taking into consideration the recently added garage and junkyard in Riverside) - Taking inspiration from Left 4 Dead Common Infected. Short/Long-sleeved shirts, sports jersey, and suit: Mechanic's Uniform: Sports Jersey: Suit and Tie: Would also be nice to have collared shirts and ties in-game, so as to properly represent this awesome concept art for Zomboid:
  8. So, this is either gonna sound really cool or really stupid. You know how certain fast food chains have costumed mascots to advertise their products? Like the Chik-Fil-A Cow, or Ronald McDonald, etcetera? Well, one would think that with a chain like Spiffo's being popular enough to warrant its own feature-length film, it would stand to reason that the restaurants would have a Spiffo suit lying around for some hapless employee to climb into and sweat his balls off while holding a picture of chicken and waffles on the side of the highway. Thus, I suggest a Spiffo mascot outfit as form of clothing/armor (at least, for when the animation update finally drops). I know what you're thinking: a mascot costume as armor? Is that realistic or practical? Well, yes and no. I used to be a college mascot, and let me tell you, the fur on that costume was THICK. It wouldn't be easy to bite through that, especially if the person wearing the suit was resisting and fighting back. Plus the mascot head would have full protection at the cost of limited visibility. With that in mind, a thick, fluffy Spiffo suit could protect against bites and scratches on the arms, legs, and torso, as well as pretty much negating all damage to the head and neck area. The downside would be the heat. Again, from experience, I can tell you that it gets REALLY hot in those things. I've even passed out on one occasion from the heat. Thus the character wearing the suit would be much more susceptible to overheating and thirst. Plus you can't easily drink water while wearing the mascot head, so you'd have to remove it in order to drink from a bottle or water source. I dunno. I just think it'd be both hilarious and badass to slaughter zombies across Kentucky while dressed as an adorable raccoon. Spiffo IS the official mascot of both PZ and Indie Stone, after all. Why not take that to a whole new level?
  9. Could we also be looking forward to seeing military hazmat/nbc suits ? Military presence should own this since the virus is understood to be mostly airborne, hence a gas mask and suit. Made from rubber and different layers, it should provide some protection against bites, though I have to tell you, these things are hot and heavy, but they offer a wide variety of protection against anything nuclear, biological and chemical. This one is a Romanian gas mask and full NBC suit that can be found on military guards stationed at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and around some gun/chemical facilities. This one is mine,a rare model that is standard issue in Romania for anyone working in a highly dangerous place or keeping guard over. Excuse my background, it's hard to get it on and then walk around to do a good picture. Here's an example. Anyone who wants to see more I'll post other pictures. Didn't put the filter and gloves to take a picture. Coal based filters. The game already has coal, makeshift gas masks could be possible. I think it would be a good idea for corpse management also and so on Good mobility for arms, legs, only if you wear boots inside.
  10. Did a forum search, found a few mentions of some gear in a few discussions here and there, and thought I'd expand upon it a little bit. With the animation update including lots of new models, I thought I'd mention usable gear that could display what players, zombies, and hopefully NPCs in the future, are carrying. That being said, let's get started! Utility Belts A brief mention of this both here and here, with the equipment involved and the benefits of the gear being visible to players. Utility belts are used by police officers to carry equipment including handcuffs, pistols, extra magazines/pistol rounds, flashlights, handheld radios, batons, knife or multi-functional tools, keys, basic first aid items, and disposable gloves. Soldiers also use packs and belts to an extent, though that's not really my area. Workers in and around construction areas *cough* McCoy Logging Co. *cough*, not to mention plumbers, mechanics, and other professions, frequently use utility belts to carry tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and the like. A few photos with some captions: I bring the utility belt up because as I mentioned in a separate thread, it would be worth checking to see if there's still a gun in the holster before making what might be an unnecessary risk to get it, or if a police-radio is still clipped onto the belt/uniform as seen in the photo, or dragging on the ground, which leads me to my second topic: Radios As mentioned in the aforementioned links, police officers use their radios to inform dispatch of the current situation, while soldiers use radios to keep in touch with their superiors/fellow soldiers. Useful gameplay-wise to just attach it and inform both players and possibly NPCs of information, with above-mentioned radio broadcasts. Graphically - I think they'd be awesome, and add a huge amount of atmosphere. More photos: And finally: Holsters Fairly straightforward, places for firearms - either slung over the back, in the waistband of the pants, or a holster by the side - would be both cool to see and important for gameplay purposes. As said in a separate thread, it'd be helpful to know if the man you're talking to has a gun in the waistband of his pants or a holster by his side, be it another player or an NPC. And that's about it!
  11. I reckon some folks here have seen this on the Steam forums some time ago, but I wanted to compile a slightly updated list of some law enforcement gear that might be nifty to have in the game and appropriate to mention now, with the ever-approaching animations/clothing/weapons update. I am also hoping to broaden the scope of to-be-included police gear beyond riot gear; this post is mainly about standard carry, normal police gear you'd find even in a small county sheriff's department that'd be appropriate for the setting of Project Zomboid. Let's begin! 1: Police Batons (Specifically PR 24s) - Tried and tested, these are traditional police batons; A weapon among law enforcement officers that would've been standard carry back in the early 1990s. Typically made out of sturdy plastic. Noted especially for its lethality. 2: Police Bulletproof Vest - A common must-have with police officers that could be used to deflect bites in single player (and stop bullets fired by NPCs when the day arrives) , while also useful in multiplayer, with the drawbacks including weight and overheating. 3: Police Duty Belt -I find it a bit weird that I can find a pistol or a radio on a zombie when there's no place they could be hiding such items on their person; pockets are too small, and I don't see them clipped on. I do think it'd be useful both gameplay-wise and graphically to include somewhat of a visual cue as to what a zombie/player is carrying and where they're carrying it. Enter: The Belt. This is equipment that's a staple to police uniforms and designed to hold most of the gear used by police officers on a daily basis. They generally hold: handcuffs, pistols, extra magazines/pistol rounds, flashlights, handheld radios, batons, knife or multi-functional tools, keys, basic first aid items, and disposable gloves, which are used to treat wounded victims or investigate crime scenes, and could be used when moving corpses in-game. 4: Police Flashlight(s) - While there typically isn't a mandatory flashlight that police officers have to use, most carry one with them at all times. -Some choose to use the big stinger-type flashlights, which are large and heavy (good for self-defense). -Others prefer smaller flashlights, which can put out a radiant 1000+ lumens, enough to illuminate a street for up to a few hundred yards. The smaller flashlights can also can be mounted to pistols, useful during night pursuits. 5: Police Handcuffs - Very self explanatory item. Most handcuffs are made of steel, making them very durable and are near impossible to have the locks picked by perpetrators. Most police officers carry 2-3 pairs on their gear belts so they can apprehend multiple suspects when they are without backup, often when they are patrolling unpopulated or rural areas *cough* Muldraugh and West Point *cough*. This is one that could be useful in multiplayer for hostage situations, or in single player when NPCs are added. 6: Police Radios/Microphones - Officers use their radios to inform dispatch of the current situation. The radio is usually held in a pouch attached to a loop in the equipment belt and can be easily removed, while some radios have an external microphone attached to the radio that can be clipped to the uniform. Can serve as additional radios in-game while providing insight to local/county police chatter and military broadcasts. Useful gameplay-wise to just attach it and inform both players and possibly NPCs of information, with above-mentioned radio broadcasts. Graphically - I think it'd just be awesome, and add a huge amount of atmosphere. 7: Police Cruisers - Confirmed! It is worth a mention that police cruisers tend to carry weaponry (usually a shotgun) in the trunk with some ammunition. Police cruisers are also equipped with radios near the driver's seat that could be used for further communication, along with very loud sirens. All of these items were common around the 1990s, even in areas such as rural Muldraugh/West Point, and certainly in large cities such as Louisville. I'd love to hear any thoughts, recommendations, or anything else on the subject.
  12. I decided to gather up a lot of comments today on Youtube of people's suggestions for the clothing and animations update, shorten them up, and compile them in a single forum. Please note that all these ideas are from the majority of people, and not just from me. Giving you a heads up of what the community thinks should be added. NOTE:This is not to add on to the current progress of the great, hard working, already busy, devs. I do not want them to take this as more pressure or work "To-Do". These are just suggestions after all, not something that should be in the game if the devs wish to. There is already too much work being made by them, but i decided to do this anyways just to give more ideas. In case they want to add this AFTER the planned builds are fully out (speaking after build 1.0) i don't want to delay the build release time... Ok here we go... Suggestions -Zombies ignore you when having soaking blood wet clothes. "Also imagine you got so much blood on you. The walkers will start thinking you are one of them because you smell like one. But the down side is that you will feel uncomfortable like walking makes you slower. Don't feel like eating before cleaning yourself up etc." -Blood footprints. -New showering/cleaning system. "Maybe now showers and bathtubs will have some utility besides decorating and being used to fill water bottles. Also, wet bath towels should be useful as well. showers will have use now with these bloods stains on player? mabye with soap you can get clean buff? " Zombie clothing decay/variation. "Strangely, all zombies wear perfect shoes... One might expect them to lose one boot or both after a while... And also, clothing has to have various levels of deterioration too... Right now all zombies look too fancy even with the blood cover on..." -Wearing clothes with zombie blood can infect untreated wounds. "Do you plan to add some sort of infection due to blood on your character? That chance being increased the more wounds/untreated wounds your character have." -Zombies with certain clothes/equipment can't harm you. "also recommend that zombies with a helmet are made unable to bite you, it would make sense if the same went for zombies with gloves on." -New panic mechanic. (Already answered) "when you fall over a fence, the "recovery" animation should be dependent on how high your panic is!! With high panic resulting in scrambling up again quickly and low panic being like "oh that hurt, gonna take a moment here." But it depends on panic level." Another guy said: "maybe they should scurry along the floor until they find their feet when trying to run, after being knocked/tripped over rather than lying on the floor. Or maybe even mash to bring them to their senses a bit faster." Chris Simpson's answer:"Already a thing we have anims for scrambling across the floor trying to get up in a panic, scrabbling backwards on your ass kicking zoms in the face etc. It's gonna be ace but not 100% sure that'll make it into first version." FAQ by the community "You can't swing at more than one zombie anymore? Or are those animations being worked on?" "Will this update impact my low spec pc badly?" "Is this completely CPU dependent or can my GPU also handle some of the rendering?" "Is there a way i can switch back to the old sprites or versions of the game?" "The textures of the world look off and don't fit the character's models and clothing anymore. (in some people's opinion) Will you work to make shaders and improve them?" I made this because i thought it would be good to get the people's major suggestions out to the people at the forums to see. I hope you understood this doesn't have to be implement if the devs don't want to... again i don't want to annoy them by any means. Thank you devs for working on such a great game! I appreciate your hard work, and time that you're putting into this game. I am looking forward to what the community thinks of this. Thank you again.
  13. Big fan, saw the recent blog post about your new texturing: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2016/06/bloody-business/. Since it gives you the ability to combine as many textures as you like, I thought: why not add, as time passes, ageing to all found clothing in the game, conveying the encroaching worldly demise, perhaps as a sepia-toned texture set with minor imperfections.
  14. I have managed to edit the long skirt into a more shorter one, I personally find this too short, but I had to make it shorter to show off the differences between each clothing item. This is still a WIP.
  15. Hey guys, So I've been playing this for a while, although I had to make a new account to post this because I have no idea what my old info was, or if I even had a forum account Anyways, after playing recently and being absolutely thrilled with what they've done with the game. Occasionally an idea will come to me, and I tried to write down the ones I remembered but I'll edit it later. Most of them are pretty small things, some without even any real gameplay impact. Hopefully I didnt repost anything, I skimmed the forums to see whats been posted and saw a couple I thought of, so I'll leave those out [Colored Ripped Sheets]: Thought it would kind of neat if when you ripped up an article of clothing for bandages, the bandages retained the item's color. ["Functional" Clothing]: The color customization of clothing is nice, but it would be neat if they added some actual useful clothing, for example: -A rainslicker to prevent or reduce the effect of rain -Thicker winter coat to fight against the cold -Variations on shoes: Sneakers that say, increase sprint duration/XP gain, or steel toe boots that make zombie stomping more effective. -Combat Webbing: Wearable in the chest slot, this would function both as clothing and a bag slot (along with keys, backpack etc) with fairly minimal capacity and weight reduction, with the intention of storing ammunition/pistol/knife/smokes/etc [spray Paint]: The ability to tag buildings or areas with some variety of predesigned symbols with looted spray cans would be neat. They could serve as warnings to other players, or locations of stashes and safehouses/directions. To prevent spamming maybe they could be cleanable using the same process as blood spatters. [Misc. Item Overhaul]: I'm a huge fan of flavor, and I love the atmosphere that a lot of the misc. items provide like finding wallets on zombies and toys in crates. But a lot of the items seem like they verge on the border of useful; why not actually make some of the misc items do something? If not beneficial, at the very least cosmetic. -Yo-yos. Why shouldnt this provide amusement, maybe with a durability bar to boot. Or if thats too useful, give the character a yo-yoing animation when used. -Rings should be wearable, even if just for cosmetics sake -Playing cards relieve stress and boredom, but require another player to use. -Dice should be rollable -Sunglasses, wearable. -Wallet should be usable as a very small bag, equipable in its own slot like the keyring -Umbrella and map... self explanatory [Repair Overhaul]: I feel like weapon repairing is kind of counter-intuitive. When playing with relatively scarce resources, in the time it takes me to find the materials to repair a spiked bat I've already found and make 10 more. Sometimes the materials seem a little weird too. Either change/reduce the materials required, or give them "durability" like water and disinfectant. There's probably more, but I'm pretty tired Anyway, most of them are pretty little things, but I'm all about the atmosphere and flavor in a game and Project Zomboid has tons of it! Good work devs!
  16. clothing is becoming a very popular topic in the past week or so i just thought i would make a thread that is about just general clothing suggestions i will also link to the other posts about clothing in this thread also. when King jjwpenguin finishes his list i can add it to here as well. going to create a spoiler list for things being suggested that revolve around clothing. 1: Uses: ways to use clothing other than fashion. 2: New Types: what slots and how the above uses can be implemented 3. Fashion: just more clothing stuff you would like to see to create a variety 4. UI changes: Better ways to view your clothes. 5. Traits: traits relating to clothing: 6. References: other threads about clothing. if you have any ideas of how to organize this stuff better let me know and i'll try too. also i will add suggestions to the list. Edit: added names of those who started threads in references added Clothing - king jjwpenguin
  17. Soooo i'm curious about adding new skills. Or better said replace carpentry for more suitable skill like Builder, or Engineer, or... i don't know name that covers all the things player can made by himself... Maybe Handyman? There is a mod, where player can create almost any building that you can see in the city. But i don't really like mods that adding many things in this game, because of so many releases and mod compatibility, even one can be lost in many mods in some future build, where some mods would be added into vanilla. So why not add it into vanilla? I really, REALLY would like to see that player can made things out of metal(no more nails-hungry in survival mode), or making glass windows. And adding feature of making roofs(without making stairs build before, scaffold kit would be needed). And if making glass works are too much, so at last being able to disassemble windows from neibourhood houses and add it into your house/fortress. Oh yes, another idea just now popped out. Disassembling. Wooden walls, doors, floors... and destroying things with sledge into visible rubble, where something usefull can be, if lucky. Another idea is... TIME. And DATE. IRL human can't know, what time and date is now, without watches. I saw digital watches once in great mall, so... Why don't take out time and date from the upper right corner? It will be more realistic. And give watches a purpose. Wearable loot. If char find watches, from that point he can have his upper right corner back. Another thing... different looks of zeds. Bodies. Some skinny, some obese... even char. And more clothing types, like for example raincoats, jackets, necktie, uniforms/overalls...
  18. This mod edits the clothing in the game to look more realistic in colder climates. Currently, it's a very early WIP that took only about 1 hour to make and isn't perfect. It turns the vest into a loose sweater, and the jacket into a jacket with hood. Note that the undershirt for the jacket is a skin, so when you have no top on you will see a nude back and a half shirt on your chest - If you don't plan on using this all the time, or like playing as a nude char then this mod isn't recommended for you unless you want only a Jacket without the undershirt. Undershirts are optional. Im planning on doing it for women too, and making it look better overall. I had to resize the pants a little which results in some parts of your body being exposed - I'm planning to fix it later when I have time. This is VERY bare... Only the bob / male one / clean white guy skin is available with undershirt for now. Tomorrow I should have all skins + the option to have the undershirt be normal or plaid. I will also make the jacket be editable, with a normal skin, denim skin and a down jacket skin, all via gimp's layers system. I edited the clothing models using Jab's awesome Blender import + export tools: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12864-blender-3d-model-import-export-scripts-wip/ Files: Normal pack Update 1 http://www.mediafire.com/download/a6819cy170la4fr/WIP_warmerclothing_update1.rar Adds shirts to all male human and zombie skins. _____________________________________________ Do it yourself pack http://www.mediafire.com/download/zmyb7jhdodi9jho/WIP_warmerclothing_doityourself.rar This has all skins without shirts, and includes first customizers for the players skin Chest: Normal shirt, Plaid Shirt, Hoodie, V Neck, Scarf, Bulletproof Vest Face: Medical Mask, Doll Mask, Painted Doll mask 1 (tears + crude makeup) and Painted Doll Mask 2 (Warpaint with blood) The 2 are the gimp .xcf files included in the customization folder. This mod is best combined with Fuji's awesome female equivalent: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14482-cold-weather-clothes-replacer/
  19. This is a long one, you have been warned. I know this topic has been broached in several ways, so I would like to have a conglomeration of all the different suggestions as well as my own. It's also important to note that including ALL of these could overcomplicate the game, so it may be wise to select only a few. The clothing system's depth currently goes to basic temperature. There are a lot of options that could add lots of immersion to PZ which include: -Clothing Condition -Wind Chill -Sun Protection -Protective Value -Finding Various Types on Zombies -Pockets -Wet/Dry Condition Clothing Condition: This has been tossed around several times. When clothes are used for a long time, they are worn down and get holes in them, or tear. This can provide a usage for the sewing needle and spool of thread. It should work similarly to weapon repair, except under a different trait. When your clothing is damaged, you can repair it a certain amount, but each time you can repair it less. Depending on how worn/damaged the clothing is (IE if it has too many holes), it will not provide as good of heat retention, though it won't change much, unless all of your clothes are in bad shape. Certain types of clothes might not repair as well either, for example Cotton vs. Kevlar, though some may lose durability slower, like Velvet vs. Canvas. Wind Chill: Simply put, wind could not only blow your scent to other zombies, but also be lethal depending on the time of year. Several people have frozen to death in 50-60 degree weather because the wind chill was so cold. Blocking out wind with certain jackets can be one of the most vital things to winter survival you can even be concerned with. So, some clothes like a sweater may provide good heat retention under calm conditions, wind can pull away heat if there is no way to block it out. So, some jackets should provide better wind chill protection as an additional stat to temperature. If certain parts of your body are not properly protected it could lead to frostbite. Sun Protection: Another hazard from the environment, sunlight's UV rays can be harmful if exposed too long. While it may be more of a concern in summer, it's still a year round danger. This shouldn't be much of problem unless you are outside for more than 4 hours a day with skin directly exposed to the sun. The danger levels will rise on warm days, and the sweat on your skin can also make it worse. Covering patches of skin will help keep this danger at bay. Protective Factor: Before any of you say "OMG SWORDS AND CHAINMAIL YUSS/NO BLACKSMITHING YOU SUCK THAT'S DUMB" I would like to put all that aside. I am discussing only modern wear like leather jackets or riot gear. Every bit of clothing helps protect you at least a little bit from both zombie and human, but the more you wear the hotter you would be. This adds to the risk of wearing protective clothes when you are in a dire situation. Basically, every bit of clothing would have a defense factor where it decreases the chance that a zombie's attack would penetrate skin, or how fatal a human assault could be. A few suggestions: Winter Jacket: Thick, but not very strong, very weak protective factor. Leather Jacket: Pretty hot, somewhat strong, moderate protective factor Kevlar Jacket: Thick, hot, very tough, good protective factor and chance to stop bullets Sparring Pads/Sports Pads (Legs): Good defense, but does not cover entire body part. Leg piece of full set. The list could keep going but you get the idea. Types Found on Zombies: It makes sense that not every zombie would have the same kind of clothes. We already have different loot types depending on where they are found, so this could be added on. While most zombies would have basic civilian wear like cotton/nylon shirts, jeans, shorts, etc. some could have leather jackets, and depending on the time you start the game in, seasonal clothing like winter jackets. Police zombies could be wearing a uniform, or very rarely Kevlar padding. Fireman zombies could be wearing a fireproof coat, or some zombies could be wearing raincoats. Varying the types of clothes/professions will add immersion to the game. Pockets: Pretty self-explanatory, some clothes have pockets you can store items in. When NPCs are added this may even allow you to hide items like guns or knives. Everyone starts out with a basic inventory which I'm assuming to be your pockets. But, clothes like trench coats will obviously have more room in the pockets, so some clothes may give a higher bonus amount to your main inventory. If you are wearing clothes like a trench coat or jeans, you could conceivably strap items to yourself and hide them. Damp/Dry Condition: The player already has a damp/dry condition so why not their clothes? There could be a clothesline used to dry your clothes, or you could place them near a fire. Wearing wet clothes while it's cold would make you far colder, and could also cause bad moods, while being in fresh, warm, dry clothing could improve your mood. Some clothes could deflect/absorb more rain than other kinds of clothes. Fur clothing would probably catch more rain, while a rain coat would keep you somewhat dry. Rainboots as well. However, if you have time to stand still and wring your clothes out, they could go from soaked to damp, which would be better than nothing. If you're being chased you might just have to drip everywhere. This could also collect water. Wear clothes or leave them in the rain, then wring them out into a bucket or pot. Wow, that took forever to write. Thanks for reading this long comment, and please tell me what you think of some of the suggestions. Adding too many of these could make the game too complex, but a few could add immersion and improve the experience. -Uberevan
  20. So, I've had the game for a long time now, and since Mathas started his playthrough again, after the latest patch, I found my love for the game again. So I've played for an in-game month or so on my main, and a week on every one of my alt characters. During this time I've been messing with the settings and seasons, to try and gauge the new content. First off, it's majestic. 10/10, I actually get riled up when zombies notice me. Instead of just mowing them down, I usually find it preferable to run. Thanks to all the great people working on this game, thank you. Your new content is appreciated. I can conserve my own food, get injured in the most macabre and weird ways, and I can stitch together a long-term survival camp in the weirdest places. But even as zombies have become an actual menace, I still feel like I miss something... a reason to leave my little fort, when it's finally semi-self-sustainable, when I have a garden, water and enough medicine and non-perishable food for a winter or two. I need a reason to go out and look for resources, and firewood just doesn't cut it for me any more. Thus comes my suggestions to improve life for us boring players who turtle down in our fortresses of solitude. 1. Clothing durability I start my games in early spring, a time I prefer to prepare myself for winter and the menacing months ahead. I started out with no clothing on my torso, but soon came upon a sweater, which I've kept until shortly, where I was perpetually "unpleasantly hot", now after wearing the same sweater for a couple of months, it's resting in my storage, until I'll be needing it again. It bugs me, it bugs me that my clothes do not tear, or damage over time. As I scavenge and fight zombies, it seems my clothes have become indestructible, and although the new thread and needle gives me hope for a brighter future, I still feel like reminding you of it. Of the seemingly pristine clothes worn by zombies and the uselessness of socks, shoes, pants, skirts and torso clothing, when it can't be torn or destroyed, the game world is littered with useless items that people would never need picking up, unless they want to make a big deal out of fueling their campfires exclusively with clothing they've spent important weight capacity to carry back to their camps and bases. Having to scavenge for new clothes would be a welcome change of pace, for when I just look for more non-perishable food. 2. Clothing and the weather I know, I know. It's erratic and unnecessary, it's been mentioned before. But I feel like the addition of a "jacket" type item, which protects moderately against the weather and water, would greatly improve on the OP "catch-all" sweater, with it's 15 degrees buff. Either that, or simply debuff the overpowered sweater, so making a campfire actually becomes important when the cold of winter rolls into town. Or buff winter, whatever is the easier way out, I just feel like the winter months don't pose any actual thread unless you're completely dumbfounded by the temperature stats on your clothing. 3. Cloth repurposing Ever tried looking for a sweater to protect you from the cold, and finding only blouses and vests? Ever considered the useless nature of scissors, needles and thread? Why wouldn't repurposing items be possibly, so we can craft matresses using the stuffed Spiffos, as a supplement to pillows? And using the many different clothing articles to create sheets, when you ultimately can't find any 8 months after the apocalypse? 4. Sadness and boredom - underpowered as **** Being a gamey ****stain, I always take brooding, hot tempered and light drinker when I pick character traits. It's cheap points for something that only ever becomes relevant if you get bit and become ill. Only in the most horrible of moments have I had to start popping pills in order to keep my mood in check, and I feel that it's a real damn shame, because experiencing the apocalypse first hand should ultimately be far more stressing and depressing than what it's being made out to be. The system of regaining happiness by indulging yourself in the pre-apocalyptic joys of hot meals, candy and alcohol are totally fine with me, although food needs a debuff and we need an addiction system for the medication and alcohol we ingest. Losing boredom by just moving should be removed and replaced with a system of actions that you can remove boredom with, books and games being the easiest, if you can't do some crafting. Fighting zombies since it's a quick and easy way of removing boredom seems a little cheaty, even if your character is Irish. I'd like to see sadness and depression becoming harder to fight, with the over-time reduction initially being a slight -0.1 penalty, as you experience the first days of the apocalypse, and then flatten out into 0 as you survive the first month, and only after that, there should be a small 0.1 bonus to the over-time reduction, as you learn to cope with the new world order. Being a broody character would have course make the over-time reduction nill, and you'd have to rely on cheering yourself up and medicating yourself, instead of just not giving a rats ***. The severity of boredom and depression should also be ramped up, with a bump in your percieved needs. Depressed characters would be less inclined to eat and would not even show signs of being peckish, their moodle should be slightly skewered, as the depression becomes more severe, so the chance of slipping into starvation becomes bigger and bigger, as the moodle gives imprecise information. Likewise, boredom should make you more inclined to eat, smoke and drink, boosting your depression and making your moodle skewer slightly in the other direction. A bored person would seem hungry even when there is no need to stuff one self with precious food supplies. A character afflicted with both would at first not notice the skewered eatin habits, but would instead become stressed, as inactivity and depression chip away at their health, making them far more susceptible to disease. I've so far only encountered stress and unease when I was infected and combating the infection with food, medicine and as many cigarettes as I could find. Having to combat boredom and depression in the winter months would be awesome, since I'm usually confined to my base, unless I play as a freshly spawned survivor '8 months after' or just fancy freezing my *** off at the beginning of the game. 5. Personal fertilizer production I know what you think, but it's not just a modified toilet. I remember back when I first started playing and someone mentioned the idea. And it stuck. I'd like to see a pit for all of my rotting produce, since jar lids and jars are so rare for me, I'd really appreciate it if I could at least dump the rotting piles of cabbages into a pit or a barrel in which it could mold and rot before I collect it and use it to support my garden. Please, please, please put this in soon, because the area outside my base where I dump items that have lost all value to me (IE it's rotten) is growing out of control, and it makes no sense that it just stays there on the ground for months on end. 6. Adding glass The addition of a mirror item, along with erosion gave me an idea, as a horde forced me to relocate my base of operations early. Why not add glass? It would be rare, yes. But the addition might make it possible to construct 2x2 grid greenhouses, terrariums for our cricket companions and most importantly, fix the damn windows, so I won't be forced to accidentally jump out of them and cut my fingers in the process. I could just fix the damn thing, without having to get into carpenting early. It could be hardware, and found on construction sites, in warehouses and the hardware store, with the same dropchance as sandbags and barbed wire, an uncommon necessity for those of us who like have spotlights and protected inner yards around the gate to our forts. Also helps if you build a house from scratch... 7. An apple tree? I know it's a long shot, but I once survived 4-5 months on a character before a zombie in the grass got me, and by the time, I had started considering what my long-long-term project should be. How about being able to extract apple seeds from the apples we see at the start of the game? You'd have to use a knife, and the tree would need a 2x2 grid to grow in, and it'd take 8 months to 1 year before it's fully matured, a time-frame few survivors would see anyways(So to hell the the realism for the apple trees!), and it'd bloom in spring and bear fruit in summer, with a harvest between 10 - 20 apples. It'd make sense for us to have some sort of cool, late game gimmick that we can proudly look at when we finally manage to break the 1 year barrier. I might end up making several more lists when I get deeper into the new food preparation system, fishing and scavenging, but as of now, these were my 14 cents worth of thoughts.
  21. Hello everyone, in this suggestion I will be talking about what clothing I would like to see in the game and how I believe different clothing should have a different "armor value" attached to them. DISCLAIMER: I am aware that there have been many posts about armor and that armor is a maybe on the list of "Commonly Suggested Suggestions", but most threads about armor (that I have seen) talk about things that in my opinion would either be to OP, wouldn't fit into the lore, or just too silly and impractical (looking at you, posts about duct tape armor, looking at you). This will not be a post about steel plate armor or a Kevlar vest, but rather practical things that you will be able to find basically anywhere. ALSO sorry that this suggestion got a little long, the more I wrote the more I wanted to write . Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way, lets move on to my suggestion... I am not sure whether or not wearing clothes reduces the chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin, but if this is current, then I do believe it does not. My suggestion: adding armor values to already implemented clothes and adding new clothes that have different armor values, as well as other values like, inventory size, etc. How this will work: Shoes- flip-flops/sandals- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 5%. Although not a very practical set of clothing to have on in a zombie apocalypse, it would still be better than going barefoot. Tennis shoes (the type already in the game)- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Working boots- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 50%. Although an armor value this high may seem a tad too high remember that these are shoes. Unless you're being attacked by a crawler (or walking on a pile of broken glass) this wouldn't make you too unstoppablePants- Shorts- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. Although your legs are completely bare, your crotch will be just "fine" and "protected" from the teeth and claws of your undead neighbors. Jeans- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Your legs are better covered, but one layer of denim can't protect you from teeth and nails that well. Leather pants- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 40-45%. Although this is a higher armor value, most zombies aren't going to try to bite your thigh when your neck and face is out in the open, combine that with the fact that your character will get really hot while wearing these makes it sounds a lot less OP. Shirts- Classic T-shirt- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 5%. Most t-shirts aren't very thick and almost anything sharp can tear a hole into them, though it's still better than going outside naked. Long sleeve shirt/turtle necks- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. Protects more of your body, but will still be really easy to tear through.Vests- A normal vest- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 10%. A nice thick vest protecting your torso, leaving your arms perfectly exposed to the elements and the sharp teeth of your enemies. Leather vest- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 20% A nice thick vest protecting your torso, leaving your arms perfectly exposed to the elements and the sharp teeth of your enemies.Jackets- Sweater- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 20%. Thicker than a shirt, higher temperature than a shirt. sweatshirt- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 25%. Has a hood, pockets, and decent thickness. leather jacket- chance of bites/scratches making contact with your skin is reduces by 50%. Yes, this is a tad high and may be a little too OP... I might change the value later.. There is so many more clothing items I want to suggest but i'm sure the majority of them have already been suggested; this post was mainly about the "armor values" of clothing anyway though. Thanks for reading.
  22. Hi! This is my first thread on the forum, and i wanted to know what do you think about my idea. As most of us know, in Pz you can only wear 4 kind of clothing: head (no use), torso, legs and feet, but i think than that can be extended. As you can see, this character from another zombie game is wearing clothes on differents part of his body. Im not saying that should be the same, but similar, so we can have more customization options. And about the armor: Guess from which game it is... Could be old, but accuarate. The armor should work deppending the body part and armor rate (of course, we are civilians, so the "armor" shouldnt protect too much). I.E: using shorts instead of pants will not protect your legs as a pant would do, but you will be more lighter. Thats it, im done, hope that you liked it.
  23. So ladies and gentleman as some of you may know the PZ devs are adding the erosion mod that also adds seasons. So????? Lets talk about some features that would make this interesting, shall we? 1.Clothing: During those cold seasons you will need to fight for warmth especially when the gas/power go out. Resolution? Get that jacket on and strap on those boots and pants this can make a VERY serious yet entertaining experience, especially during a blizzard when you're outside. So seek shelter. 2.Food?: Well this mainly appeals to the cold seasons but you could melt snow for water but you need fire or gas. Even better? How about natures natural freezer to keep those foods frozen and last longer. 3.Terrain: when it snows as you may know snow banks can form so? Well these could slow down a person travelling and maybe when they add them, vehicles! 4.Zombies: The zombies in the cold could become slower due to freezing and become more frail. Example: You smack a raw pork loin HARD against something flat its not gonna do much but you freeze it and do it, it can snap with enough force. Any other suggestions that are GOOD? Leave them below And i'll add em!
  24. My account in steam is maukozzz. I bought a pre-order the game Project Zomboid. You can check it out. I wanted to add a screenshot confirming my pre-order in my letter, but it was not loaded. Girls are interested in customization.So you need to add more women's clothing, especially skirts. I think that many players would support me.
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