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Found 4 results

  1. I've noticed that clothes have protection stats about scratching and biting and if I find new clothes with higher stats they are shown in green. The problem is that these clothes maybe are worn out or broken so they guarantee me less protection than the previous ones (like the firefighter clothes vs a normal coat). Maybe there could be added a number/total-number of the protection stats (e.g. 10/100 instead of only the theoretical number as it is now) to show the real condition vs the theoretical, cause only watching the "condition" bar is relatively to the kind of clothes and it's complicated
  2. Dry suit and wet suit must be one of the most effective armor against Zs and shud be quite common in a militart and turist are as the game is located. Maybe its will be hard to repare them and that will prevent them from be to OP but will make good stripes to improve other armor. And maybe a good clothing if some sort of stuck effect when to bulcky geard will come in to the game.
  3. Hello, I would like to know more about clothings in v41, more specifically the generation of XML. media\clothing\clothing.xml - This file creates specific respawn for professions, for example, makes the zombie declared as Firefighter respawn only in fireman's clothes without mixing with policeman or any other. This file uses code that I believe is generated by some type of programming or website. Example: 56e0b193-733d-4061-9a73-167f6b253ec7 This code represents the Jacket_Fireman detailed in media\clothing\clothingItems\Jacket_Fireman.XML And with the respawn set at
  4. I know the animation/clothing update isn’t here yet but when it does get here I have a mod request and I hope someone with know how can do this lol but I was wondering if someone would be interested in making medieval plays armor and stuff like that for the game. Of course the armor would be VERY RARE to find and hard to make if ever possible to craft something like that but I am a big medieval fan and there is nothing I would love more then to be able to run through the streets with a morning star mace in one hand and possibly if shields will be a thing a shield in the other and just go on a
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