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Found 3 results

  1. (!Warning English is not my main language, sorry if I made any mistakes!) Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, first a quick presentation. This is Royal Tea Time Studio, a one man game dev team created about 4 months ago. 3 days ago I participated in a GameJam and I was now looking for places to show my game, to get some feedback about my work. I'm not sure if this is really the place for this since many users here seems to have "big" games like greenlit or long projects. But I'm giving it a shot, if it's not the place for it, I will delete my post. I plan on continuing working on this project, at least for a little while, I already got some great reviews on what to upgrade. Next version will have: -Starting menu -Difficulty selector ( Easy - Medium - Hard) -Better help window ( game better explained and in more details) -Maybe a tutorial Download and Screenshots (choose your favorite): LudumDare RoastMyGame Below follows the description I wrote for the GameJam ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MizzleBury is mostly a strategy game. Having a really old classic feel to it. It was made for the Mini LudumDare69 GameJam. Requirement- a screen resolution of at least 800x800. Controls - mouse click. I really suggest reading the help window in the bottom left to help understanding the game. If you got any question or something you don't understand feel free to email me or leave a comment. A bit of game story : MizzleBury take place in the year 927 in a parallel universe of magical steampunk. You live as a drone commander who need to colonize the MizzleBury region with the help of your fellow soldiers. The region of MizzleBury is consisted of many different flying islands. Each holding different dangers and treasures. A bit about How it was done: MizzleBury is a gameJam game, it was made in 3 days. I rushed that project, but I'm really proud of the results. To make this game I used Unity for the engine, and Piskel for my sprites. Everything in the game was made by me except for the music that was made by one of my friend and I did not used any old assets I had already made. A bit about me : I'm an inspiring game dev, mostly focusing on learning programming skills. I've been doing game dev for less than a year so I'm still really new to this. But I got a lot experience as a player. This is my second game jam, the first one being LD35. I absolutely LOVE gamejams, so this is why even if I became aware of this one pretty late, I decided to participate anyway. Contacts: email : Twitter my a bit out of date website SoundTrack Made By NINE - Thanks for trying my game, please leave a comment!
  2. michandluke

    [Android] Red Green Blue

    Hi! Red Green Blue is our first android game! Fly around, don't run in to your tail and be the best in leaderbords! It's simple to learn but hard to master! Let us know if you have any ideas in our aesthetic, we would like to update game frequently so feedback will be very appreciated. Download from Google Play: Red Green Blue. Best Regards, Luke and Michael
  3. 8 - 17 - 2014 UPDATE: "... and from its ashes a new phoenix arose" After almost 2 months, the server is finally up. But since then new ideas have made it into my head. The server is released under a new name, THE UNDERTAKING: ORIGINS , so go there now, and read all about it. This forum post/thread/topic will no longer be in use. old stuff if you want to nag me about changing my stance on certain things. MORE ABOUT HARD/SOFT RESETS ABOUT THE SOFTCORE ROLEPLAY HOW PvP/PvE WOULD WORK SPAWN AREA / OUTPOST ROSE / AND NEW PLAYER STARTER SURVIVAL KIT INITIAL GAME WORLD CONDITION