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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I thought I'd share an idea I thought would be: easy to implement logical rewarding interestingSo, instead of being able/not able to craft a certain item at a certain level, it should be possible to try at any level. This is how real life works, so... it makes sense. The rate of success could follow an exponential function such as: Of course there must be a penalty for failure, right? Suggestions: crafting materials are destroyedcrafting materials produce some unwanted productyou hurt yourself (clyde) ps. It could be even be made so that the "quality" of a produced item depends on the combination of your experience and luck, like it is in real life, but in a less "quantized" manner (level X != you always produce quality, level Y != if you have luck you may be able to exceed the typical quality of your level)
  2. Aardman55

    (BuildEd) Can't select "Furniture"?!

    So few hours / days before I could still use the furniture tool in BuildEd, but since the newest project / building I started the Furniture button is greyed out. Since then I can't place anymore furniture. Even the older projects I have where I placed alot of furniture have the button blocked / greyed out now. I can't seem to figure how to fix that, and haven't found anything in the help (mapping) forums.
  3. sgtmilller1233

    Cant find the craft menu.

    I've been playing Project Zomboid, but noticed that in the videos, there is a crafting menu but in mine there is no such thing. iIs this is glitch or is it disabled for the current version? I play with mouse and keyboard and my download is the alpha version on Desura. I also play 32x.
  4. Vulspire

    That Darn Saw. >:(

    Ever since I have started playing PZ when RC3 first came out I haven't found a single saw ANYWHERE! I've currently got a bunch of logs that need some saw'in and i'm stuck. So I just wanted to know if there might be a special place where the saw usually is and i'm not looking or if I need to turn up my "loot rarity" (Which i have as default rare) in the start menu. ANY tips would be helpful! Edit: If you have found one before what kind of building was it in?