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Found 12 results

  1. I think you know about this problem, why the sand soil and brown soil are burn and spread the fire ? Totaly why the campfire loocked surrounded by rocks can light up the grass? Green grass. Also concrete on roofs and e.t.c . Every time i start campfire i ruine my savefile. thanks.. pls, fix. Players, reply if this problem are important too. Okay, now i checked- campfire is no ignite soil around, but i text this after then i ignite zombies corpse. This thing still ignite soil.
  2. Hi Dev, i found out that while we sit near a lit campfire, player hand is finding heat source, and while doing that, we cannot do anything while we sit near a lit campfire. Please check, Regards
  3. We all want Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time. here is some suggestion. Campfire system expansion. It is the basic things to do in Survival situation, here is we can find current PZ Campfire system https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Campfire not so much for start a fire for surviving the zombie apocalypse, at first we only need a Match, when all Matches gone? next we can use a stick and notched wooden plank, only that's it but come on, its realistic Zombie Apocalypse, we need more more ways, because it is so much ways to start a fire, especially using household appliances, like; 1. Ash Cotton ball roll: (this will add ash in a Campfire after it burn out) *more realistic stuff here Cotton ball + Ash + 2 Plank Rub together, wait until smoke comes out and wait the ember to grow 2. Dissecting Battery: (this will add more a simple use to battery) Battery + Hammer/something hard to smash it + tweezer Take out the lithium and boom, you got fire the time it takes depends on player surviving skills, idk where to put it but maybe add more skill for surviving, maybe combine it with Foraging skill And so much more, this will add more realistic touch in our beloved game here is some reference that we can find on YouTube. Hopefully this suggestion will help Project Zomboid to be the most realistic Zombie Survival game of all time.
  4. I don't know if it's intentional or a mistake, but the campfire has more capacity than ovens and microwaves for cooking.
  5. Hi, I think put bullets in campfire will be a cool feature for make distration. Thanks
  6. Since we can use Clothes and Ripped Sheets as fuel in campfire, it would make sense to be able to use Towel and Dishtowel as well. This is especially true of Dishtowel that can be used as fuses for Molotov (like Socks and Ripped Sheets that are both usable as fuel). While on that subject, Underwear should be usable as well, except that they might be OP compared to Clothes if we base the burning time on the number of Ripped Sheets they can produce.
  7. The idea is to mod the base campfire so that it cannot be walked over. I want to have a campfire down in use with the survivors mod but without them walking into it and burning to death. Ideally, when the campfire itself is placed on the ground, you can toggle the protection on or off. I can do graphics, just not the coding. I was thinking the base campfire and a tall campfire; like in the walking dead when they build it up with stones to hide the light. Same effect, but it protects the survivors from burning down my camp / safehouse / map. Some advice on where to look maybe or how to make it happen, I can do the graphics.
  8. Earlier today I realized that I had a bunch of PZ ideas, and after throwing out the ones that are redundant with everyone else's suggestions I realized there was still a big one left: more sophisticated campfire mechanics, especially for cooking. As natural as it is to run appliances via on-off switch, I would love to have a separate "Fuel" window for charcoal grills, wood stoves, and campfires for one simple reason: different materials burn differently. Drawing from my old BSA experience, I'd suggest having a simple binary split between tinder and fuel. Tinder would include books, magazines, newspapers, tissues, sturdy sticks, and twigs (the last of these you can forage from the woods), be ignited by anything - matches, lighter, or bow-drill fire starter - burn for not-very-long, and leave only ashes. Fuel would include logs and planks, be ignited by the tinder, burn for a long time, and produce coals ... which is key, because (a) you can bank the fire, which will let you start it many hours later with nothing but tinder and fuel, and (b) coals are what you use to cook on. On which note: it always felt weird to me that there was no difference between stovetop, oven, and campfire for cooking purposes. A microwave egg is as different from a fried egg as a fried egg is from a boiled egg. My "make everyone carry around potholders" idea is probably ridiculous, but a simple split between frying and baking seems natural: ovens and microwaves do baking, and stoves, grills, and campfires do frying ... with one exception. The exception - and I love it, it just feels so Project Zomboid - is the cooking implement that Americans call a "Dutch Oven", other Anglophones call a "Casserole Dish", and French call a "Cocotte": a nine-kilogram (twenty-pound) cast-iron pot that has legs so it can sit above coals and a lid with a lip so you can pile coals on top. It is exactly the kind of absurd thing that I'd love to see more of: terrible in the early game (all it is good for is baking or carrying water, and it's way heavier than a baking pan and a cooking pot combined), awesome in the late game (oh, the power went out three years ago? That's a shame. Here, have some berry cobbler). And, of course, dev's choice whether to let people use the lid separate from the pot as a frying pan. So, yeah, that's the best suggestion I've got. Hope it's amusing.
  9. We all know that its pretty easy to make a campfire lit in this game. And i tought it was a little bit too easy and a little bit too unrealistic. So this overhaul would make it a bit harder and a bit more realistic. And thats all what this game is about, right? So lets gets started. Wet wood: You just chopped a tree down and you got plenty of wood. But its imaginable that the wood is probably very wet because it stood outside all the time. starting a fire with wet wood is incredibly hard. So its the best solution to store it somewhere inside for a few days until it becomes a little less wet. The more dry the wood, the easier it will get to make a fire. Now, wood you find in a container is another story... Dry grass: You need something to start a fire with once you get a lighter/matches. In the overhaul you have the abilty to pick some grass on a grass tile and store it in your pockets or inside. After a few days it will become more dry, and eventually it will become a great way to start a fire with. Ofcourse, one plumb of dry grass wont make a fire start for the average joe, so you will need lots of paper and dry grass to start a good fire. Fire stages: When you start a fire, it will change, and have different stages. I will show my ideas: Fire tent: This is the first stage when you start a great fire, lots of flames and warmth will come, but you have a great chance to burn your food when cooking. Black wood: The fire has been goign for a little bit. The paper and dry grass have already burned away and the wood has become black and ashy. The fire is still in great condition but the flames are less high. You have less chance to burn your food and this is probably the best opportunity if you dont have time. Collapsed black wood tent: Your fire tent had collapsed, and your flames are less high. This is also a great moment to cook food but it takes longer. Ashes: Your campfire is now smoldering red ash. It still gives some warmth and it gives a bit less smoke. Sleeping with the ashes stage in a cold winter is safe and a good way to keep warm. Fire making skill: The more you make fire, the better you will get. eventually at level 2 you can try to make a fire with a notched wooden plank and such. It wont always work, But its a good way to grind your fire skill without wasting wood. at level 4 You will get much better at making fire without matches/lighters. At level 5 you have no reason anymore to use matches or lighters for a fire, as you will be a firemaking god. This skill will be under the survival category just like trapping and fishing. There will also be fire making books around for you to find. So what do you guys think? Id like to hear your opinions about it.
  10. Hi, electricity is already gone on our MP-Server so I wanted to start cooking at a campfire. It was no problem for me to light the fire but it is always going off after 1 Hour (That's the time a newspaper or book burns as fuel, used by lightening). So I was able to right click the fire and choose "Add Fuel -> Log", but it did not help to keep the fire longer then 1 hour. I have also tryed to add the Log into the Campfire container directly before lightening. Did not work. - Is it currently not working? - Is just Log as fuel not working? - Have I missed something? - It was not raining. Can rain stop fire? Another thing I have noticed about campfire: - Other players do not see it
  11. Stoves and microwaves stopped working in my game the other day(I assume electricity stopped) so I was no longer able to cook food. I figured I'd just build a campfire to do it so wasn't too worried. Then it rained on my dinner. Similar to a tent kit, I think it would be good to add a canopy kit. Basically the same as a tent kit, but all it does is create a canopy over your camp to keep the rain off, letting you remain dry and keeping your campfire lit. Four sturdy sticks and maybe two sheets, nothing too large here. It would either need a new graphic, or maybe it could be represented by a smaller version of what I assume are the carport canopies near some houses.
  12. hi everyone, i would like to ask if there is any other way to light up campfire, without gas can. Just with some magazine or other paper(in normal life is quite common ). I have problem with finding gas can, i make long and dangerous journey to gas station, and nothing Finally i started to farming but without cooking, it is useless. (I am playing Thanks for any answers PS: I moved my unanswered question from old forum
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