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Found 25 results

  1. El juego se ejecuta pero la pantalla queda en negro, escucho la música del menú de inicio pero no da video. Mi computadora es mala y lo mas probable es que se deba a ello, pero si no, y hay alguna solución a eso me gustaría saberla. Thx. (Google translator) The game runs but the screen is black, I hear the music from the start menu but it does not give video. My computer is bad and it is most likely due to it, but if not, and there is a solution to that, I would like to know. Thx. Solucionado, no se a que se debe, solo entre a la carpeta donde esta instalado el juego y lo ejecute como administrador y abrió normal. Fixed, I don't know why, just go to the folder where the game is installed and run it as administrator and open it as normal. 18-10-20_09-29-46_DebugLog.txt console.txt options.ini
  2. Good evening. I just lost my character to a really bizarre and frustrating glitch. I was in a School Bus surrounded by zombies, and have been running them over in a desparate attempt to escape. Suddenly, the bus stopped. Now, this may have been due to the engine breaking apart, but that turned out not to be the case because the bus restarted and proceeded to move when I pressed the movement keys. The bus reaches about one RPM and less than five miles per hour, switches to drive, and travels about two or three feet before the key pops out and the bus stops. I reinsert the key, turn the engine, and then the bus starts again. I move the bus again; the key jumps out of the car. It does not work. Again. I thought it was because I was sitting on zombies, but I eventually broke free and the bus continued to stop. Again, when I cranked the engine, the engine light was green and the bus moved. When I was cranking the engine, it was yellow if the engine didn't start. The heater still works. The battery still has charge. The bus has all four tires. All bus components are present. The engine is not at zero percent. Nothing else with the bus is going wrong. It is not the engine failing, but the bus key jumping out of the ignition! I eventually got out of the bus and was mauled to death by zombies. I have a backed up saved game, but I'm still not happy with this bug. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  3. the recent update which included the reloading menu broke the remove magazine from firearm, no instead of the remove firearm animation your character plays the insert magazine and then halfway through the animation it just stops. it's really silly looking I tested without mods and made a new save
  4. Description [03/04/2020] - Tested on Build 40 Stable and IWBUMS Build 41. I created this mod to add a bit more realism. It seemed a bit unrealistic that one can run straight into 1 or 2 zombies and not risk getting attacked. Mod Info: Zombies that you collide with or run into will grab a firm hold onto you and they will attempt to bite you. They will not be able to grab if they are hit or shoved. If they grab you, you won't get hurt as long as you hit or shove them before they attack. It is possible to sprint out of their grabs, but that may or may not save you depending how close they are once they attempt their attack. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2013479771
  5. NOT A BUG: the window in the video is not a sheet metal barricade. zombies broke the barricade, and came through the window. The curtain looks like a barricade and that is why they were pathfinding into the room. in the gas station house south west of riverside the two doors are the only two entrances a zombie could access, as you can see, both are closed when the zombie spawns. I removed the stairs and replaced it with a rope climb. That could be why zombies are calculating path/ spawning in that location. I have the save zipped, it occurred for me three times over the span of an in-game week. PM me for link.
  6. In the video below, the Items were moved to rear seats, in the ambulance, you cannot see the rear seats from the driver seat, you have to open the back. If the rear seats are full, and you put items in the passenger seat, then get into the passenger seat, the items in the passenger seat will move to a single rear seat, and all items in the rear seat dissapear This specifically happened in an ambulance, tho I imagine it happens with other vehicles. What made me notice is that I lost a duffle bag full of loot and remembered putting in the passengers seat
  7. this may be fixed when they rework animation cancelling. Your spear should target the closest enemy to your 'ground pointer' reticle, something strange happened here and it caused me to get attacked. Ignore that you really shouldn't be fighting more than 1 zombie at a time, and just note the inconsistent attack.
  8. Currently, it is possible to hold down E, walk to an open window and jump through (holding down E on a window tile will work regardless) It is NOT possible to do this while sneak-jogging (Holding down the shift key), I haven't tested other movement states. Lead to this slightly frustrating moment in a play through,
  9. Been testing the new 41 update and when I made a new game (no mods) I have found this bug. It only affects walls and windows indoors and seems to change color from green to blue to red seemingly at random. I don't have any idea of what might be causing this bug and have even reinstalled the game but it still hasn't fixed it. If anyone know what this is I would be grateful for some help in fixing it, Thanks
  10. When I try to transfer items to the ground from an inventory that isn’t on my character the action starts, but the items transfer to my inventory instead of the ground. Edit: I use a controller, don’t know if this is the cause. Just realized I haven’t tried without one.
  11. when bandages get dirty, how about an option "replace dirty bandages with..." instead of having to remove them and then add fresh ones as 2 separate steps?
  12. It seems like, if you add poisonous berries to your fruit salad via the 'add random fruit' command, it doesn't show the green skull icon next to the food. I started with an empty bowl and added 2 poisonous berries via that context menu, ate the food and seem to be okay. I don't know how long being poisoned by berries takes normally, but I've been waiting for a couple of days and am still okay. xXx
  13. I always played with the hypochondriac trait and always managed to survive the fever after a scratch (unless it was the real deal). I don't know if it is fever being a lot more lethal now or bug but I can't seem to tank the fever anymore even being maxed fed. Side questions: Also Does prone to illness trait make fevers more lethal or simply just more common? Same question to slow healing trait?
  14. Can't wash hats, tanktops and socks. I think there were a couple of other items too that seemed to be unwashable, but I can't think of which ones at the moment.
  15. So I’d like to start off by saying that this update singlehandedly restores my desire to play this game, and it was definitely a breath of fresh air that this game needed. The new combat is beautiful, the sneaking is engaging and equally terrifying, the new clothing/armor system has me dressing up according to the situation, taking into account weight, cleanliness, and speed modifiers. I find myself taking things slow and choosing to jog on a worst case scenario as the first time I fell over while sprinting nearly cost me my life. That being said, no new system is without its...kinks. *Toreador March intensifies* Anyway, these were the things I found during my two days of playing. This is on a fresh install of Project Zomboid that was booted up in build 40 once, then booted in build 41 from then on. (Pictures included were taken on my phone as my internet is limited and I wanted to conserve) The Health system. I started a game on the Descending Fog challenge and immediately knew something was wrong. After escaping from an army of zombies, my character was hypothermic and declining in health fast. He passed out in a warehouse and woke up sick, nauseous, miserable, anxious, and panicking constantly. But most of all, he was at Terminal Injury for TWO whole days, and I was able to bring myself from being a literal corpse to full health after what should’ve been total, complete, and utter death. I also noticed that a laceration on my arm wouldn’t or couldn’t let me bandage (saying it was already bandaged) it but soon went away on its own despite the fact that it went uncovered and my clothing was both bloody and wet. I managed to cheat all odds and survive by the skin of my teeth when I’m all honesty it felt broken, as by that point I should’ve been a popsicle face down in the dirt. Positioning. With this improved locational damage, I’ve found that with an object in the way or a camera angle being a pixel off makes it impossible to stomp zombies, let alone trying to stomp them in the head. It’s a minor issue considering I’m now killing zombies before they collapse to the ground (heroic garden fork charge for the win), but if I’m unarmed, it’s a little fuming when I’m attempting to stomp a downed zombie and receive that ‘clunk’ of foot against floor, and then they get a free itch on my ankle as they flop onto their stomachs at superhuman speed. Another positioning issue is whenever I try to empty an object into a container. My character can and WILL find every moment to turn away from a container when I try to stash something and when it happens, my character decides to abandon the rest of her queued actions. That’s not to say her stupidity is accurate, being a recreation of me, but it feels like a notable issue. Error Messages The command console that opens in the background of Project Zomboid has always been something I admired cause it allowed me to see things like Error messages or stack tracing or whatever computer lingo I’d normally have to find a vague log of in AppData. With that being said, occasionally a massive wall of error messages appears out of nowhere noting things like missing textures and objects (generally flora-based or clutter-based) and also often times, a red counter will appear in the bottom right of my game from 1-7 and cause a massive frame rate drop for a second or two. Odd issue and I felt it worth mentioning. Meta Events There were a few meta events in my time of playing all of which gave me a right scare that caused me and my emotional fragility to burst into tears uncontrollably while I fumbled for my crowbar and M9 pistol. However, looking through my haze of tears I noticed that the dead were generally uninterested with the man screaming bloody murder and were particularly ignorant of the scared barking pooch, the latter of which I’m thankful for. Good poochie. I had Proper Zombies set to on so I’m a little surprised they didn’t find ANY interest in what had happened. So far, I’ve been more than impressed with the update and the problems I encountered did not diminish my gameplay for more than a minute, save for the Cheating Death thing (with screenshots of said terminal condition that I included).
  16. I selected Metalworker as a profession and added few other traits but after starting game I don't have any skills. I tried few times with Metalworker profession and other traits, still doesn't work. Haven't try with other professions.
  17. in the Build 41 changelog it says this "New loot balance and loot balance system: houses and stores now have loot in the containers you would expect from real life – and not in a jumble." is that why there's barely any loot in containers even though the sandbox setting is set to Abundant for all types? or is this actually a bug? i wasn't sure so posted here
  18. Looks like the outside lighting and interior lighting are acting weird in large buildings when aiming, as pictured in McCoy Logging.
  19. I don't know what it is,but every time when I try to start a new game this s***t happens. There aren't any models of player or zombie in the game. When I reinstall PZ Steam tolds me that 4004 MB is required, but it's downloads only 1,6 gb every time! What should I do? There are no mods console.txt
  20. i don't know if it's a bug or just how the beta is for now but usually when looting a container, the character faces the wrong way. in the image example: the character just looted the bathroom cabinet, but looked like he was looting the wall next to it
  21. weird thing happened that i was running around with my character, i go through a small bush and it scratches me and somehow that infected me and zombified me. there were no zombies around and i wasn't injured before, that's it.
  22. please let us have the option to add protection (like the welder's mask) in the character design part of sandbox mode
  23. Upon reloading the game, I noticed that the inventory icon for the Spiffo backpack I had picked up had turned into a normal school bag icon, but the backpack on the playermodel was the correct one. Update: It appears that some icons are randomized on reload (and just the icons), since I had a blue hard hat have a yellow icon, and then a white one on reload.
  24. Once you press the random button, job specific clothing become unavailable until you change jobs back and forth in the skills menu.
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