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Found 5 results

  1. It seems that if you shave your head and go bald, your hair never grows back.
  2. the bathroom door opens and a wall appears. can still walk through it. the first image shows the door OPENED, not closed
  3. this is a bug, right? fresh ice cream should INCREASE happiness, not decrease it
  4. first i saw a zombie banging on a door while being away from the door. a bit later i see a zombie seeming to float in the air. a few minutes after that, the game made my entire computer freeze and i had to force-shut down and restart.
  5. While playing Build 41 I've had very little to report in the way of bugs except this particular one, Whenever I find a clip on tie in-game or a clip on bow tie it fails to register on the shirt of my character but instead appears on the chest of the character when all torso-wear is removed as if it's a tattoo, It seems to occur consistently every single game I load and as far as I've been able to search there are no other reports of this happening, I thought i might as well go ahead and submit this in hopes that it can be fixed. the only neck wear in my game that appears exempt from this are scarfs.
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