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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I think it's bug, I build custom room well closed (Wall to level 3, windows, doors, roof and pillars). When I'm inside, I feel wind... but, I don't feel wind in preexisting room with broken windows/doors You can see here : Sorry if it's aready repported
  2. Laird Thaddeus

    Game Settings

    Fellow survivors, Does any one know if its possible to check the config of a running single player game? ive started a new SP game on build 40 and after a few attempts of tinkering with it i think i got a sandbox i like but there are a few discrepancies from what i set so i was wondering if it had loaded the sandbox i chose or if i fat fingered it and got a default setup somehow. for example the zombie levels seem fine but the loot is almost non-existent. My main worry is what is the infection settings as i my have had a cosey moment in a cupboard with two zombies and they got a bit mouthy. I've survived the first day but dont want to spend hours on the character if its inevitable he will turn.
  3. Aricane

    Farmoid for build 40

    Y'ello Is anyone working on updating Farmoid for build 40? Currently right clicking triggers a red counter box in the bottom right corner. My friends and I can't harvest our stuff and winters coming
  4. Laird Thaddeus

    Walk in Sinks

    Ive noticed that Kitchen sinks tend to be non solid. this was in build 39 and is still in build 40. it appears to happen to me most the time. looking at the picture my character also looks slightly alien faced. not sure if thats normal or not.
  5. Carnegie

    Stuck in my car

    I just got bit in West Point, jumped into my car, sped back to my safehouse and cannot get out of the car. Ford Econoline (Valuline, whatever it's called), just happened this morning after update. I had the health window up and it covered the dash/speedo of the car. I clicked on the speedo to bring it to the forefront to shut off the engine. Shut off the engine proper and now cannot get out. I tried quitting and continuing and still can't get out.