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Found 5 results

  1. StOnGdUkE

    WorldEd not accepting png/bmp files

    Okay so I followed all of the mapping tutorials and got right up to this point: And then as I tried to click on the files in the right, drag them, etc. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I've got my map sizes right, etc. Is there anything I need to do to the images? Thank you!
  2. tosayu

    Image Editing tutorial

    I have really enjoyed Project Zomboid and feel I am ready to start giving back to the community. A buddy and I are going to follow this most excellent tutorial / mapping guide by Thuztor to build a single cell map to learn the basics. Once we are comfortable we will start making out hometown and play with custom maps. Neither of us are good with image editing software. There are lots of good posts and tutorials on the PZ related programs, but I found nothing for GIMP or that would relate specifically to Project Zomboid. For example, on (the program I am leaning to using) is there a way to make/save custom colors/palettes? I am thinking a custom palette that has the label and the color configuration (like Dark Grass 90, 100, 35) so I would only need to click on my brush and then Dark Grass or Light Pothole. Can I also make custom brushes like a brush that is 6 pixels wide for making roads? Altho I am interested in those specific questions, I really want this thread to be a place where you can post your tools and tips for using image editors to make your world maps. Mapzoid is awesome and I am using it to learn PZWorldEd.exe and TileZes.exe, but I like the more granular control of making your own bmp and png files. Thank you. If anyone can point me to a good location that has this information, I will be happy to learn and synthesize it, but my experience is so low right now that I don't even know what questions to ask yet or the capabilities of those two programs.
  3. skunk940

    Adding BMP To Cells

    I have been following Thuztors guide to map making however I have reached the part of adding BMP image files to cells. I have found the location of my BMP files in the Maps section but when I drag the BMP files across nothing happens. They are the right size and everything. Any ideas?
  4. cuddlepums

    Vegetation not forming after BMP to TMX?

    In the PZ world editor after converting BMP to TMX files no vegetation forms on the map help please.
  5. Anyone out there know what the format of paint files used is for the standard .bmp files used in custom maps for PZ? I only ask, because I prefer photoshop to "" which is listed in this (Excellent) mapping tutorial, Here. Other people might use Illustrator or whatever. But its nice to be able to use the tools you are comfortable with- OH! I should probably explain why I don't use Photoshop "Anyway" as it will work just as well, - Well, the WorldEd map tools were generating some odd errors (I suspect in no small part because I was saving in a weird format) such as the colour for "Sand" not being recognised (210, 200, 60 - I think? from memory) in the top leftmost corner up to fifty pixels of my map- and worked fine. Anyway. anyone know?