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Found 4 results

  1. Jacksay

    [40.9] Black Corpse

    Hi, great update, so, find a litlle visuel bug with corpse Thanks PS : Game come from Build 39
  2. cuddlepums

    Endless Black Screen after loading.

    Hey I was playing on multiplayer earlier today and was playing just fine on the undertaking origins server. But after my pc crashed while playing it and I tried to relog once I got my pc sorted out it just got stuck on the black screen after This Is How You Died, also the click to skip button is still there too which i clicked multiple times and alas nothing happend sadly. So any ideas on how to fix this? Also the command prompt stated this last: SEVERE:null Java.lang.NullPointerException at<> at<gameClient.javaL1722> at zombie.gameState.enter<> at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.update<> at zombie.GameWindow.logic<> at<> at zombie.GameWindow.maina<> at zombie.gameStates.Mainscreenstate.main<> at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccesorImpl.invoke0<Native Method> at sun.reflect.Native.Method.AccesorImpl.invoke<> at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccesorImpl.invoke<> at java.lang.reflect.method.invoked<> at com.exe4j.runtime.launcherengine.launch<Unknown Source> at com.exe4j.runtime.Winlauncher.main<Unknown Source> It ends right there
  3. Hi Guys, I have a server running and hamachi, my friend is in my hamachi network and he can connect to the server.... but he does not see the map. My seerver is running, i can connect, all Portas are open etc. Also in the server log, there is a trying to connect from my friend, i can also see him in the players tab, BUT he cant see the map. it just keeps telling: Map is loading. But this does not go away (black screen). (waited for like 5 minutes, tried several times) I did find out, that a misconfigured server config could block myself from joining but as i can join i think this is ok now. So why does the map not load to a end and he can see the map ? I think he can actually conncet but this last bit is not falling into place. To be clear here, this is not the trapped in a server map issue, it is the starting connection loading. Thanks for any help
  4. vmfernan92

    Don't even make it to gameplay

    Downloaded and installed Zomboid and Java this morning and I only get to see "this is how you died" (death by bashing face onto keyboard). The screen will either stay entirely black and sometimes it will show me the clock and time control even the clothing inventory but the rest of the screen is completely black. I am also including a screenshot of what happens when it cuts to black just in case it helps. How "good" a computer do you need to have to run the actual game? I have a run of the mill Toshiba from three years ago if that helps. I'm also running windows 7 if that is relevant. I didn't have any problems getting the demo to load yesterday (or playing it until 3am) but now I can't get the full game to work. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I am also very tech UN-savy so please be patient and use small words with me as I will come off as an idiot but I swear it isn't to waste your time. I looked around the forums a lot on my own and I am still suffering the same problem. Maybe I just needed more guidance on the instructions from like a mod or admin.