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Found 3 results

  1. Hello again! Probably such proposals have already been received, but if not, I will raise this topic first. What do you think about bikes (sketboards, rollers, motorcycles, trolley for the railway)? Now that you have practically realized the transport, it will be much easier to add to the game and give it even greater brilliance and variety. In any case, I think people would really like to see simple transport on the similarity of bicycles or, maybe really, skateboards? I think such a simple mode of transport should be advantageous in that it consumes less sta
  2. Disclaimer- This a edited Steam chat conversation that only had my parts... Also, these are all just suggestions... Opinions in comments. For vehicles, don't really think cars should be added but if they do. Bikes and skateboards (Etc) would be better IMO and should be rare for a decent one and would still need lots O' parts to fix. With the car, if you crash: 30% chance of death, 50% chance of extreme and critical injuries and bleeding and 15% minor injuries and bleeding 5% chance to be unscaved. Bike would be: 5% Death, 75% minor injuries maybe bleeding, 5% critical and 20% chance to be
  3. It seems weird that there is this pretty large map with streets all over the place and yet no vehicles or easy ways to get from Westpoint to Muldraugh or vise-versa. If there were cars, bikes or trucks that could smash down walls if traveling at a certain speed that'd be great too. I believe you could also impliment the ability to take fuel from different vehicles for molotov cocktails or for your personal transport. Using sound for starting the car and car alarms would be impressive. I believe the best way to to use this and so getting cars isnt so easy is that you have to find keys po
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