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Found 2 results

  1. It has already been confirmed that there will be NPCs in the next update of PZ, but the devs have said nothing about NPCs that don't want to co-operate with the player. These possible groups of NPCs include: 1. bandits and looters, groups and single NPCs that might, on meeting the player, would attack the player and/or loot the player's safehouse(s). 2. NPC groups, groups of up to 8 NPCs that hold out in their own safe-houses and don't want to meet the player. Equally there might be groups that function similar to "the Governor's" or "Carver's" groups from the walking dead where they would kill or enslave any other survivors. In both cases, these NPCs would attempt to shoot the player and some of the larger groups might live in sealed off communities of buildings.
  2. Just got to my mind, when the world goes multiplayer.... We all know there are gonna be both good guys, and bad guys. ALOT of us will want to play as bad guys, or bandits. So, instead of killing everyone they see, why not make a hostage system? For a character to be handcuffed, a prompt will come, or the character must be passed out (Maybe, when it is created, for when you're hit with a blunt weapon) and then, the character can't run, climb windows or interact with any item. Also, becomes a lootable entity. Optionally, bandits (or anyone) could kick a hostage in the knee making the kneel down, or help him up. When kneeling down, a medium-long animation will trigger, so it will not be that easy to escape. I suggest ropes other than handcuffs, as that handcuffs need keys, and a key system would be hard to program. Ropes would be used infinitely, but many would be needed to support many hostages. Maybe prisons or camps with slaves could be added, because. We all want to see a giant prison breakout. Admit it. A BIG one. Zombies, vengeful prisoners, bandits. This game is turning into the deep corners of hell. And that's how it should be, when a zombie apocalypsis is out. Leave your thoughts below.
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