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Found 13 results

  1. Don't you think the vehicles are way too overpowered. 1st point is using any vehicle as a weapon looks too powerful and unrealistic. As of build 40 you can easily drive through the horde at low speed and make the meat steak out of them quite well. This allows you get around 500+ zombie kill literally in 10 minutes, cleaning whole quarters of town, without any significant damage to your vehicle and without any expansive materials. The second problem is even you decide to avoid zombies, you can easily escape town, and just live at nearby farm, playing some stardew valley/sims, because there will be not a single zed there. Not sure how it works in B41. The car is moving much slowly through the pile of dead bodies, but it still possible to slash zombies that way. Also i think you can hold S and A/D to make your car twist and kill any zombie that will come closer. I have tried different settings, but it does not affect this moment. You can only disable vehicles completely or make them harder to find, but once you get a car the game quickly turn into GTA and all atmospere just ruins Thanks! PS. Pardon my poor English, it is not my native language.
  2. I remember the last zomboid and an unbalanced knife. A lot of water has leaked, but there are still frankly unbalanced weapons. I think from the name you understand what I will write about. Why are axes unbalanced? - many variations (fireman, pickaxe, one-handed, made for trees, crafted ax; - high dps (in this balance it is high); - the possibility of manufacturing; - professions: lumberjack, fireman. (These professions are also unbalanced). I suggest: - Strengthen other weapons; (more professions, perks) frankly weak: crushing, spears. - Increase the cost of professions: fireman, lumberjack. (as a temporary measure).
  3. Hello guys, I'm a brazilian player of project zomboid that have been enjoying this marvellous game since very old builds, and in this topic I wish to talk and discuss about the new changes to come compared with the actual stable version of the game and some details that I think should be added/ fixed. Here you may comment the characteristics that you dislike and like in this new version to come for our favorite game, trying to help the developers balance and evolve the game even more and reach our expectation and surpass them as they have already made so many times. After playing the beta for a few hours, I've been feeling how much the changes made in combat and stealth have changed the game, and I can say that the animations are a marvel and very organic, and the souds provide a even deeper immersion in a pos apocaliptic scenario. But as it isn't released as a stable version yet, I conclude that the developers know that changes and balance issues are to be made and be done yet. 1- Something that made me a little dissatisfied compared to my playstile in the actual stable version of the game compared with the beta is the STEALTH effectivenes: --Compared with the acurrancy of the hearing and vision of the zombies, the stealth (both in Apocalipse and Survivor scenarios, that are setted at normal level in sandbox menu) even in level 10 both in light footed and sneaking (cheater leveled), is too much nerfed even at the night... In the game, if you walk in front of a zombie facing the direction you are passing by, there is a chance to be seen based in the lightting level, sneaking level and the distance that you are, a chance to be looked upon based in the noise that you make and your distance from the zombie, a chacne that can be reduced with the level of light footed and other factors, and a chance of the zombie randomly changing the direction that it is facing, and this new direction may be the one that you are passing by giving it the chance to see you. Despite the zombie facing the same direction that you are passing, it is always with its head a little low, as if looking at the ground, so even if the zombie is facing the direction that you are passing by, it doesn't imply in him seeing you all the times or even looking at you with "attention", that is the concept behind insconspicious and sneaking skill I think.. --If you have played both versions of the game, you maybe have seen the GREAT PROBLEM I'm mentioning, especially if you played 6 Months Later scenario for many months (or not by dying horribly pretty early). It appears that you are spotted by all zombies facing your direction ALL THE TIME in this new game version, despite your levels in agility If you have played six months later scenario in Build 40 you maybe have seen how being sneaky is a must.. but after playing and gaining experience in the new version to come of the game, I'm a little nervous about being insatisfied with the changes in playstyle... even with crouching option.. and I dont see the old 6 Months Later scenario possible in this new version. If you try to compare the spotting ability from zombies in build 40 and Beta 41, it appears (using the sandbox configuration options) that the hearing and specially the vision level of the zombies in Beta 41 is Medium and High even with Insconspicious and Graceful traits, respectively, and in Build 40 is low and low. Try comparing it for yourselfs using MAx all Skills cheating mod and with the Insconspicious + Graceful traits!!! Stealth is too nerfed... ----------- I suggest a balance fix in this aspect, and the way that it should be done is as follows: --Reducing the probability of the zombie seeing you despite it facing the same direction that you are passing + another probability reduction if the player is crouching and behind an object --Increacing the probability reduction in those aspects if you have the Inconspicuous trait 2- Another problem is the SCENARIOS CONFIGURATION and the inexistance of 6 months later scenario. As I see the difference between Apocaliptic VS Survivor Scenarios that consists (using sandbox configuration as reference) only in the ability of the zombies dragging you down (disabled in Survivor) and the hability to strike more than one zombie in a single swing of your weapon (disabled in APocaliptic) is too much superficial. First, it don't make sense to me to turn combat so much more harder in Apocaliptic by turning off multiple hit option... In the way I see things.. maybe the Apocalyptic scenario "tryes" to make what the 6 Months Later Scenario does very well.. turning combat harder to focus in Stealth and in super fast risky looting in the correct situations... but in the wrong way The zombies in Apocalypse scenario (AKA 6 Months Later) should return to 6X or less.. the multy hit option should be allowed, and the stealth balance (as written by me in topic one) should be done. The stealth aproach would be more about maneuvering between hordes of zombies and a few lone zeds.. killing sillently and efficiently the few that you cannot ignore and fucking running and maneuvering between trees, windows and etcetara to make the zeds that actually spot you lose you... or you readuce them to 2 or 3 to kill them with your skills 3- Turning of Randon environment attacks from zombies in Apocalypse and Survivor? Common mannn, really, why? 4- The impossibility to SPEAK in different loudness levels (AKA press Q in the keybord) in different levels of loudness.. Man, you should, really should be able to whisper, speak, scream or howl to attract different ammounts of zombies with your voice. --What could be done to solve this: when you press Q, an text about the loudness of your voice appears above your head but inside a "imagination balloon".. if you roll your mouse wheel you swap between whisper, low voice, normal voice, loud voice, scream and howl sound levels.. and when pressing the mouse wheel (AKA mouse button 3) the sound is made!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5- THe impossibility to throw rocks, tin cans, and other objects to create sounds and distractions.. --What could be done to solve this: Making the throw skill, adding a throw arc menu that mimics the direction you are aiming, and the distance beeing controled by your mouse. Then a throw check would be done depending on your skill. Where the object lands would be the place where a sound would be generated as if "your voice" would appear in the place attracting some zeds. Well well... I can call this a LONG post.. but there are many more fix suggestions and comments I will add with the time as I play and compare both game versions. But I'll done so when I figure and understand more of the new version of the game. Anyway, thank you very much for reading this and congratulations for the Indie Stone group for making one of my most favorite games!! Trully love project zomboid!!!
  4. Hi there! I little bad at english, and I hope you can read next what I write. I here to say something: - You can do hard system of the alchogol distilation: like a making mors from berries, or vodka from potato - and next a distilated some pure desinfectet liquid. - You can do some more addictions how coffe, drags, alchogol or important needs at insulin. And if be so nicley, if that addictions can be if you take many of that... How if you many takes of trauma and takes a painkillers... and if you can pure from addictons with a very many time (and with manys debugs). Thats take at game some hardness I think, if you control that. - Do a point at optiones, what do a jumps at the running, above a walls/fences (At new version) by the holding a button (if we build some towers, we jumped so much from them ) - Do some at game music from a CD-player, what you can heard, whats make your persona little happy. - Fixing a walls or constructions, from the masters on carpetnery. OR make to visible capacity to the masters (make a book or something). This is not fair, than you cant just expect your buildings... and if needed replace that. - Add coffie and tea leafs, how a plants. -Make a blooddrop system? How a anemia if you lost too much blood from the open wounds. And a blood bags next with it, for a blood change if a blood have a infection (but not a KNOX Viruse). That's makes game a little harder, and take a sence with a blood stops ropes... like than you do operation on body, how amputation... -Many pepoles use a redacting a bat file, tham use more RAM, for a get around a lags on a multiplayer servers (More intencive update speed, how a understand from they words). Thanks for your work, we love you. P.s we are awaiting a fix of HAM Radio.
  5. Enabling Normal/Hardcore reloading causes XP gain for reloading pistols to occur when inserting the magazine. Additionally, the magazine can be ejected/inserted repeatedly for continued XP gain without using any ammo. Despite this, XP gain appears to only be 0.33 per eject/insert cycle which is laughable. If the pistol were to be used realistically (let's assume you average half a clip before reloading) you would have fired 1710 rounds before finishing THE FIRST LEVEL. (And this is with Fast Learner) This is especially problematic as the "Reload" keybinding only ejects/inserts the magazine, making it extremely cumbersome to try to maximize XP gain without making use of what is clearly an exploit. Additionally, the fact that Hardcore in particular drastically increases the reload time for a pistol just makes the reloading skill that much more important when compared to the easier difficulties. An Easy difficulty player can trivially reload after each shot, allowing them to gain reloading XP when it is not really needed, while a Hardcore difficulty player can not. Using a shotgun should not be 7-15 times more efficient for training reloading, and players using pistols with Reload Difficulty set to Hardcore should not feel like they have to engage in meta behavior in order to raise their reloading skill.
  6. I think the sheet ropes should be overhaul with the purpose to difficult of using, because it's the easiest way to have a completely secure base. For example, it would be logical that we can not use them in any way when we have damaged hands. Also we are unable to use them, when we have overweight or underweight traits. The same for when we are heavily loaded. It also would be nice if zombies could break them when hitting from below.
  7. "37% of Americans say they or someone in their household owns a gun" according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in February, 2013. A 2007 study by the U.N.'s Office on Drugs and Crime found that the United States, which has 5% of the world's population, owns 50% of the world's guns. Another Pew Research Center study found that people living in a rural area were twice as likely to own a gun as those living in an urban area. I'm just saying, while searching through houses in a rural area of Kentucky, it doesn't feel like I'm finding a proportionate amount of 50% of the worlds guns.
  8. When playing single player there's almost an excess of items, but as soon as I go multiplayer, the items get stupid hard to find. The warehouse had 120 cigarettes and NOTHING ELSE. Empty shelves in the spawn location where in every single player game they were full. We've tried changing this servertest_SandboxVars.lua with Notepad++ , and there was no difference. Changes to temperature and locks worked, but item frequency did not noticeably change. If anyone knows how to balance this, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  9. I find it unrealistic that I can push a zombie hard enough to send him 2+ cells away and he still has enough coordination to stay on his feet. I know our characters lose strength through exertion, but the zombies in PZ have better equilibrium than a Flying Wallenda crossing a tight rope. I don't mind if zombies getting knocked to the ground have their rest period shortened if this is added. Zombies that I've knocked down should recover quicker anyways, because they don't suffer from pain or any other standard weaknesses from being pushed to the ground Also it would be good to be able to connect hitting a stumbling zombie when they're falling backwards. It annoys the hell out of me that when I push a zombie into a corner, it's trying to stay standing animation goes into affect and my attacks don't register. Players should be able to hit a zombie with weapons or pushing at all times. When a zombie goes into that mode, it should be very easy to knock off balanced zombies down even when over exerted. And since I'm throwing out zombie fixes, when one falls from the second story it should either automatically become a crawler or on a very lucky chance die from brain injury. Its good that IS added that when they hit the ground they lay on the ground before recovery instead of just landing on their feet and immediately return to going after you. All that's left is to add in the damage zombies take from falling.
  10. TL:DR for those that don't feel like reading: Unarmed combat feels way too strong compared to majority of weapons, excluding those that are capable of hitting multiple zed's like a bat or axe, and insta kill weapons like knives, and in OP's honest opinion, could use a solid nerf. As of right now, unarmed combat allows you to shove up three (might be more, correct me if i am wrong) zombies, doesn't tire you (again, correct me if i am wrong, but just minutes before writing this post i've gone through killing 150~ zed's in WP school with just my hands and the exhaustion moodle didn't show up), has infinite durabilty, and even with standard 5 strength, offers you a crazy high knockdown chance, and enough damage to kill a default health zed with four or five stomps (on rare occasion requiring few more), and doesn't weight anything. Why would one even use stuff like hammers or golf bats, capable of hitting a single zombie, having pretty much the same knockdown chance, barely offering any damage increase, and in addition to that having pitiful durability and exhausting your character, when they have access to a much stronger zed killing tool? Why even sacrifice carrying weight for them? Using said weapons, i haven't really noticed any damage or knockdown increase compared to head stomping and shoving, number of hits to kill one did feel pretty much the same. Ability to damage a zombie without knocking them down doesn't really feel that usefull due to how pitiful and unnoticable damage without the "on the ground" bonus is. I haven't really reached higher melee skill levels to see if they get any better later on, basically due to being able to handle mostly everything exclusively using unarmed combat. Right now if feels that every weapon other than a bat, axe, or knives, is a waste of carrying capacity. Increased exhaustion when shoving zed's away is a must in my honest opinion. I believe shoving charging undead flesh bags would be pretty tiresome. Reduced knockdown chance would be in place aswell, as of right now it is hillariously easy to keep six or seven zeds knocked down, while slowly kicking their brains out. Discuss.
  11. I have noticed that, at least in multiplayer, some people have a nasty habit of undoing your hard-made barricades. I know for a fact that, in build 31, TIS made it so that a player may only interact with curtains from the inside. I feel that the game would become much more fair and immersive if looters were made unable to interact with barricades unless they accessed them from the side they were barricaded from. P.s. I am tired and writing on a phone, plz no judge :[
  12. I Was thinking that is unrealistic that a zombie can stay years walking , so my idea is that when the zombie spawn it start like a internal clock that it Will die in 2 weeks or more time (you can change it).Whit these we can have a balanced population of zeds , because whit migration they can go to the city and repopulate it.
  13. Hello everybody! I`ve been playing this game for a couple weeks, and really loving it, so I hope I can help with some suggestions to it. I'm seeing that somewhat, the food gathering skills looks a little unbalanced, and now with the sea fishing maybe overpower towards others. Making other skills useless cause of the needs they have. Let`s see: -Farming -> Provides a good amount of food, but it needs a high amount of water, need something to protect from zombies, diseases and also takes much time to harvest. In the end the food will rotten really quick. -Trapping -> You have to spend some precious non-perishable food in order to get some animals, sometimes. (could have some hunting skill books as other`s) -Fishing -> This one could be improved. I really like to fish in the game, but I think it`s too easy. What makes it hard is the twine availability and the breaking the rod possibility, but its really easy to maintain a calm life with your day-by-day fish without any problems. With you get a good supply of line, you may have an ''infinite'' food supply. Also the fishes you get, despite different sizes, they all weight the same. Maybe makes more harder to get fishes at lower levels, or just to get really tiny fishes at those, I don't see much improvement when you level up fishing. ------- -About some other skills, I don't know if there`s something planned, but carpentry lvl 5, I don't know what adds on the game, cause you can build everything at lvl 4. -And cooking could be more useful, cause despite all the bonuses, you need a lot of efforts to cook, because power usually get`s off pretty soon and you don't use the skill in the beginning. Yet, the bonuses of cooking, could be achieved easily by eating a little bit more, or reading book and having some antidepressants. Im not saying it is bad, just, could have some differential to make the skill really useful, even with the higher fed possibility. .... Ok guys, I maybe wrote too much. Im not saying it is bad, actually I really loved the game, that's why I want to make some points there. Usually I don't say anything, but as I liked it so much, I would like to help. Feel free to criticize me, and by the way, I did read the ''how to write a good suggestion post'', so if anything wrong or already suggested, please take it easy =)
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