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Found 10 results

  1. HUW

    Wash Backpack

    Can't English, so use machine translation There was blood on the backpack. I hope to add a cleaning option to the backpack
  2. Hello everyone. A mod I wrote allows players to sew upgraded hiking bags using existing hiking bags. I've found a bug where if one of the hiking bags used to make the upgraded version is equipped on the player's back, the resulting backpack is unequipped, and the player no longer has an option to equip anything on his/her back, as if the original bag is still equipped. There are no options to unequip, as the game thinks nothing is equipped. The resulting bag (and any others) can only be equipped as primary and secondary. The only solution is starting a new game. I've just tested again, and this issue does not occur when the bag is equipped as primary and secondary, only when it is equipped on the player's back. Here is the code I used for the upgraded bag, and for creating the recipe: item SmallUpgradedHikingBag { WeightReduction = 85, Weight = 0.6, Type = Container, Capacity = 27, DisplayName = Small Upgraded Hiking Bag, Icon = SmallUpgradedHikingBag, CanBeEquipped = Back, OpenSound = PZ_OpenBag, CloseSound = PZ_CloseBag, PutInSound = PZ_PutInBag, } recipe Make Small Upgraded Hiking Bag { keep Needle, keep Scissors, Thread=2, NormalHikingBag=2, Result:SmallUpgradedHikingBag, Time:250.0 } Has anyone seen or been able to fix this? What am I missing? Sorry if this has already been covered. I've tried searching but couldn't find anything related. Thanks in advance!
  3. The Last of Us 1.5 DUE TO A SERVER BUG, TO PLAY IT ON YOUR SERVER YOU HAVE TO DISABLE DoCheckSum under INI! 1.5 Features! Wiki: here is my shitty wiki http://project-zomboid-mod-the-last-of-us.wikia.com/?wiki-welcome=1 Screenshots in Workshop page!!! Workshop Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=869169809 New Clothes New Backpacks New Items/Weapons New Food New High-Quality icons! 3D Models! Clicker rests system that allows you to inspect them for loot! (with proper tools!) A Silent Bow, with 3D Models! New Gear-Crafting-System similar to TLOU One (and Tools LVL 1-2-3) Planned Features: NEW IN GAME TEXTURES! Music More 3D Models Full Necroforge Support (soon) New Zombie Behaviour (i need help for this) A lot of new items every week! Translations Fireflies stuff Please subscribe (on Steam Workshop), favourite and RATE UP! =D Workshop ID: 869169809 Mod ID: TLOU
  4. The mod allows another bag (or two depends on you guys) te be "equipped" by equipped I mean that it will make use of its weight reduction even if it`s in your inventory. It does not allow "all" bags in the inventory to work It bases the bags on pick up order Example Bag 1,2,3 I picked up bag 1 and placed it on my back and I picked up bags 2 and 3 NORMAL: Only bag 1 will have weight reduction but not 2 and 3 MODDED: Bag 1 and 2 have weight reduction but not 3 Unless i picked up bag 3 first then 2 (I already have it working but i want suggestions on how i should implement it, Do i keep it like the example up here?) In Theory, in the future I will create a menu to actually select which bags are equipped but for now ill just see if the community will agree to this.
  5. So its been a while that ive been playing PZ and there is something that really tick me off, its not something really important, and im not quite sure if thats been already mention before, but I feel that they should add a visual to backpack on your character, if hes equipping it we should be able to see it on his back, or if he was holding it then we should see him holding it. and as for the other idea was, is are we going to be able to build house or other rooms with maybe bricks ? (Maybe reaching lvl 6 or 7) Whats your opinion about it.
  6. Hey everyone! To keep this nice and concise, I figured the world of Project Zomboid needed a bit of a touch up in terms of improvisation and crafting, so I decided to make a rather random mod: Improvised Containers! Downloads: Improvised Containers 1.1.1 (Latest Version) Features: Planned Features: That's why I'm here. I'd love to get some feedback and criticism (Especially since this is my first time properly modding something, not including Insurgency skins), but most important of all, I want more ideas for improvised bags and such. I'm open to any ideas! (Provided it's within my extremely limited coding knowledge.) Permissions: Feel free to use my work in your own mods, but please credit me! Other Work: Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a sprite artist for your own mods. Don't feel limited to downsizing images anymore! Credits: Icons & Coding - WolfeClaw Download Page Art - Yukiin
  7. (is not very important aspect to add this game but suddenly wants could be implemented, will speak no English, so take screenshots of the game and create the image with photoshop, to explain better, I know that may seem to you that were to be implemented something similar in Zomboid project.) i speack spanish i use translator google no es algo muy importante agregar este aspecto a juego, pero quisiera que de pronto se pudiese implementar, no se hablar ingles, por eso tome pantallazos del juego y con photoshop cree la imagen, para poder explicarme mejor, quisiera saber que tal les parecería que se implementase algo parecido en project zomboid.
  8. Hello, I am here to make several suggestions about bags. 1. Backpacks should also be able to be broken/ripped. They would wear-down however, only when you are almost at their weight limit/at the weight limit. If a bag broke, all the contents could drop onto the ground, or items could slowly fall out depending if it was torn or ripped. These could also make it so you could no longer carry it on your back. 2. You know when you go on a scavenging run, and you load up with tons of pointy little objects like hunting/kitchen knifes, well, if you had them in a bag on your back they could have a very small chance of when you are running of them poking/cutting you. The worst they could do would make you bleed and get scratched. This would be very uncommon. 3.If you had a lot of sharp things in your backpack as well, sprinting with them could make the bag deterorate quicker. 4.Sheaths and other containers for knifes and other blade weapons could be implemented to make the chance for the bladed weapons to damage your bag lower if at all. 5. Also, I'd like to see clothing items such as Shorts, Athletic Shorts, Cargo Shorts, Cargo Pants, Hoodies, and Rain Jackets. Cargo shorts could have a bag option on the side but only be able to hold like 2 lbs, and cargo pants 3lbs. Same with the hoodie. 6. Also, I'd like some more canned foods such as Peaches and Chili. Thank you for reading these, please, post your opinions in the comments on these suggestions! PS: Sorry if any of this is planned or has been commonly suggested, I didn't see anything on it however.
  9. Highlander

    Rucksack Mod

    Rucksack Mod 1.0.0 By: Highlander Don't you hate it when you run out of room in your packs? Sometimes, all it takes is just a little bit more room to pick up that last item. Well, you don't have to worry about that any more with the Rucksack Mod. It features four great packs for all your looting needs. You will find they provide ample space to loot on those long treks. Please feel free to leave comments or feedback. Rucks Included:Large Military RuckSmall Military RuckLarge Civilian RuckSmall Civilian Ruck Change Log: Verison 1.0.0 • Initial Release Download
  10. Okay, so whats really bothered me lately is the fact that when I obtain a backpack it's not on my character, my question is would it be possible to have it on his or her back after you pick it up? Well that's what I'm suggesting here so tell me what you guys think.
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