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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, please join my Australian Project Zomboid server. We are a semi pvp based server, looking for new players. There are already too large settlements, one in both Muldraugh and West Point, and they are both very friendly and are always looking for new players. We have a very big sense of community, and are in the process of making a server website, so come join, you won't regret it. IP ADDRESS:
  2. Australian Zomboid players! Kaizokuroof comes to your aid and has started hosting a Public Project Zomboid Server, available to everyone! SERVER STATUS: ONLINE - The server is currently online. Server details: You can now find the server listed on the public server list, as my IP changes. Server name: Kaizokuroof's Australian PZ Server. Default port Ping limit: 300 Located in Canberra, Australia Game build/Version: NA - currently offline Mods: Currently running; Hydrocraft, ApCom - You can download them by clicking the name. Honor system/Rules: PvE is encouraged, but not enforced. Social engineering via global chat however, is not (no asking to join, to turn around and backstab them) Help! - Project Zomboid map, created by Blindcoder - This is metagaming and while I don't mind if you do, preferably don't use the map unless you're stuck Contact: If you need help with the server, want to band up, or are simply needing a chat then hit me up with the following methods: - Skype; kaizokuroof117 - Steam; supercrazyafroman117 - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198029318537/ - Or via the forums here, I check back every couple of days, so best bet is Steam, I don't often check skype. Donations: If you enjoy the server, have a little bit of extra cash and want to give something back, then click HERE!
  3. Well come to this server, running 24 hours 7 days a week. Just make sure server IP is we moved to a larger RAM server, Server name [Au_Sydney][24x7][PvE/RP]BuildOurWorld IP is
  4. _____________________ Server is currently CLOSED.
  5. Does anyone have any Australian servers up that i can play on?
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