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Found 5 results

  1. So I had a thought while reading the previous thread "Another Death From Old Age Thread" and had an idea about negative traits that could add in certain medical conditions. I do know we already have asthma in which should be updated a bit to include wheezing/ hard to catch breath after a run, maybe even the implementation of inhalers or even nebulizers which would help asthma related issues over a longer amount of time than just an emergency inhalers 'quick fix' method (Been thinking of the addition of inhalers for awhile now though and was going to talk to Hydromancerx about adding this into Hydrocraft if possible, I did already make the art for it lol) Anyways ill get back on topic, a few other ideas for this could include having heart problems, such as needing to take heart medicine on a daily basis, now that would prove to be quite a challenge and realistic one at that for a zombie apocalypse. also brings up the idea of adding prescription medicines that can only be found behind the counter in pharmacies in smaller quantities and also in hospitals in larger quantities. With having a weak heart it should be noted that long lasting situations of panic could possibly cause a heart attack (a lower chance of this occurring with daily medicine being taken as prescribed) another problem would be eating crappy foods, greasy, salty you get what I mean lol. Now the risk of heart problems could also be decreased with exercise, medicine, eating good food (if possible lol, it is a zombie apocalypses, its not like fresh food is regularly available, but you know what I mean ;P ) . A few other negative medical traits could be things like the following: Arthritis: things that could help would be steroid shots, pain killers/reducers various steroidal creams. What negative effects it could cause would be not being able to run long distances without joint pain, climbing fences/sheet ropes slower, moving inventory items slower (but not as slow as the 'All Thumbs' trait) and possibly -1 to strength and less knock back using melee weapons. C.O.P.D.: Medicine that could help would be similar to asthma medicine but I think there is daily medication you can take as well and also in some cases people with c.o.p.d. need a machine that hooks up to there nose that pumps air in to help them breath so they can sleep (my grandfather needs to use this). Some negative effects could include a persistent cough, not anything major, but you know just coughing every now and then. not being able to run long distances without having to rest, coughing while resting and hard to catch breath. Those are just some ideas. figures I had a bunch of others in my head while I was thinking about it, and now that I'm actually typing this up I cant think of any other haha figures, but I digress. I think this would add quite a bit of challenge to the game especially if you were to play a randomized character and realized "Oh shit! he has a heart condition and only 9 pills left! ". That would cause some hectic situations to arise i'm sure lol, And I know I'm not supposed to say the N word on here but...wait...hey not THAT N WORD, ya crazies... , I'm talking about the ever elusive 'En Pea Seas'! I think it would be awesome to have a group and you realize that, (hmm we'll just call him Bimmy...yes...Bimmy...) Bimmy is disoriented, kinda walking slow and out of breath and he tells you he's run out of his blood pressure/saline/whatever medicine, so then Jimmy walks up (he's the group nurse/Doc) and takes his blood pressure/blood sugar and its DANGEROUSLY low! ~DUN DUN DUNNNN! and would ya look at that! BOOM! there's a quest for ya! "Go find Bimmy some blood pressure/saline/whatever medicine before he's zombie food!" Just an idea but hey I think it could work quite well, also there could also be positive medical traits as well, I just don't have any on my mind right now since I jut thought of that lol. They could also be in a separated list than the regular kinds of traits, like have a list for positive and negative Medical traits, Skill traits, Personality traits, ECT. Anyways i could probably keep typing for hours so im going to end this idea here before I think of even more things to add lol, this is my first suggestion I've posted here but let me know what you all think! EDIT: Damn I should have made the title of the thread just "Medical Problem Based Traits" or something along those lines, sigh my bad haha, My idea kind of developed while I was typing it lol
  2. Hello Everyone! We are Porcelain Labs from Brisbane, Australia and we are proud to announce that we've just released our first game Snack Attack! The game was developed in part with hiQu Dental, a dental clinic from Townsville, Australia, for their website as a short, but enjoyable dental related game about squashing nasty snacks like chocolate and soda that try to take your teeth away. We managed to get the go ahead to port the game for mobile devices and so here we are! Player's have five rounds to squash as many snacks and collect as many coins as they can within the time limit so they can get the biggest score! Players can also purchase perks in between rounds using the coins they collected so that they can get a leg up when things get tough. The game also comes with a fantastic cute cartoon art aesthetic and an endless mode to the game for the hardcore players who love their snack squashing mayhem and want to show their friends how long they can last! Snack Attack is a free to play title for both Android and iOS devices or you can purchase the premium version of the game if you'd like to support the developers We would love it if you could check out the game and leave a rating or a comment! Let us know what you think of it. We also have a trailer for the game that you can check out as well Android link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.PorcelainLabs.SnackAttackLite&hl=en iOS link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snack-attack-free/id1003597853?mt=8 Trailer link:
  3. So we were having this discussion (that is semi-related to this suggestion) about how right now the fighting mechanics seem a little unbalanced (too easy). My suggestion to help balance this would be to have weapon maximum damage and a weapon minimum damage. No, I do not think that you should deal a random damage between these ranges. Instead, I think as your weapon condition decreases the damage it does decreases. You wouldn't have constant damage from an axe as it is used more and more. Instead, the axe blade would begin to become dull and deal a little less damage. The only weapons I could really see this effecting much is bladed weapons. This could also have a slight (very minimal) effect on guns also, as they would build up residue and degrade over use causing the bullets to come out slightly slower. Considering blunt objects, I don't really see how they would degrade to cause less damage (but if someone can rationalize it, I'm all for it). Link to discussion mentioned in the first sentence: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7990-these-not-so-scary-zombies/page-2#entry105393
  4. I was going to build a wall around my place and then realized that it would be more beneficial to just create a bunch of doorways, place doors in them, and barricade the doors (except one, of course). Now you might ask why! Here's the kicker! Zombies will only try to break through doors and not walls (at least what I have experienced so far). So if I build all walls around my one door, when a horde comes they will only attack this one door and easily break it down. If I build many doors, the zombies will be more evenly spread out, making it harder for them to break through. Also, this would cause me to have to maintain my walls (an idea, if not one already) or else the next time a horde comes, I will have weak spots in my walls. TL;DR - Zombies should attack walls so you don't have to create a wall of doors.
  5. I've noticed characters aren't screaming or anything when they're in agony. They bleed a lot and stuff, but they aren't screaming. Should they be? EDIT: I've now updated the poll to portray whether you think text or sound should play during a scream!
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