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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, new here, and not a lot of hours. I've been exploring a lot more in the game lately and I found that a lot of large buildings don't feel large (I haven't gone to the mall). For example, the Giga-Mart to me just feels like walking into my local Walgreens instead of some zombie-infested supermarket (I play with common hordes, Fragile, poor sight, good hearing, insane smelling). I've been thinking lately and I came up with a way to possibly make large buildings more "tense," giving the player a more scarier and immersive experience. -More/darker Fog of War: Make shelves taller or
  2. Simply put, it would be pretty neat to see more visual weather effects/ambience other than just rain and thunder. I think these would be great and I have complied a list below of the effects. Snow/Blizzard Description: Basically what rain is, except it's white dots of snow falling to the ground. If the weather is more harsh, then a blizzard will occur which will have greater effects on the player. Effects on Player: Same effects already put in when it snows, if a blizzard, the player will feels these effects even more. Visual Effects: White dots of snow, if blizzard, more dense piece
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