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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, new here, and not a lot of hours. I've been exploring a lot more in the game lately and I found that a lot of large buildings don't feel large (I haven't gone to the mall). For example, the Giga-Mart to me just feels like walking into my local Walgreens instead of some zombie-infested supermarket (I play with common hordes, Fragile, poor sight, good hearing, insane smelling). I've been thinking lately and I came up with a way to possibly make large buildings more "tense," giving the player a more scarier and immersive experience. -More/darker Fog of War: Make shelves taller or have it feel like there's a twist at every turn. Zombies chilling near corners of shelves would definitely make the player freak out. -Large building ambience: Walking into a zombie-infested supermarket needs some music. A dark, heavy guitar and maybe some very light vocals/synth makes a good combination making someone feel like they're somewhere big. Max Payne 3 does this aspect well (it certainly isn't the same genre at all, but it can give some pointers on its soundtrack). -Large building "saferooms": In the event of an apocalypse, I'm certain at least I would establish a safe area for other survivors in a supermarket. A backroom could have a chance of being a saferoom: A very large amount of zombies in return for some canned goods, water, and maybe a tool or two. This should have no indication other than noise. It could also give more incentive to explore an entire area rather than grabbing food and hauling your behind. Now to keep this balanced, I think occupations should have different effects on the Fog of War and music. Police Officer: Little Fog of War effect outside and near the main entrance, with an eerie soundtrack. Security Guard: Little Fog of War effect inside the main area of the building, with a dark soundtrack. Repairman: Little Fog of War effect in the back area of the building, with a tense soundtrack. Farmer/Fisher: Little Fog of War effect around the back of the building (loading areas), with a deep soundtrack. Burger Flipper/Cook: Little Fog of War effect in the cooking/food areas of the building, with an eerie soundtrack.
  2. Simply put, it would be pretty neat to see more visual weather effects/ambience other than just rain and thunder. I think these would be great and I have complied a list below of the effects. Snow/Blizzard Description: Basically what rain is, except it's white dots of snow falling to the ground. If the weather is more harsh, then a blizzard will occur which will have greater effects on the player. Effects on Player: Same effects already put in when it snows, if a blizzard, the player will feels these effects even more. Visual Effects: White dots of snow, if blizzard, more dense pieces of snow falling. Fog Description: Fog is pretty much what might occur after a thunderstorm/rain, or randomly during the seasons/months. Effects on Player: Reduced sight (Not as bad as night time, but perhaps 15-30% of that) and the chance of slight panic/anxious if your outside for too long. Visual Effects: Transparent grey visual with a slow, creepy animation. Ambience Description: Basically just more ambience to bring the place to life. Perhaps some trees could drop leaves and those said leaves could be seen blowing throughout the city. Some items such as Newspapers, Papers, various garbage, etc. should also blow in the wind. Would be nice to see some of the tall grass have an animation even if it's subtle of some weather occurring. Let's hear some wind blowing if its thunder storming or if it's a bad storm, let's see more visuals of the wind blowing water on the roads (if it isn't too much, if so, its fine.) Effects on Player: A more immersive experience. Visual Effects: Self-explanitory. I believe little touches like this can really give a heartbeat to a beautiful game such as Project Zomboid. Tell me whatcha think!
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