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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all! Aren't our characters waaaaay too agile from start, in the new Build 41? The new vaulting anims are great, but I think we should need a couple levels in Nimble skill to unlock them or speed them up. Practicing and teaching Parkour in real life showed me that most "regular people" can hardly pass waist-high fences without first sitting on, then swinging their legs over them. Climbing a 2 meters-high fence without a rope or something to hang up onto? Almost IMPOSSIBLE to newbies And then in game, our characters do perfect Speed Vaults while running, and pass high fences in a couple seconds, without any training... 0_0 So yeah, would make the game more realistic, challenging and rewarding if those expert vaults had to be unlocked with the Nimble skill (which is almost useless right now anyways). Would also be nice to add landing rolls when falling, at Master levels. Further note: If I had to choose, I would reorganize the Agility skills entirely by bringing back Strength and Fitness into the main tab, merging Lightfooted into Sneaking, and renaming Nimble -> Agility So you would have: - Strength (carry weight, melee damage + pushback, rope climbing) - Fitness (stamina, (resistance to damage and illness?)) - Sprinting (running acceleration and max speed) - Sneaking (walking noise + speed + concealment when sneaking) - Agility (vaulting speed + abilities, (chances to evade zombies' grasp and attacks?)) So those are my ideas. What do you think?
  2. Hello. We could gain xp boost for running skill after using Track. Gyms gonna be usefull
  3. I was thinking about the movement overhaul TIS has planned, in which sneaking, crouching, jumping, climbing, and similar actions might happen, and I thought about how height could alter a survivor's experience. If they do get to do that at some point, I think a few more physical traits would add some needed variation in how all that would play out. People who are good at parkour and free-running, snowsports, skating, and climbing and such tend to be pretty short and flexible, right? Tall or inflexible folk sometimes can't get their centers of mass and such in the desired places and fall and flop, but also tend to have longer arms and legs--and thus a longer reach--than shorter people. People also generally lose their flexibility and resilience with age, and Since something sort of like what I just said is often true, why not emulate it in Project Zomboid during the movement and survivor differentiation overhauls, supposing nothing happens to make that impossible or insurmountably difficult? Spoiler <3
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