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Found 2 results

  1. Right now in character creation, we have the option for either black or white; but the human skin tone is much more diverse than that. It'd be a very simple addition that'd increase immersion and probably wouldn't be terribly hard to implement; we could have a gradient for it similar to the hair color panel. The same could go for zombies, with varying colors of pale to grey or greenish (flavor-wise indicating their state of decay). For instance, I am Native American, so if I wanted to play myself I think it'd make more sense to have tan skin, rather than white. On the other hand this is just a game after all. I don't mind terribly if we only have the two options -- however I think that having the game more openly represent people would be refreshing.
  2. I'm a big fan of this game, but one thing I notice that bugs me is that the world is so pristine looking. If a zombie apocalypse happened, you'd expect to see more destruction and chaos around I would think. Like pre-boarded up windows and doors, blood everywhere, corpses, burnt down buildings, signs of looting and vandalism, etc. Also broken down vehicles (I assume this is already planned) would go a long way to make things look more realistic.
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