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Found 2 results

  1. I am starting a server and am wondering if it is possible to set zones for specific things, like pvp, no building, admin only, no looting, periodic reset, etc. Is there an existing way to do this, or would it require custom modding? I have seen similar features in some of the servers I joined and would like to add it to my own. Thanks
  2. I have been unsuccessful on build 25 in trying to add people as admins. The admin account is the only account that retains admin. It may be important to divulge the following information: I am running a Debian serverI am not running a whitelisted serverI let project zomboid generate the world.dbSo far I have been unable to add people as admin. These are the steps I took: I attempted to use /grantadmin on myself, to no avail. The game reports that the user does not exist, when clearly the user exists. Secondly, I have attempted to /adduser *username* *password* then /grantadmin, but the game informs me that /adduser is an unknow command. Grantadmin still outputs the same result. I enabled the option that automatically adds users to the whitelist upon connect and then attempted to /grantadmin, to no avail. The /changepwd command doesn't work outside of the admin/admin account. It will always report: "wrong password for ... *user*" I'd like the server to remain unwhitelisted. Can someone help me so I can grant admin to users other than the admin/admin account? Thank you. Edit: Adding quotations to the /adduser command does nothing. Adding quotations to the /grantadmin command does nothing.
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