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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone. Please, can you help me with the context menu for my custom pills? I cant understad how work a "Take Pill" action for vanilla Painkillers... This is code of my item item AspirinBottle { Weight = 0.1, Type = Drainable, UseDelta = 0.02, DisplayName = Bottle of aspirin pills, Icon = OZMoreMeds_Aspirin500mg, Tooltip = Tooltip_Painkillers, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, } I tried to make a custom context menu but my lua script still not working...
  2. I recently had the idea while playing the game. I was followed by a horde and my bat was broken and I didn't want to come near the zombies with the Knifes I had. So what if I could throw offensively my broken bat to a zombie in order ro both get rid of the item and also deal damage to the enemy from a safe range. The range that you throw each item will have to do with its weigh , your max Carrying capacity and your load. If you have a low load and a 12 carrying capacity (max) and the items weight 1 you will throw it further than throwing an item that weights 3 or than if you had a 12/12 load. The damage each weapon will deal will be calculated by the range of the zombie from you , the max range the item will reach and also the Weight of the item. If you do not equip an item you will throw stones from the ground. So what do you think ? Should we have the option to throw any item to the zombies.It would also give a meaning to rotten food (distract zombies by throwing a rotten tomato to a wall at the other side of the road etc)
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