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Found 2 results

  1. Now that pre-barricaded houses are a thing (and I love it, 'cuz after clearing them, they make a great place to hide from other hordes), I've started to notice a rather annoying and inaccurate behavior in certain Zeds; those that fall from a second floor. Whenever there's a two floors house that's barricaded and the Zed start pouring out of the 2nd floor's windows (which aren't barricaded), they just fall and keep lunging towards me (even if I set them to ''Weak'' and ''Feeble'') like nothing had happened. I understand that pain and broken bones are alien concepts to a brainless Zed, but still, it feels sorta wrong that they can fall from the same distance that often breaks one of my character's legs and just dash towards me. Could it be possible to change that? I mean, I don't expect them to fall and die (maybe that could go for 3rd floors and higher) but at the very least, I expected them to become ''Ankle Biters''; start crawling on the ground after they fell, because that whole ''Screw Gravity! Imma Zed!'' thing of them sorta feels unrealistic and overpowered.
  2. As mentioned in World War Z and/or the Zombie Survival Guide (which i know the developers are basing many aspects of the game on) zombies don't always need to destroy your defences to get to you. If they have the right mix of numbers and concentration on a little space of your defences, they can just pile up on each other and slowly swarm in your fortress like water over an overflowing dam!!! I suppose almost everyone would love to see this implemented, but how hard is it to be done? I really hope the fun, terror and mechanics it would havefer to huge hordes overcome the difficulty to design it. Also, i think, for the horde to fuction as i describe above, every zombie should follow other zombies' actions much more than they do now. I mean if a zombie sees another zombie following something or banging on a door, it should, more often than not, follow it and do the same. You know, to form a horde and come knock on your door. What do you think?
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