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Found 1 result

  1. I have a question for the people who want attacking hordes because I'm not sure I understand why you guys do. Hordes are already able to attack your base if you make to much noise or if a chopper flys over your house zombies are bound to come and attack you (unless you live in a secluded place). But from what I understand it seems like you guys just want a random giant horde of zombies to spawn coming at your base, I don't like this because there is no reason for them to just attack your base other than they spawned and told by the game to do so. I want hordes to come attack my base if I have done something to attract them or something else has, not just zombie hordes having the ability to "find" our base and attack. That means if say, i were in one of the forest cabins and built it all up to be safe and self sufficient but one day I wake up in my cabin to find a giant horde banging on my walls, I have done nothing to attract them why are they there?! There is no good reason for them to be there because you the player or other outside forces have done nothing to attract them and that's punishing the player for doing nothing but surviving. So if you want big zombie hordes to attack your base just attract them with some noise.