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Found 1 result

  1. Here we go. A yet another topic about the ideas to the most discussed, most hyped up and most requested feature of Project Zomboid - NPC survivors. We all want them to be perfect, and we all want them to succeed. Now I swear that I've gone through a whole first page when looking for "NPC" tagword in the search, and didn't find an idea that I've came up with. If it's out there somewhere, you can post a link to the discussion and I'll paste it in the main reply. Okay, so, let's do this. Idea blatantly stolen from the recent game of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Yes, even though the game has "taken" gameplay elements from other games like Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assasin's Creed, it STILL did offer an interesting, new mechanic. The mechanic I'm talking about is "randomized villains/captains". What it does, essentially, is it creates a randomized person with random character traits, weaknesses, looks, voices, names and other stuff. Those "villains" remember each encounter they ever have with you, and level up according to whether or not they survive the encounters with you, or even kill you. They also change visually to portray some stuff that you've done to them - for example, if you burn them in fire, they'll get a burn mark on their face, or something along those lines. What I want Project Zomboid to "borrow" from that mechanic is randomized villain encounters. Whenever you have created a steady enough base with a trustworthy group of NPC survivors, if you happen to let some NPC live after a hostile encounter, they have a high chance of coming back on your ass, leading their OWN group of strangers, immediately hostile to you. Those NPC's would "point out" how you've met each other in the past, reminding you of all the horrible things that you've done to them. Visually, once there's more options regarding the clothing, scars, glasses, hats and etc, they can also change with time, like growing hair, beards, getting eyepatches (my favorite), battle-scars, all sorts of cool things. For all it's worth, it would make a GREAT addition to our beloved "Governor" feature and will actually make NPC's that more interesting. Planned assault on your base at night that kills each of your group's members and only leaves you alive, to later capture you and torture/eat you? What about you waking up in your house and finding it on fire, just to be able to come out with all your stuff packed to face a barrel of a gun facing at your face, and words "We finally see each other again, &character name&" coming out of a leader's mouth, as he orders his men to shoot you? You can make a lot of interesting stuff happen just by implementing this idea, think of all the possibilities that could come out of this. Does anyone remember this famous line, "Howdy, neightbor"? What if that character is explored more into, what if YOU were that sadistic motherfucker who kills a random stranger's wife? What if baldspot returns later for revenge on that bandit? What if YOU are baldspot, and YOU become someone else's villain? Inspiring fear in people, sabotaging the camps and attracting hordes to their bases? I want this idea looked more into and discussed to death. And SORRY if someone has already suggested this.
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