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Found 4 results

  1. After reading the Antiseptic thread, an idea popped into my head about different types of not only treatments, but wounds and injuries one can receive. Like when I fall off the platform for the 11 millionth time, it strikes me as odd that all I have to do is hustle inside, chow down on food and wait to heal. If we had the same injury in real life, we would most likely have fractured or broken a bone. So I think we should have multiple types of injuries that a quick hit of food will not be able to fix, and will require extra medical attention to treat it with. And depending on the injury type and maybe what caused the injury, there can be a chance of illness, or at least penalties to a character until they fully recover. Some injuries, treatments, and effects could be: Minor cuts- Bandage, butterfly bandage?. Simple mundane injury here. Puncture/stab wound - bandage, butterfly bandage?. Would require some antibiotics to help prevent chance of illness ( maybe possibility of getting the zombie virus if stabbed with a knife that has zombie blood on it?). Wide Cuts/slash wound- Stitching, bandages. Antibiotics can help reduce chance of illness You must stich this wound up or you will continue to bleed out. Gouged out eye- sterile gauze?, bandages. With only one eye your field of vision is reduced, but at least you could wear a cool eye patch. (Not sure if a blind character could be a thing or how it would be implemented). Sprained arm/leg or broken arm/leg- the arms would require a splint and a sling, and it will take longer to loot and unable to hold 2 handed items or wield a weapon with two hands. The legs would require just a splint but huge penalty to moving, having a walking stick or a crutch(es) can reduce the penalty. ( Recovery should only be a few days to a couple in game weeks, not realistic but it would be very boring/difficult to play if your person had to wait weeks or months to recover). Bite/Mauling wound- Bandages, stitching. Not just by zombies, but possibly from feral animals or pets of PCs/NPCs, antibiotics can help reduce chance of a NORMAL INFECTION ONLY (If bitten by a zombie pray to the gods it won't kill you). Envenomed- Anti-venom. With the knowing that animals will soon be introduced, it could be possible to encounter venomous animals native to Kentucky and be bitten by one. The venom could have a chance to kill a player and if they could find very rare anti-venom in a hospital somewhere, it will cure them of it. A venomous bite will make PCs and NPCs very sick and weak, if pets are bit they have an extremely higher mortality rate. Amputation- This has been debated to hell and back on weather it will be in the game or not with threads dedicated to it solely. Only listing it as more of an acknowledgement that its an injury that can be encountered.
  2. Hello! We here at WIGU studios are a small team of indie developers and we’re about to launch our first game, Doctor Life on the iOS AppStore on 20th February 2014. Check out our official trailer! In a nutshell, Doctor Life is a game where you take on the role of a doctor and run your very own hospital. Meet a variety of wacky patients, as you diagnose and treat up to 50 different real life diseases! Build up your hospital and earn awards to save your hospital from the clutches of an evil tycoon. Be sure to check out our Facebook as we are giving out 10 free copies of the game! If you want to find out more about Doctor Life or Wigu Studios do visit us at our website. Happy diagnosing! -The WIGU Team-
  3. Hiho! Another suggestion either for Survival or Sandbox: Healing phase only during sleep Background: At the current, food acts like magical healing bottles. If you're recieved damage, eat something, recover your health and than continue your looting campaign (maybe killing just another amount of 20+ Z's on your way). Suggestion: If food won't have the healing ability (but should've positive effect on regeneration while sleeping if youre fed), you've the opportunity to decide wether to continue (with the handicap of being injured) or interrupt your looting campaign, return home to your savehouse and take a break for recover. While sleeping you regenerate your health (not fully recover, just an amount of hp), so it can take a longer time to be healed completly, compared of your suffered injuries. The condition of your hunger and thirst and the quality of your sleeping place should add a bonus to the regeneration. Suggestion II: To compensate for the lack of the healing rate of food, there should be added (rare or very rare) medical supplies like regeneration boosters or adrenaline syringes (too much playing JA2 ). Also an option "Rest until completly healed" should be added if going to bed. I'm looking forward to your opinions
  4. Hey, I have played a few run throws now and though there are some basic level illness tweaks, how interested would people be in a mod or some such that took this to a new level? Introducing certain conditions and requirements for medications. I have drunk out of toilets and eaten raw food stuffs that would normally require cooking without any truly detrimental effect. Could we have parasites, bacterial or viral infections? Maybe random vomiting if infected that can give you away by noise to localised zombines. Reduced carrying weight etc. Potentially have specific cures such as antibiotics for bacteria, antiviral compounds, stomzach calming drugs etc. I love survival simulators and think this would add a new strain to the experience. What do people think? Tinks
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