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Found 18 results

  1. Hey, I've been experimenting a bit with the traps, and also I read the wiki, and here are my suggestions about it: 1. Absence - I very dislike the necessity of not being around in the 75 tiles radius. I think it should be based more on the activity etc. If I live in the forest, definitely I should be able to catch a rabbit or squirrel on my yard, while sleeping or just being home. Suggestions: * For indoor mouse trap, it should just require to not being in the same room. * Being indoor counting as not being in this 75 tiles radius (zombies included) for outoor traps
  2. This new system maybe still some buggy... can't remove bait from traps, and can't trap anything for now, i'm far away from trap to wait to trap anything, no mods.
  3. Some suggestion to help the would-be trappers in game ; It's largely inspired by what we have already in play for Farming. Basically, the idea is to show "in game" the informations related to traps you currently can only get by wandering into the wiki. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwDBOcOKZQS7Q3BWZ1RuZEs1Vkk To access the following panel, you have to right-click on a trap put in the world. The accuracy of informations displayed reflect yout Trapping skill lvl (as it's the case for the existing Farming model). For this example, i assume it reflect a lvl
  4. How does the idea of "Zombie Traps" sound? I believe that it would open lots of new features, ideas, gameplays and much more potentials for the gameplay. Some of my ideas would be: Bear traps ( A trap that could either work for big animals such as Deers ( if they get implemented in the future ), bears etc or either as a zombie trap to immobilize them or even wound the zombie and making it walk slower. Spikes Pit Fall Boulder Trap These are some ideas of mine. What do you guys say? Do you like the idea ? Let me know and opinions are welcomed!
  5. nolanri

    Player Traps Mod

    This will be a mod where you can find and or create traps such as bear traps or spike traps out of planks and nails, and set said traps on the ground which will injure any players who unknowingly step on them. A nice surprise for offline robbers! Released - http://undeniable.info/pz/PlayerTrapsMod.php
  6. I really enjoy the idea of putting stakes in the ground at 45 degree's, sharpened sticks jammed into the ground for zombies to get stuck on. Then you can go up to them and finish them off. You could have them break once in a while so you would have to replace them every so often. It would be really cool to have them around your base. You could use a knife on logs to carve stakes, then you would have to dig a hole and put them in the hole.
  7. I'd like to preface this by saying I had too many ideas to make a good concise suggestion thread. I've culled a great deal of chaff and left as much good solid wheat as possible. This list is therefore very much not "all inclusive", and perhaps not as organized as we'd like. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. I've tried to limit my ideas to three distinct categories, and I am seriously wondering if I ought to put the radio section in its own suggestion thread. Would love to see further discussion of these ideas, and applications. I'm a hobbyist, so I know my experience is a na
  8. There're many sources of danger in the weedy and foresty areas which we don't see in this game. I'll try to make it short and type in short point forms. Alright, here are a few suggestions: 1. Wood nettle and poison ivy These plants are pretty common in NA. Nettle and poison ivy causes severe physical irritation including burns, itches and rashes. 5% chance of triggering when walking into a tree in forest areas. 5% chance of triggering when foraging [threats nullified at lvl.5 foraging] Park rangers are immuned to these negative moodles on start. Wood nettle charateristics: - Rashes -
  9. The traps in the game so far are great for a food source, but I believe that there should be traps/structures that can slow down and/or damage the undead. Using traps on zombies would be useful both defensively and offensively. I have a few examples that could be viable: Bear Trap: Can be scavenged in the world and placed down (like a mouse trap). It can be used to hunt some animals, but can also stop a zombie completely for a short period should a zombie happen to be walking into it. Once a zombie is trapped it can be killed a bit more easily, or if you use a few near hordes, can lower the
  10. Hello! Thanks a lot for creating such an awesome game! Even though it's still unfinished it's clearly one of the best games I've played so far. That being said, I have some suggestions that I think could improve the game in the future, especally concerning the 'Build' system. I apologise if you've gotten some of these suggestions already. The 'Build' system could use major improvements The problems with the 'build' system as it is now, is; - It's hard to navigate through the list - Most of the time, the screen crops some of the list, so you won't be able to see it all - When buildi
  11. I've been playing a while now, and it might just be me, but I found that the only way to get zombies away from some place is to distract em, but that would be to you by screaming at them. Now, my idea was, that there would be firecrackers, or however you call them, its this bunch of small firework sticks bunched together and then lit and then they'd all go and explode but not in a big explosion but small sparks that would all go "click click click" and such. Back to the topic, I thought it would be cool if that was another way to distract zombies away from a place instead of screaming. Ima
  12. Okay so i have some great ideas for traps or ways of torture. The first trap 1:Bear-traps:Simple enough. Can be found on farms or out in the cabins randomly? Used to Seriously injure another player on multiplayer or used to put a zombie to a halt,maybe because i saw somewheres on the forums that it would be difficult to make it where one zombie has an arm missing and another has a leg,and arm missing..etc.. well i thought instead of showing the zombie missing the missing leg maybe once it hits the trap they automatically become a crawler. Also maybe option where trapping skill ties into this
  13. Here's a list of a few things that I thought could be cool in the game • a wider variety of weapons, you know like a lead pipe or a brick and for guns you could have a burst gun or a revolver, a sniper rifle, an smg just things to make weapons more varied and exciting because more weapons means more tactics the player has to come up with. • More clothing, like when it's winter and it's cold you could use a wooly jumper or a puffy jacket maybe a fur hat or some earmuffs different clothes with advantages and disadvantages like boots good for treading in the mud or trainers good for running aroun
  14. It would be nice if the last stages (4-5) allowed you make snares or traps that will slow, trap, and/or kill Zs. I have to CLEAR!
  15. The idea is pretty simple. We already DO have traps for catching tasty little morsels in game- but what about traps designed to kill zombies? Such as spike pits made of sharpened wooden pikes, hidden pendulums to smash their spiky, stabby surfaces into that poor scavenging survivor or shambling zombie or just simply rope traps that'll sling the zombie or survivor by their foot and drag them up, dangling them upside down like a stuck pig? Or even using beartraps to snag their feet in? Or even improvised landmines made of pipebombs from nails and other shrapnel that burst out, ripping your liver
  16. This'll be my first suggestion I've ever made for this game, I think the game's very interesting, and I hope I can make it a bit more interesting with this idea. The Idea: To allow players to create obstacles that zombies, NPC's, and even other players (if they are panicked and unable to properly focus) can and will trip over, making them easy targets to kill, either by shooting or bashing their skulls in with your favourite melee weapon of choice. How this would work: Players could create these traps using ankle-high objects (Logs, poles, bricks...?) by clicking on a tile and selecting an
  17. Hello fellow survivors! My name is VenomDG. I had an idea while surviving with my friend. We found it hard to fully keep zombies away from our base of operations with our own force using axes and guns, which just attract more. I suggested it would be really cool to be able to set traps around our base that zombies would run into and we would be able have to clean off and reset in case of allot of zombies were to wander on over. I would like to see something like the forest. How they use the traps. Maybe have like 2 posts in the ground [logs] and use wire between them that will tangle zombies
  18. So, I recently found a spade and thought to myself: "you know what would be great? A pit trap!" If I could dig a hole and line it with spikes or broken glass, it would be a much more satisfying defense than simply putting up a wall. At the edge of a pit I could interact (E) and climb down or up and out. While in the pit I could plant "sharpened sticks" into the pit floor. Then I could climb out and perhaps craft a "pit cover" with leaves and such to camouflage it. When a zombie falls in, it either injures or kills them. If it kills them, they lay in the pit and nullify the spikes (so a horde c
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