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Found 1 result

  1. Being able to throw things is a huge boon, to do so is quite simple. First you need to have something in your hand. Next you right click the area and click throw. The distance is dependant on your strength, the range is also based on strength. The accuracy is a whole different ballgame though so throwing should be a part of ranged combat skills that, when upgraded, further increases your accuracy and strength to knock down zombies from afar and to lure them with empty whisky bottles (which are smashed and makes noises). Currently molotov cocktail is the only weapon that can be thrown, but it's sort of a fixed distance... Having a global throwing skill would be handy for a lot of reasons, like tossing small objects up onto the roof instead of carrying them up the stairs or ladders, in areas with lots of zombies and you want to give support to allies on roof. The reason why using ctrl to go into stealth/aim mode and left clicking to throw can be a bit weird, is that it is also mixed up with melee attacks. So right clicking to select a area to toss a item at is a better option as it's something that needed to be planned. There is a gauge related to throwing, so the further away, the longer it takes (in total it takes a few seconds so it's quite fast at short ranges but will be a little longer or not possible at longer ranges). Basically you can throw things up around 10~15 tiles in a radius. When you are tossing your character will animate and face that direction. ALTERNATIVE: To make throwing work with ctrl or rmb, is to add a button to swap the mode of use with your current item. Ctrl + X + mouse pointer location. Where X is a key that's mapped easily to the keyboard when using WASD controls. Hold LMB and you'll start 'throwing' gauge, let go of LMB to cancel, or move around. For those who plays differently, right click and throw works just as well. You can cancel by moving. Throwing is very useful for stealth based situations and most especially when throwing bags of loot to another player if it's too heavy. Equip a bag into the primary slot and then throw it. The total weight of the bag may limit the max range you can toss it at, and strength bonus can boost the range of the toss. For throwing things up a story to the 2nd floor, or to the first floor, maybe have the other player be a 'recipient' of the throw, so you right click another player with a item equipped in the primary slot, be close within 2 tiles, and then 'drop/give' option to give them the item (so you aren't really throwing with full strength and dropping a axe on a friend).
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