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Found 6 results

  1. IndigoRebel

    Building Tips

    I think a thread for players tips on buildings is in order because im sure every mapper has found their methods and perhaps we can share with each other to imporve upon ourselves and for new builders aswell. My tips 1.Dont just Make buildings with the buildeditor tool Make your street items buildings, make parking lot buildings. Make decorated alleyways as buildings and even make some forest decor as buildings. 2. Organize your building files before you place them. If you organize your files after you place them then youre going to break your map and have to replace some stuff. And trust me for the bigger projects youre going to want to categorize your files to make things a bit easier. 3. When highlighting a plot of land in tilezed the Bottom left corner of the screen will have the tile dimensions, use this to get the dimensions you need for buildings to fit in certain areas, like street corners and such. 4.Dont forget to copy your floors before you furnish them!!! 5.Make lots of Building Templates to save you time!!! I hope my fellow builders can share some tips as well because gosh golly I could use some XD
  2. Hello, i hope this reaches one of the artists of Indie Stone Firstly, your game is by far the best specimen of survival genre i've seen, but i love your art the most I'm embarking on game development, and we are making an isometric game, as i am the only visual guy, i need some tips on how to make actors in a 2d isometric structure as beautiful and with variety like yours Tips that can make my life easier are mucho appreciado. I didn't start proper asset creation, but my current method in mind is making male and female naked actors, every movement in every direction, then creating cosmetics and outfits in every movement in every direction. I am intimidated by the sheer work, i would also appreciate software advice as well. I am using Aseprite right now, but open to suggestions Love you guys, best luck with the game
  3. So I became VERY bored and decided to share what I've found out about the game trough my own playtrough. This is by the way in no special order. :!: -ALWAYS loot corpses. They do often have something valuble like bags or even an axe! -On the subject of axes, DON'T use the axe for combat unless you have to. You will have to use the axe to get planks later in you session so you do NOT want it to break. -Even after the water has been turned off you will be able to find some water left in sinks, toilets and bathtubs. Bathtubs have the most water left in them. -Don't fight zeds near windows. If you swing and break the window you are possibly going to call all the others zeds to dinner. -Checklist for main base. Two floors, not too far from the center of either west point or muldraugh, bedroom on top floor, bookcase for easier sorting of books and such. -Garbage bags should always be on the "shopping-list". You will need them for rain collectors. -Guns are a bad idea. Just don't use them.
  4. Hello everyone! I decide to create a little "How to" - tutorial for those, who asked themself "How did he make that". Not to mentioned that it's really easy and self explaining for myself, I'll make a step by step guide to be sure that everyone is in a position to make and use the stuff for his/hers buildings (and also not to end on a pyre because of witchcraft). Hmm, with what shall we start? Ok, have it Part 1: How to create a prisoncell with a cell style window - (one you can't open without a sledgehammer ) Step 2: Creating and drawing three rooms I decide to make two cellrooms and one floor. Interior Walls should be the school walls, the floor I choosed here is from the industry_01 tileset. If finished, it should be look like this: Step 3: Draw cell walls and cell windows With the "Place Wall" tool, just draw a wall across the cells and the floor (the security should have full view in the rooms but the prisoners shouldn't see each other ) and two walls where the windows should be. Otherwise I've changed the Interior Walls of the two cells to the cell and not the school walls. Step 4: Organize Tiles (Part two) Because all the rooms looks really awful, let us create some WallOverlays What we need: A new cathegory called WallOverlay - Walls - Windows (Here you put all windowsoverlays in the future for a better overview) A new cathegory called WallOverlay - Walls - Corners (same here for corners) We'll need for this tutorial windows from school and commercial and both corners (even if not both corners are used now, it's could be helpful for other projects ) Hit the "Plus(+)" twice in the new cathegories for two wall overlays. Then search the windowframe in the location named in Step 1. Drag westsided window to west field and northsided window to north. Same for the corners but here it's enough to place a corner only to west. Don't forget to switch the Layer from Furniture to WallOverlay on at least one field in a row! Step 5: Asign the walloverlays with "Place Furniture" Like placing your favorite fridge, let us place our created walloverlays. First the windows and then choose the school corner and place it twice to the cell wall. Looks much better . Step 6: Opposite cells Repeat Step 2 and 3 on the opposite. You should now youse the Exterior Wall cell for placing the windows! Place the window overlay from the commercial wall and place again twice the school corners. Adding four doors and the cells are finished! How to create an elevator of death Step 3: Create three more floors Click on Floor 1/1 and add three floors until we have 4 of them. Step 4: Drawing rooms Now we're drawing rooms on each floor. On floor 1 there should be the shaft_basement room and each floor above a shaft_none room. The size is up to you but I'll created a 5x4 tile room I've added some doors to each floor. Sadly there aren't functional elevator doors just some closed walllike doors under escalators Step 5: Drawing the elevator Choose the floor, where the elevator should be stucked and draw a smaller room in your shaft. I choose the 2nd floor. My shafts have e size of 5x4 tiles, so in my case it will be 3x4 tiles. Draw the elevator with the shaft_elevator01 room. Now up one floor and draw another room with the shaft_elevator02 room. Oh no! The "roof" have now walls, so no fall off . Step 6: Removing walls No problem! Use the "Place Wall"-tool and select as wall "None". Place it over the existing one will make it vanish and walkable! Elevator of death because you can fall down some floors if unwary! Pro tips: If placing the elevator in the basement and a player fall down the roof because of unwariness, he/she won't escape and will starve to death unless he/she has a sledgehammer . Part 2 Feel free to comment, discuss, criticize
  5. Okay, so I've been a PZ player for a while now (first played the game WAYYY back a few years ago) however I've never really 'stuck with' a single game, I usually get bored and sacrifice myself. However, in this current game, I'm at Day 27 (my personal record so far, my previous being about 5 days) and I'm still going strong.. I'm wondering where I go from here? I have a pretty secure place (in the middle of the town in West Point, believe it or not), I've wiped most zombies from the area and only a few wanderers really come in. I've got a good supply of non-perishables stored in my base (enough to last at least another month and a half) and rain collection barrels set up outside. I have a pretty decent stockpile of weapons (3 fire axes, 4 baseball bats, 2 crowbars, plenty of knifes, 2 pistols, a shotgun, golfclubs, etc) and I'm not short on ammunition either, plus I've opened the gun shop near my base so if I do run low on ammo (which I hardly use) then there's plenty there. I also have amassed a large amount of medicine from the nearby pharmacy which I've also stored in my base. The only thing I find that I'm in short supply of is nails, continually go out on supply runs to find damn nails. I raided the warehouse in West Point (just south of town) and the majority of shops in town.. I know there are nails further north in the neighbourhoods (in the sheds), however I tried to make a supply run into that area and it's infested as hell, no way I can loot that right now. I'm considering making the trip to Muldraugh to get some supplies, however I fear how long the walk will be. So what are you guys thoughts? What does a player do once they have an established base? And do you recommend I make the trip to Muldraugh?
  6. Guys.. I'm alive on day 13, this is the longest I've ever survived (I usually commit suicide by feeding myself to hordes because I'm a sadistic son of a bitch), and I'm really trying to survive this time. So I'm set up in the town centre in West Point (inside the Food Market store or whatever it's called, I'm on the second floor apartment.), pretty dangerous place to live, however it's been going quite well, I'm looted the surrounding buildings (and taken wood from a lot of doors), and I've started doing some construction in the car park round the back of the building. I've also cracked open the gun store just out of town, however I don't need the ammo right now (I took the fireaxe though). Things are getting really tense, I have a genuine sense of dread when playing now, since I feel quite 'comfortable' where I am, it's TOO quiet. I have the sense that a horde will tear through town soon. That's the least of my worries though.. all of the food is starting to rot! I'd been meaning to start farming, however I'm in the middle of the town and I've never farmed before. I'm not sure what I should do, it seems like everywhere is full of rotting food and my supply of chips and canned food is dwindling. I do have a previous safehouse that I abandoned without taking supplies from, I had stockpiled some food there so that's my short term move. What about long term? What do you guys suggest will keep me alive for the coming months? Preferably without farming since I'm comfortable in my current abode. And also, say a large horde does come booming through town, if I hide in my apartment (there's a few doors to get up there and also navigating to the back of my store), will they find me if I don't attract them? Could I wait them out? Thanks.
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